Length 11:13

soz4ownage - Team Pussybashers




Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer
Blue Stahli - Enemy
Zardonic ft. The Qemists - Takeover

After I finished my last big trickjump map Inertia, I had an itch for some other project. This ended up being a 3on3 fragmovie (+ two 6on6 frags) for the most loved 3on3 team in ET, Pussybashers. I was able to find some material thanks to the work of SlovakiaKimi (GTV multifrag scans) and Germanyhannes-` (Ultraviolet MediaManager demo scanner).
The decision to leave out player names was deliberate, as there were some old demos with fakenicked opponents, it was impossible to figure out who was who. Another reason was to keep the focus on the frags and gameplay. I hope it is not too distracting.
Consider this an upgrade of my previous movie (Against All Odds starring Rong), with better frags, better editing and better players ;)
Special thanks to FinlandAciz, Finlandhazz and FinlandhuPo.

Sources: 2560x1080 @ 240fps (only 5.93Gb! thanks to Aciz's help)
Output: 3440x1440 @ 60fps (148Gb lossless, 1.93Gb encoded)
Project time: approx 5 months on and off
Out of 110+ frags, about 60 were picked for the movie
Times LORDI spammed his soz4ownage bind after a multifrag: too many to count
if watchin this is rong i dont wanna be right

thanks to the absolute madman Sungi & the good ol' virgin slayer Lordi for making this happen. Love you.
A M A Z I N G.
Nice jaymod frags
Oh boi now I'm looking forward to damon's 1on1 fragmovie
mixtor's better for sure
watched it well first 2mins then skipped rest to see if it was same all way through just not much else to it than same format of stuff nice config nice kills just no name and no feel for anything else i don't know how to explain it anymore good kills
nice lan frags
No names. bad movie.
I can't judge the quality of the skills duo to the no names. That detoriates the viewer experience for me. However, nice to see another movie.
Queens gets fragged by me in the movie. Assume the opponent quality to be good, as it is.
nice lan frags but first ET movie i skipped through
The quality was really nice however I got bored halfway through. I think the loss of nicknames really made it a bit boring. However, some insane frags you guys had.
Well, if we put in the names we probably would've known only like 60% of the players behind the fake nicks for sure and the rest would've been pure guessing. If we went and did it that way, then people would be bitching about FAKE FRAGS and FAKE NICKS.
add with photoshop fake pro nicks lol
Yeah but I feel like I would've still enjoyed it.

See Artstar's frap masterpieces.
No names killed it for me. I dont get why you didn't put them.

Anyway, since you put some effort on quality, i would like to point out some stuff if you want to improve on next videos:
- why upscale? With the proper filters it can be "alright", but still, downscaling seems to work better.
- why do u have black bars on video source? :o
- somehow your config or graphic card seems seem to be fucked up... its sharp enough at close range but extremely blurry far away: (from the red line up)
Upscaling allows for higher quality on YouTube (even for the original resolution). The black bars result in the conversion, as the ratio for 3440x1440 isn't exactly the same as 2560x1080 (results in about 13px empty per side, which isn't much on 3440). As for the blurriness, it's probably a combination of the post-effects and the source video format. Instead of lagarith, I used x264 which is almost completely identical quality on youtube (Aciz tested it out), and takes 90 times less space. As mentioned in the description, all the source videos took under 6 Gb.
As for next time, there won't be any more movies after this one :)
i rarely play 3on3 but did i get fragged in this movie?
I definitely did?
8:04->, possibly others. I'm still considering whether to make a version with names visible, as I still have the sources. not sure if it's worth the trouble
nice frags
poor editing
no names, and bad explanation for it (there is always an option to play officials instead of pracs, or just leave the FAKE NICK FRAGS OUT IF YOU GET BOTHERED BY IT :D)
in the end felt kinda music+demos, also only the 3v3 format started to feel a bit booring
perfect headshots
perfect sync
perfect music
perfect game
seeing an ET movie in 2018 - 10/10.

ET is so clean, its beatiful. It was a pleasure to watch this. I almost forgot how a good game looks like without all those shitty effects.
Chuckled a bit
good to see that you can still make frags on HBC
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