Codec mp4 Length 645

Fragarea 3

Korea, Republic of Quaky is back again with his 3rd Fragarea movie. It displays action between Quakecon 2005 and CPC2 including the following players:

Germany butchji
Belgium dAv1d
Netherlands bullvox
Switzerland gifty
Slovenia JaKaZc
Netherlands kris
Latvia Clown
Belgium mAus
Poland kot
Sweden wizzel
Finland mystic
Estonia Night
France saccii
Germany senji
Hungary seNti
Portugal sexyhot
United States of America SpeciaL
Poland r1co
Estonia Holz
Poland wiesiek
Catalonia Winghaven
Poland Wrobel
Belgium vila
Czech Republic Lasek
Chile Linuxero
nais Quaky's movie are awesome
better dl links please
second that
use mirror 3, the vicious and evil page
i watched it, but mirror whitch u recomend is the biggest shit i've ever seen
why? I pressed the button and two downloads appeared.
the first one was an index.html, i cancelled that one and the second one was the movie.
downloaded the movie with my full bandwidth.
very nice ;)))
Like pro movie
im not gonna w8 3 hours to see a movie of 6 min
faster mirror pls
best man :D 10/10
14,2 kb... 6 hours to go
dling it for the fourth time nP
2h downloading and file is defekt! OMG :P
6h downloading, 99,5% and error ...
Mirror 1 is not defekt ;)
I'm looking forward to see on quality like on , ofc , if you will get some how supported. :)
As long as we do not get any support from some investor, we can only offer that quality. ;)
it would get 10/10, but its just wayyyyyyyyyyyy too short
wizzel ololol <3 downloading..
Downloading just to see wiesiek's frags <3333
links aint working...
Hmmm, all the mirror's are down?
Ive got the torrent file, but its damaged and also from the first mirror, the zip is damaged =[
might wanna post links that work :p
arg.. this is like a stab... i love the fragarea movies but 2 of the links aren't working and the torrent isn't working either :<
mwahaha i have private mirror because quaky<3's kamz!!11
although it is somewhat chaotic it again is a masterpiece :/
<3 thanks alot
howcome this doesn't work for me :<
only white screen?
nah same as duumed i think when i do the right mouse -> save as,, it just saves the page instead of the zip file..
yes, i have the same
doesn't work for me, it just keeps loading the page
same at me cant dwnload ========(
already worked fore over 120 people :o
now it started the download, speed 0.0 kb/s :EE
like 5 dll the movie, 115 dll the site :D
delete this post please
At the beginning I had 110kb/s and now its 0,4kb/s (only 22h left), too many people downloading :< ...
add mirror pls
<3 swine:D
What is wrong with all the goddamned links? Is it that hard to add a proper link ;x? The vae link just keeps reconnecting himself....
Didn't know the link was a male
yup =////
zomg no mirror works well :X
Put it on RapidShare, yousendit or other upload sites =] k thnx
One of the best ET movies i have ever seen oO
this one sure is great but there's somethings that bothered me, the big filesize, the crosshair and the hitsounds. if i may suggest, you don't use crosshair at all, but instead make two audio tracks, one with soundtrack only and the second with the soundtrack and ingame sounds. also the hitsounds should be a bit louder. then work on that compression, ~400 MB for 6:44 is quite ridiculous
Best ET-Movie yet.

nice work
[fragareas] are the best of the best of the et scene in my opinion and quacky is the best director in my opinio too :)
Awesome movie!

Good job.
10/10 smg frags - awesome
9/10 other frags (3 man panzers, etc)
8/10 editing - editing is amazing apart from the sync
6/10 music - song is really hard to sync and is not my type
9.5/10 quality - rly nice quaky

overall I liked it apart from the sync factor, 9/10 for me mainly because of the frags + quality and amazing editing.

<3 quaky
too much useless shit. shit movie. np.
just use the vae link
best movie ever =DDDDDDDDDDDDDD 10/10
pretty nice, but those text screens are too fast
400mb for 7minutes? no, thx.
Best movie ever!
best editing skillz
mirror 4 sux! :D ... nice movie
rly nice movie but mirror sux ;<
A bit too chaotic at some points, WAAAAAAAAAY too fast transitions in some scenes, had no time to actually see what happened there (for example that panzerfaust by Linuxero).

