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HARD RESET - A Titanfall Movie

After 4 months of production, HARD RESET has been released. Directed by Andrew "Demanufacturer" Townsend - Director of the Wolf: ET movies Vindication and Redemption. Demanufacturer aka DMAN led the first Australian team to attend and compete at Quakecon back in 2005. His team Australia Modus Operandi finished 5th in the tournament.

Making full use of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, HARD RESET showcases some public but mostly competition footage including voice comms. Due to only having POV shadowplay footage available (no cams) a lot of custom motion graphics have been used to wrap up the footage with complex intros and outros.

Hosted on YouTube and not monetised, the movie features music from Sonic Mayhem, Celldweller & Jeffrey Peterson.
Great work dman!
fuck this! Nice stuff. Compared to your last, this is insane. Nice!!
v43. I haven't done a fragmovie since Truc1dio (3v3 ET) and I wanted to prove I could mix it up in that space. It forced me to push my editing up to 11. I'm known for my voice comm real time movies (Vindication, Redemption) but I wanted to make it more accessible and compelling.. which I really hope the competition sequence in this movie achieves. Less lead-up time, same level of emotion. I kept it super old school with the long intros which I think cost me. Back in the day when you had to download a 1gig movie, you were almost forced to watch it.. kinda like renting a movie from the video store lol. Nowadays the YouTube generation will click away at any time. Hopefully I can apply some lessons learned to my next project. I didn't ask for subs on this vid so I'll have to hunt my audience down again when I release my next video =/ aiyoo
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