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Rong: Against All Odds

against all odds starring FinlandRong
edited by Finlandsungi

If you cannot watch on youtube, follow this link:
(pm me if it goes down)

Rong is probably the most controversional player in 2015. The movie includes frags from 3on3 officials, cups and scrims. Frags are from the second half of 2015 due to a computer change and resulting loss of demos.

This was an interesting project. At first I was not interested, but after seeing some Fraps clips Rong put together of his frags, I was convinced. Be warned, this movie includes heavy syncing on nearly every frag. All syncing was done in Vegas. The musical choices (multiple electronic songs) were made to keep the movie interesting, with as little repetition as possible.


Video: 1280x720 @ 60fps
Runtime: 6:49
Source: 720p 240fps (IMAGE)
Project: about 105 Gb of material

DJ Snake - You Know You Like It (Instrumental)
NERO - Satisfy
Deorro - Five Hours (Radio Edit)
TV on the Radio - DLZ

Download link will be provided if someone wants it.
Best movie 2k16
e: sick frags sick editing sick syncing
not so sick config :x ( but that's personal )
the layout looks boring :S
edit. otherwise looks cool.liked the music :P
didn't like the popups
sick movie

perfect 5/7

representing kAAPURITARIT since 2010 (get rekt noobs)

ps. Rong is skinny
no thx
If I make a movie of you ragequitting it will be for ages :s
Get him outlieee!
Liked it very much!

The comments of opponents are quite gay though, dont understand why thats included :(
boring shit
replacing names is shit, nothing amazing compared to what Rong is usually shooting
outlaw: gtfo
outlaw disconnected

you killed butchji and you have to put it into your movie? :D

obviously only 3on3 frags, not that special my friend

why not uploading mental moments sungi? i liked the way you made that movie
so he killed butchji and according to you he can t put in his movie? wtf
its not a special frag, if it was like tripple headshot or smtg, it would be worth
so triple shot is ok, but single one not. damn
lold that butchji kill :D
nice frag vs butchji
nice frag vs butchjii, wish I was this pro
you seem very butthurt!
No man, nice editing man. Well done!
Killed me while reviving??
Fake logs confirmed, cu
sick hs vs butchji.
fragmovie worthy :s
Nice font you have used Sungi, liked the movie very much even tho I usually don't like these kind of "shoot only" movies.
Nice aim, nice frags, nice quality, nice sync.. no joke
Putting irc games where ppl used fake nicks and play like dogs is not movie worthy imo.
Watching this movie was like going to the club tho :D:D.
And I'm not in the movie gg.
Thanks for your kind words my friend.
Don't think ET is alive enough to make a full movie out of 6 months of offis only. Also the custom popup thing was for convenience too, since I could freely edit the clip without any 2D elements being fucked up too (I also used a custom crosshair because of this).
I dont think that is a problem for 24/7 gaming Rong :D
Well I only play on sun/mon/tue :p
oh come on, this gem is rly bad. People took fakenicks so you have editited it in this white ugly font. You and most of us don't even know if the kills are real:D.

The Outlaw disconnect. Played you quite often and you ragequited a couple of times during those wars. Why the hell would you brag about someone ragequiting while you are the king of ragequit?

then the butchji kill... Seems unlikely to me that he played some random 3o3 vs Rong while being away from ET for such a long time.
All the frags are real I assure you. If we wanted to put fake frags wouldn't you think we would find better enemies than skyline, czk etc :D

The outlaw quit wasn't Rongs idea, it was mine. And it was in an offi. So hate me not him!
Jos tää leffa ois julkastu niin, että joku muu ku Rong tekis nää kyseessä olevat frägit niin topicci ois täynnä kehuja.

BTW u mad brah?
In a offi? I want to believe
Yeah but was only like 20 seconds left on the clock and it was gonna end 4-0 for us.
hazz if you're reading this; return the gold :P
Seal of approval!
hehe so much hate here :D

i think this movie was pretty cool, the butchji frag was kinda stupid, but at least it was synced with the music :D
the frag on rifleman for example was more pointless.

anyway i dont know who is this guy, but i remember the first time we played against him sebi raged so much :D
On a side note, I never really understood sebi's raging when I wasn't even doing anything special during that match, but anyway thanks. :-)
Respect to the people who are able to put all personal feelings aside and comment on the movie from a neutral point of view. It tells a lot about your personality - a sign of maturity.

