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Guess what, rushit eSports is going to organize his first giveaway for Christmas!

You can win a €40 mouse : SteelSeries RIVAL 100

Try your luck, just register on our website: and leave a comment on the post:

Then we will randomly choose the lucky winner on 31.12.15.

Stay tuned!

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Another giveaway to get some members on your site who will never post again
they will, Domi thank you for your confidence.
ps: I invite you to read this post: to find out why and how.
Best regards.
this mouse makes u shooting 3 hs with deagle, its worth of it.
sup with RTCW duels for 50 euros vs your friends with bot's? I might be interesting finally.
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Not even one year of using this mouse, otherwise it's awesome.
will not participate because last time i won, my gift (Razer DeathStalker) never trip to my country (Chile) : V
so i got some € but gl
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