Video available for download only

ET - bitbeast cubed


Length: 5.47
File Size: 151 Mb
Codec: x264
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Resolution: 856*480


Prodigy-Shoot Down
Korn-Word Up
music was way too typical, some frags were good but most of the frags were against low skilled (estonian) enemies
actually pretty good movie, quite nice frags with hitsounds and ok music.
nice movie
has mAnki in it, so 10 +
pretty good movie
im no fan of long intros and outros so i had to like it
not much to complain about, nice frags, nice music & nice everything but just nice, not great :/
very nice movie !

not to bad
If you dont know how to sync ingame sound with video, just dont do it.

+ frags are pretty ok
+ nice camdrifts
- too many camdrifts
- allmost no editing
- too much reversing
- too short intro/outro
+- somethimes synced with music

But its worth a download :-).

good movie, well done bitbeast!

(vessaR is a stupid whine fag, he must learn to play ET not learn to whine @ comms)
some nice frags, well done
well done,

thx for killing me :>
I enjoy it but there is only one bad point : too many freecams for me :s
GL for your 4 fragmovie ;)
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