Some people here would absolutely not put these same comments if the fragger was someone else than Rong.
wtf hazz :D
nice movie, really liked the editing
Rong no kills against uYop ? Oh goood man
Good edit but bad frags -_-
no we wanted only good enemies! Kappa
Haha fuck it :D
Lovely movie!
one of the few movies of which i actually didnt hate the music
liked most of the frags as well.
gj imo
ok movie
mistäs vitun pelistä toi KPKP clippi on :D muista ainakaa ite yhtää ja joku vatu nickkinä, onks seki vittu joskus päästetty kpkp vai onks tää vaa joku paska vitsi
Joo sori, vihu ei suostunu pelaa meit vs nii vaihettii noi nickit päälle :--D
ei vittu gg, jos laitatte KPKP tagit nii älkää ny vittu mitää helvetin vatua ainakaa nimeks laittako :D saatana maine menee
hyvä editti ja hieno video, mut vittu hei kaverit kyl ny muitaki tageja löytyy
lupaan pelaa ens kerral sun nickil!!!
good fragmovie, nice fast headshoots. video in symbiosis with sound, well matched
Didn't like 80% of the frags, but considering 90% of the shit u do is at supply 1st stage up I guess it's okay...
Liked the music and the sync was awesome at times
LIKE!!!! especially hit sounds round 4.30 really cool!!! but 4.08 i love!!
nice movie, nice syncing and nice frags even though 3on3s only :)
Was fun to watch, but didn't like the cfg.
Nearly best overall music choices I've seen in an ET movie. At least in a while. 8)
Here's my thoughts:

+ editing:
Cool syncing frags with not so forced slowmo/fastforard. I was suffering from this issue in my last project.

+ music:
Although it's not my taste it fits perfectly with synced frags.

+/- frags:
Some nice shooting here but there's also few not so impresive frags. Besides that I'm not big fan of aim-only movies (exceptions are sick sprees like Lun4t1c - Primal Instinct) and some variety of frags would be nice to see.

+/- cameras:
Technically this aspect seems to be fine (camera following the action, no "stopped" end) but they're boring in case of little smg frags.

- popups:
I'm traditionalist here and prefer classic popups with fully qualified nicknames.

- quality:
I appreciate effort using high framerate (and as final 60 fps) but config is really bad. Aside from being dark and low resolution (chuckle of fragmoviemaking history in background...) the motion blur is ugly. When you pause you will see it's almost like ghosting (mostly noticable in fast forwarding). What img_blurSamples did you use ingame? Did you enable supersampling/ressampling in Vegas?

Anyway don't get me wrong. That was nice (above average) movie and you seem to be skillful moviemaker enough and understanding overall know-how. Especially when it comes to technical aspects of this process it actually could be really easy to fix/improve. Hope you'll review few things and surprise in the future with another productions. :)
Thanks for your thoughts.

The frags are from under 6 months time of 3on3, so we picked what we could (so sadly no spam frags)
I'm no camera expert, but we needed some to fill some gaps in the movie. I know its not

As for the quality, I didn't have enough room in my hard drive for 1080p video (1080p 240fps videos take up over 2 times the space of 720p 240). Since I couldn't use IMAGE motionblur cause of the syncing, I recorded with 240fps and sampled w/ vegas to 60fps. I considered leaving motion blur completely off, but the "ghosting" effect u mentioned isn't noticeable when watching it on 60fps.
Understand the lack of space on HDD but I won't let you go with motion blur. :P

Maybe I was wrong about ghosting but something isn't right. The problem with Vegas ressampling is the quality and smoothness. Sure it's pretty smooth but blur is too intensive. It should follow the rule:

Lesser framerate -> bigger exposure
Bigger framerate -> lesser exposure

Also 240 / 60 = 4 - this is how many frames you're using for blending into single frame and trust me it's waaaaaaaaaay too low. Image-ET could perfectly solve your issues with img_blurSamples (above 20 is just fine). Also you could adjust exposure for your needs so there won't "gaps" between scenes with changed velocity.

Anyway better would be with turned off motion blur in this case. Maybe I'm a little bit oversensitive but I've spent hours in adjusting my config (with ag0n's assistance) so I could see things what people couldn't do usually.
Hmm I used exact same setup with 1080p on this movie:

I think it looked fine where (I tried with and without vegas blur, and it looked better with)
Actually it's even easier to spot this blending issue. Trickjump movies mean to be fast-paced so on great speeds you can clearly see it's not so smooth as you could think.

Maybe it's a little too high exposure but this is perfect example of what I'm talking about - smooth blur when moving/strafing/turning etc. (even video pausing) Hope it will give you some ideas but it's not necessary at all. Just wanted make you aware of some nuances behind quality.
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