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GMPOmovie (aka Grown Man Panzering Online)

Uh... so things happened and I found myself playing RTCW again last autumn. And what's even better, they asked me to play PF. Here are some frags from pracs, officials, gathers and random mixed games between August 2020 and June 2021.
I love to see so many retards getting destroyed.
I love to see so many skilled players getting destroyed.
are you the best panzer in rtcw?
are you the best media player in the world?
i dont think he is, but he is the best nizou in rtcw
ZeD getting rekt, worth to watch.
so many tags, what a clanhopper
Hi! Very interesting video!
yes nizoum8
well done Nizou! ;) just loved it... <3
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