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xPERiA - #fail

Found an old project I was 'working' on containing frags from 2010 and 2011 I believe.
If you're expecting a good looking movie and care about graphics and neatly synced sound you should not watch this.
I had/have no idea what I was doing and the sound got messed up quite badly and youtube raped the quality (if it even have any quality) I'll never remake/let someone else make a movie anyway so figured I'd just release this for the few ppl that do wanna look at some oldschool ppl getting rolled :{

So if you're interested in some decent frags/headies then enjoy watching.

Added a 2nd youtube link as bonus; small clip I found that rezhni made a couple years ago
wowowowo motif get rolled by colt
Nice movie !
very nice frugz, good watch (minus the sound, but you get used to it)

sidenote: you definitely left out like 90% of your frags :d there are so many eras missing, this just seems like your 2008-2011 highlights
yeah, one of the reasons I stopped trying to finish this because at one point I formatted and 'thought' I kept all of my demos on external HD, sadly I'm a retard so loads got lost, im sure some of it I could still get back via gtv but I just cba :P
10/10 gj
Awesome amando m8, shame you didnt change the sound tho, would take 5secs, nice unhit & aimbot :pppppp
I have no idea how to do that + the footage used to make this is mostly just gone now so
as much of a whiny bitch you are
still an absolute beast movie
one of the best aimers of all time
Best aimer ever, incredible talent.
is a nice movie man :)
nice frags xperia
Quality computer battles recorded.
kan zo op poldertube

nice mate
I really enjoyed the incredible accuracy of hitsound synchronisation
shit nigga
nice movie
great frags, thanks for posting it
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