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Testi random movie

While almost 2 years ago I released my last movie, I now find myself with some free time on my hands. I decided to take that time and make myself a masterpiece frapsmovie with some leftover frags.

Eventhough it is a frapsmasterpiece, it contains solid 60fps solidness. Making it cost me rougly 4 hours, however rendering took more time.

While i hope you can sit through the whole piece, i expect a lot of negative comments, so crossfire give me your worst.

watch it in 720p60 fps for full quality.

this facebook sound at 5:46
such lan frags, much certified
Such serious, such skill
i can hear shoots at 0:33
You move like deryn
somehow you manage collecting frags without getting shot :D
but i enjoyed the movie, especially pure BS' parts
I used the nodamage feedback option from uv moviemod;)

and thanks lad. was a great time!
Not in movie
After 30 seconds I thought about closing it since it's fucking 19 minutes long, but I actually made it till the end. Got really confused at 5:45 because of that facebook sound :D Enjoyable for 19 minutes of frags, good job testim8
Thx m8, good to see someone appreciated it:).
I thought i wasnt on the movie, but then your lame rifle nade got me

Thats why its shit movie :(
1st - 19 mins is too long, could only keep watching it for about 6/7 mins, you should've made another selection to make it like half shorter.
2nd - Some cool frags, but that config or smthn on it made the aim look ugly, idk :D (maybe what weslann commented eheh)
3rd - single 2/3 hs pistol kills are not good on a fragmovie :(
4th - Enjoyed the Narco's theme on the movie (thumbs up)
5th - Rest is fine, cheers.
7:23 - DDMS == Dalvik Debug Monitor Service? :U
someone teach this guy to gib
Wasn't cool the part you killed me, but overall nice video!
1) no gibs
2) fucking hell was it 80fov?
I gibbed u nobhead
I especially enjoyed 17:11 - gif worthy
<3 lan frags mr.bait :D
random movie by a random guy, gj <3 :D
I actually wasted around 10 mins watching this :D
nice lags noob
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