Codec x264 / FLAC Filesize 1.14 GiB Length 08:30

Enter the hunter

Movie contains frag highlights from 2007 to 2015. Project started back in March 2014. I suggest download movie to enjoy highest quality.

Content by Poland hunter
Edited by Poland requem

Movie information

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Length: 8:30 mins
Size: 1,14 GB
Ratio: 137 MB / min
Codecs: x264 / FLAC
Container: mkv
Framerate: 50 FPS

Programs used

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
It's a wrap!
Smireboule Camtrace 3D
Virtual Dub
Sony Vegas
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop

Music used

Blue Stahli - The Ultimate
Pendulum - Immunize
Joel Nielsen - Forget About Freeman
Joel Nielsen - End Credits
roro roro jest po za kontrola !
Enjoyed :)
quality was amazing and editing was nice also.
expected more headshots :C
Most def the best fragmovie since years. Good agressive frags and limited editing. Solid 9
cracking work requem
awesome quality!
nice editing
4:52 Black Lives Matter
nostalgie <3
nice frags, nice quality!
is the "His another" an internal joke or just a typo you didn't give a fuck about ? :P
Now I realized the joke. :D Nah that was from my perspective. Just another movie.
Prawilnie na beta-gaming wrzucone przeca!
loved the editing (tho sync wasnt there sometimes?) and the quality was sensational, haven't seen this good looking supply since Spankie's movie :P

didn't like the frags that much tbh :P
nice movie.
Sick editing requem nice
nice movie!
very good movie! no erase in fragmovie tho what is this
he only added frags against top teams :s
You got a point :P
nice frags!
you got lefrancis' approval i liek it
Gratz ! Really nice movie !
Such a great job! Well done, requem.

The quality was fantastic too. I really recommend everyone downloads it to get the highest quality. Great to see movies this good still being made! :-)
I loved it! One of the best movies from the last years!
Quality wise, it looks amazing, exactly how i love it!
The edit / sync is also very good, the transitions looked amazing, the cams, the depth of field.. everything.
Apart from the excellent moviemaking job, the frags by hunter were also very good.

Cheers mate!
Very nice!
gg turbot getting rekt
10/10 turbot destroyed
8:09 Maciek co padl :D
i miss " you killed xxx "

camtrace skill improved much :O)
Quotei miss " you killed xxx "

Next time they will be!
gg turbot
Really enjoyed it! :)

+ swani got killed a billion times in it
happens when there are only couple active teams left
amazing work requem :) no weakspots whatsoever in the entire production, if only there were more movies made this way!
sick movie
expected more headshots tho
Is this movie starring hunter or Swanidius I am confused
To be honest I wanted to do something like stats and Swanidus with Turbot would like win in the frag count field but in the end I didn't want to be so mean. :P
haha think you made the right decision :P
Loved the movie, title is *ahem* a bit gay.
no low pieknie pobrani w 1:02
az chce sie zagrac znowu ;)
Really enjoyed the transitions and the freecams. I didn't like every song, but some were decent. Same goes for the kills. There were a few nice frags, but also some not so amazing kills.

Let's clarify: This fragmovie is really good, but if you want to make the next step, then add some more effects (not too many, but a few). For example the "visualization of the fragnames" in this cs:go fragmovie: or other methods of syncing the track with slowmotion effects etc.
Thanks for feedback! Right now I'm doing little demo+mp3 movie for someone (a promise made long time ago) but after new year I want to refine my skills and workflow to be a better moviemaker so expect more from me. :)

Interesting sample you gave me. It's really nice but sometimes it's unclear to see a frag but it's the issue with CS itself when even miliseconds matter. Anyway nice creativity with popups. I've to find ballance between clarity and exposition then.
Honestly, that looks shit. Lets say 10min of pop ups like that would be fucking booring. Yes nice idea with syncs and stuff but in the end, id say useless

Also, i dont know whats the big idea of slowmotion, okay it looks cool and stuff but for example ruipperi's movie had too much of those, it also happens to make the players' aim look better what it actually is. Not saying its a bad thing but having a movie full of slowmotions/fast forwarded is a bit of cheating to viewers eye, then again thats just me. Yes, I think classic way rocks all the way
good job :)
oky thought about writing something:

colors: liked radar, bremen and braundorf especially, supply and gr wasnt to my taste (personally myself i like cold colors)
music: well not to my taste, the first song got shit when the movie title name appeared though the sync was ok on it :D
frags: 5/5
syncs: was good, though not a huge a fan of slowmo / fast forwarding but at least it wasnt like in polarsoul
effects: maybe even little too much of them, but not so much it would be irritating so i'd say good job on it. i liked the wh effect! also the effect on bremen was really nice
cams: 5/5
quality: 5/5, big fan
overall: 4.5/5

in the end its impossible to please everyone, especially with music and colors
Thanks for constructive review (and for nsd).

By the way - when are you (and nsd) going to release full version of "The Nerdest"? Saw trailer and it's worth for finish it. :)
Was nice to see a movie which had been made on a serious way once in a while, gj
For the release, i cant tell you for certain, my bet goes somewhere around nex year. :D hopefully cf is still up and running once its finished!
CF isn't going to shut down :P
inside info, u so cool!
That's nice to hear also. :D Moar content incoming!
you can give a link of this movie config?
If someone is still interested I've updated download links with newer version of movie. Major changes:
- adjusted Vignette (better visibility of darker names in corner)
- removed typo from "His another"
- added some gunsounds in Polewka radar sequence.
nice job on the movie bud! beyond epic
Thanks! Glad you like it.
Ale z freecamem i przejściami to żeś popłynął. Sztos.
podoba mi się to !
Re watched. Holy fuck it's actually fucking amazing.
Best editing I've ever seen and insane spam frags
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Deep thoughts ":D"
Moviemaking tools were combined to editing extremely well and creatively.
I didn't like the music too much.
The cams were well made but were too hectic and had too many centered closeups for my taste.
The biggest issue in new movies for me seems to be that ppl need to ffoward too often. It's also a trend I hate. I get that it's an easy way to sync the clips more effectively, but I often find even those frag+mp3 movies more pleasant and addicting to watch than these kind of overdone effectfests since they give the stronger feeling that I want to play the game.
The overly hectic editing reminds about it being a technical achievement on editing and disturbs the actual content that is already (at least in this case) good enough.

I hate when gr or supply are too saturated but the other maps looked very beautiful.
The quality was Impressive.

Overall very impressive work requem.
I just would like to see someone as skillful editor to make something that has the perfect balance on effects/cams/original gameplay without forced syncing to every nuance in the music track that is playing. :)
Nice movie, I like.