Length 16:16

elysium ~ end of an era W:ET Fragmovie

We proudly present the Elysium W:ET movie. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Length: 16:16
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K)
Size: 73,2 GB
Yooo I wanna be part of this team: SICK
logged in to say sick frags <3
Thanks man, appreciated <3
That's amazing Kresti. Much appreciated, hope you are doing well my friend
he was talking to outlaw, not you
He is not your friend, buddy
end of germans... :D Nice movie, awesome frags. Ding,ding,ding.
Awesome frags! Please make a secondary version with more aggressive music and only smg frags - would be Raziel level movie :)
beautiful aiming :)
awesome frags! I can't help but notice though, are there frame drops at certain parts? e.g. 1:09
Yes it unfortunately did :(
i wish i had even close to this aiming :D
great frags!
gud sheet
logged in to say that I'm looking forward to elysium ~ end of an era W:ET Fragmovie 2 ft. blóódje <3
logged in to say kenn ich nich
Great team, great guys

Shook by some of the guys in these erAse lineups though, Netherlands esSe would be turning in his nerding grave
logged in to say that I was in the fragmovie but I wasn't killed
sick video boysss
well done outlaw! ...sick frags as always ;) ..would be even better with some good synced rock music!
logged in to say i play fop up :D
rip in peace
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