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mztik uncompleted movie part 2 by fredd

another clip I found on my old hdd,

uncompleted (missing sync, cams etc)
This is great, too bad it is uncompleted.
thank you

i never got good at cams and always got stuck / quit while making them because i could never get the timing right. shoulda learned more, woulda finished more projects haha. lots of ideas, little time (i was 18 and in school at the time, poor execution). i did try a quake3 minimovie and found the cam tool much easier to use
nostagia :)
hi Max!

how are you? still making videos?

I did video editing / filming freelance for a while, but right now I'm a gardener, haha. got sick of sitting at the pc after all these years..

here's an irl project I made, first time filming and had 30 minutes to get used to the camera lol
Hey there,

Last made these 4 years ago or so:

I never got around to making a third one. There's just not enough of an audience anymore anyway. The second vid is still less than 8,000. A fraction of what it would have had if it was released in 2008 or so. It's a shame.

I'm too busy with career etc now too. I do try to keep up my after effects skills every now and then though!

Great video btw. What kind of camera and lens are you using? Got a 50mm lens for my DSLR recently, but I've only really been using it for photos.
Panasonic GH5 with a 12-35mm kit, f2.8 constant, also some shots in that video were with a speedbooster (adapter) with a canon 50mm f1,4, basic lens but the speedbooster makes the f/stop actually about 1.0 which is super cool. The GH5 has a micro four thirds lens, which is a really small sensor but its good for videos. it basically means that a 50mm on the 3/4 body is about 70mm equilevant for full frame. (DSLR usually is not that good for videos anymore, but anything is possible :) what camera/lens do you have?
Just have a Nikon D3200. I got it about 5 years ago and was using the kit lens until I got the Nikon 50 mm F1.4G AF-S Nikkor Lens about 6 months ago. Nothing overly pricey. Haven't really tried shooting video much on it yet though.
yeah should get some decent footage with that lens probably, apparently that camera is pretty capable of video for an old DSLR, give it a shot. it's 1920x1080 30p which is decent, but imo it's pretty hard to do anything serious with just 30fps as you know, slowmotion/syncing is a thing so i'm grateful for 4k 60fps or 1920x1080 180fps for gh5 :D

it's gonna be shaky af tho, dslrs wont have good video stabilization.. so you will need to stabilize in post, which will lower the quality but might be good enough for youtube, other option is filming in 1280x720 60fps and slowing down footage 50%, then it will be less shaky aswell
just remember to set all the contrast, saturation, sharpen settings to minimum because the camera sharpen post-processing is bad and you can get better quality sharpining in post and you want the flattest possible image so you can color correct in post aswell - also watch a youtube tutorial on how to set the best settings - the colors look pretty cinematic and nice but only in good light scenarios :)
Oh hey man it's the first time I've seen the above really beautiful work and some great scenes! x
Enjoyed this movie, especially your infamous harp! Mztik was one of the most thoughtful and helpful players I came across in ET. I bet he still lingers, and I hope you're having a great career and life, 'Alan'.
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