Video available for download only


Duration: 5:32
Size: 155 mb
Resolution: 720x432
Framerate: 30

Type: frag highlights
Starring: slaw, fuzz, gelork
i will download it only because of fuzz :D
Nice ftp lols
nice frags
lol 30 kb -.- other link pls <.<
Just added another link, though first one overloaded I think, and later will be better.
ahhhh 900 kb good ^^
1st one was better :V
fragmovies with in flames are always nice
1mb/sec :)
Good work, nice frags
it was quite nice.. but wtf is that against FF? 2man kill?
it was 2+ man kill, but duration about 20 seconds, i cutted for music.. Yeah, some episodes are bad.
ah k :)

btw whats the name of the first song?
the song is in flames - ordinary story, if you dont mean the intro
its soundtreck of PC game SilentHill, Silent_Hill_2_-_24_-_True.mp3
ok I meant the second song of in flames but tnx anyway
frags aren't so good :<
downloading for fuzzy wuzzy
downloadddinng :) looks nice the screenshot, must be good
frags suck :x
Very great Fragmovie I like to observe production by slaw

+music 6\6
+frags 4\6
+Quality 6\6

Overall 5\6 :) I wait for next fragmovie
why 6/6 and not 5/5 or 10/10? Why 6 :O
coz its "very great" maybe
If its "very great" wouldnt he rate it 6/5? or 11/10?
i tried to point out his polish english, that would maybe explain his polish rating scale...
imo its polish school rating system, that's why
Slaaw nice Fragmovie =)
downloading... cool movie and music !
and u need this song in movie 100% :)))
This is fucked up fucked up
really nice movie slaw
nice frags and finally someone that is not playing with a 0.00001 sens :s
hehe slawa , nice movie :) , but pistols movie was better , much better.
Im the king of old-replies.
cool story bro
402 kb/s
not that bad : )
btw slaaw, nice movie :)
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this stream version is bad
and i know people who watch stream, and after that talkin opinion about some movies.. Its really sad.
Quality depends on the movie itself, fast movies are allways not that good, cause the streaming quality is a mixture of bandwith and quality. And yes, people who have a fast internet (austria, sweden) should download it, but most people cannot watch the stream in a better quality in a row. they would load to long.

And think about the traffic, caused because of watching the streams ;) Anyway, its just a preview, if you think: hey, yes looking confident, then download it :)

Please add the link to the movie above, on own3D you can also download it on the bottom of the page, not only watching the stream :)
Streaming quality is also wrong aspect ratio and music like from barrel...
As movie maker you must understand how long time takes a playing with codec settings and playing with all quality aspects, at least first time.

.... I respect your business with your site, but I want to say ET movies are not YouTube fun video... i don't like idea..

yes, i know about download 100kb button at the bottom
so why don`t you add our mirror to the video then ?
movie itself 6/10 ... bcoz of slaw 10/10 :P
OMG Silent Hill intro witht he fog and the Silent Hill ost! So fucking great, love Silent Hill. Love you, love your movie!

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