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Reminiscence - a Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie

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I still had a decent amount of footage lying around from people that had previously sent it to me with the purpose of turning it into a movie. Due to personal reasons I've not had the time to do this. However the thought of making this movie never slipped my mind. It's way overdue but it's finally here. RtCW has been a big part of my life, so I wished to give it one last farewell.
It's been a pleasure RtCW.

Celldweller - End Of An Empire (Thrasher Remix)

Re-uploaded in an attempt to fix youtube compression artifacts by reducing the movie's brightness a bit and to fix a small bug. Apologies to everyone that commented on youtube.
Congratulation for this video mate !
The "snap" scene with the incoming silence that follows is really well made and I feel emotional to realise that RtCW is now over...

it was a pleasure to play with you mate <3
Tu devrais faire critique de fragmovies
Nice movie!
come back to ET / RTCW <3
New link now available to download thanks to Kris. The quality is much better than youtube.
Really good work. You had my attention the whole way through, which I really wasn't expecting. The flow in the first half was great. When the credits started half way through I was a bit confused and I'm not really sure why this wasn't left until the end. I thought the still shots of the quiet maps was really effective, but I think it would have been better to end on that, rather more frags afterwards.

The music, while not my taste, was really effective and the dynamics in the music worked very well with the action.

The only downside for me was that the config was a little bright, and sometimes this gives a bit of a washed out look in some areas with regards to colour and detail.

Awesome to see a well made RTCW movie in 2019 though!
Such great and constructive feedback, I hope you're well!
Thank you for your review and fair criticism!

The reason I did the credits earlier on was for two reasons; I didn’t really want to waste too much time on it, and the song slowed down at this point, which I found to be a suitable moment to insert some text.
I added the frags at the end because I would have liked to show them in the main movie, but couldn’t quite fit them anywhere. It’s more like a bonus, the real ending is with the maps. But I definitely see your point.
As for the config, I tried my best to brighten it right up to the point that no detail was lost. It looks fine on my monitor, but then I watched it on someone else’s and I did find it a bit bright as well. What might also cause the washed out look for you, might be youtube. I’m really disappointed with the way it has compressed the movie; it’s really pixelated. If you’re up for it, have another look at it with the new link I provided and see if you feel differently.

Thanks again for your review!
Really enjoyed this movie! The renaissance RTCW scene that we enjoyed when this movie took place was one of my fondest memories of playing both games, was a really hardcore dedicated scene at a very high level.

Interesting to see the credits half way through, I had to check the video length, but was an interesting way to keep the viewer entertained all the way through.

I liked the quiet dead maps, powerful effect. Thanks for spending the time to make this! Great to see some outrageous frags from Jam too.
renaissance RTCW scene?
You're welcome mate, I'm happy you liked it. And yeah this Jam is definitely a beast!
great movie bully! big effort as always :) i really liked the depth of field effects
really enjoyed it bully, thanks!
Enjoyed it :) Thank you!
Nice! Thanks for making this. I'm just upset that my double kill of 2009 is missing.
Hope you're doing good!
Yo Handy, haven't seen you in ages! I'm doing alright mate, you should drop by on discord sometime if you want to play; homie is going to host another cup so there might be some games happening these coming days. Also sorry that it didn't feature your frag, it wasn't intentional!
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