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Testi Movie

After gathering demos for the last 12 years to make a serious movie, but never really be arsed to publish one, I made a lot of shit in the meantime. I had some demos left and decided to record them using Geforce Experience at 60fps. It is basically frags + mp3. So another shitmovie, with overused music and 3 man kills.

Don't watch them if you enjoy intelligent plays or gibbing. This is just rambo aiming to the max. I'll release it for the sake of it.

Total time making was about 4 hours. 1.5 hour recording, 2.5 hours of editing. All hate can be established under this line:
Were these frags performed with sunglasses?
I hope you appreciate the review I made.
nice frags bro!

tbh you inspired me to make a comp of my own frags :D
I have like 60 unused demos that I gathered for a movie, but were never used. If it took you only 4 hours then maybe its worth to compile those on my own, just to keep them for a sentimental reasons :P
nice frags
>post movie
>get ban one day later @ public gather
Geen aftiteling jezus..
Testi's movie im gonna rate instantly 10/10
Awesome movie, I liked the start and the entire movie really reminded me of how great ET has been to me. It was great to see all the names coming by again. Well done!

What method did you use to scan through your demos to find frags such as the 3 HS?
Nice frags testim8!
Great fucking movie man
im too bad for ur movies, i never get killed in any of those =(
love the music great movie!
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Yes review
Top quality frags, top quality beard, top quality person - unban @ schnee pls
LeFrancis review
Speechless... is one word to describe this fragmovie. It has been proven that you do not need expensive fragmovie softwares or famous fragmovie director to make a terrific fragmovie. The fragmovie is presented like an old school movie, almost no conversation and even was shot in the 16 : 19 aspect ratio. It takes place in 1940, when TesTi (the player) was one of the dutch superstar, An unexpected encounter with the young and lovely rising stars from the Netherlands takes him to the mutual delight adventure in eSports scene, Every player plays its role perfectly, main or supporting. TesTi performs a superb and flawless gaming. His charisma is unquestionable central element. He got the eye gaze, the eyebrow raised, the eyelash flutter, the dancing, everything that knocks down the game entirely. His opponents create an equal presence in this fragmovie. Maybe they are not the most skilled players such as professional eSports cklub since 2008 but they are positively deadly in every way. The plot is perfectly told. Although it is an edited fragmovie, every minute you spend it does not make you bore at all. The selection of Musical Scores is vital. Music is the life of this fragmovie. It flows up and down dynamically during the mood changing in every scene. The man behind the curtain is none other than TesTi the player himself, the under radar and unknown fragmovie director takes the risk to do something completely different and it seems to be perfectly pay off. I have to say that the conflict issue is brilliant! It is a solid winning theme. If you are a player or someone who has been involved in this eSports industry, you will surely appreciate the message behind this fragmovie. It is a Golden Gate that bridging the intergenerational gap. TesTi is breathtaking, my friend!