Other than that, didn't really have anything else to complain, except that the movie was too short. :p

Quality was great for an XviD, even if the ratio was rather high, config suited well in and the music selections were nice and original.
fuck men.... how to download!
some weak points are insignificant!

absolutely the best. Quaky <3
Very good movie 8/10!
Style of music is like serbian movie, mixed soundtrack.
But here i dont like it, this is more noise thant music for me :s
first part owns - used music, but synced great
secodnt part is kinda good, but not great - music isnt really syncable

outro text should switch slow enough to read

other than that its a pretty much a perfect movie :)
I really like this movie!! very nice editing. But that second song from 2.17 is just messed up, the 2 songs that are mixed together suck, the beats are not lining up :(
EDIT: Hmmm the music is good in VLC player.... strange.... well, windows media player sucks! nice movie!!
lol, different songs are in the movie if you play it with other players (e.g. there are 2 different songs when you play it wiht vlc than you play it with media player)
nice gimmick
you can select the "audiospur" with vlc ;o
rly? didnt know that :X
not bad, but not too good.
text scenes move too fast, some frags disappear after too short time of popups being shown so u dont rly see who killed who.
music was ok, config too dark(imo)
quality was average, as for bitrate used
so big motion blur should reduce needed bitrate to like 5k instead of 8+k
also, the quaky glow (used in wing2 too afaik) sux ;<
nice movie
I want my hitsounds in the first frag as loud as mystic's. Nice movie.
one of the bests movie of ever!
I almost cry with this movie, nice music and
nice work Quaky!
Eh... dude...
best movie ever
you get an applause from me
you are the master
i love you
heil the master!
Great movie indeed,
Quaky and his crew did a great job,

Though i would give you some tips :) just some things to get you off to the path of perfection :)
- your XviD,avi encode is tbh badly done...if mux that file and put it into an .mkv container you would save several mb's.
though i would recommend encoding through megui.
it has the best x264 encode support, a commen mistake at x264 settings are people are using SD profiles for HD videos because of that you will get a blurry movie.
- effect on 4:25 was kinda fucked up, i thought my HDTV was kaput because of your movie :x and it was making the frag not clear at all.
- I would recommend recording at 300 high makes the motion blur fucked up and to low makes it not clear ;)

I'm looking forward to your next movie....
Good luck to you guys.
a commen mistake at x264 settings are people are using SD profiles for HD videos because of that you will get a blurry movie.
sd profiles?
SD = small definition, for example 856x480, 720x576, 720x480
HD = high definition, for example 1280x720, 1920x1080.
basicly only difference between small resolution and 720p/1080p is in bitrate you use, it doesnt get "blurry", it can only be compressed bad if you use too low bitrate...
not correct,

Quantinizers are there for resolution difference....a gap between the max and min Q can make alot of difference in quality,
Also quantinizing matrices are essential in encoding movies.
Ofcourse bitrate to...

That's why people are using x264 for HD movies and XviD for SD movies...xvid has good decoding/quality ability's at small resolution...and x264 for HD.

As for 720p/1080p, at those high resolution's you can only see difference in bitrate adaption and not quantinizing.
i use same codec settings with both xvid and x264 SD and HD and i have NEVER experienced what you speak of, and just to add, i prefer xvid for hd movies, they are harder to decode and xvid as a codec is both easier for decoding and a more stable codec then x264, i'd use x264 only for filesize whiners.
that's possible for you my dear ogrec, x264 demands a good proccesor to procces the encode and XviD not...XviD isn't good for HD movies at all...look at Frag-area 3 self it's way to blurry for HD.

We can argue all week long, but in the end it's all about your own opinion ;)
So if you like XviD for HD movies you should use that ;).
rly nice movie, wish it was longer :>
omfg best movie ever
best movie i ever seen .
nice movie
Really nice movie! well done
Just cant stop watching it! :D

Nice music and nice work! =)
amazing, frags and movie.
Where did some of the players go? I didn't see all the names that were mentioned
Very nice movie,

<3 u quaky
def. the best movie EVER
I really enjoyed, nice editing, graphics, atmosphere

Clans in Fragarea 3:


Anyway very good movie, 8+/10
Finally a good movie. Thanks
I groaned when I saw the fly-through intro, but this one turned out to be an outstandingly good video. probably the best ET fragmovie I've seen in a very long time.

Loved it!
mAus @ hax!
Greatgreat movie!
Pff mAus @ Supply, he shots 3 man and then 4rd @ upper, but it doesnt like @ human aim ...
becouse there is movie cut i guess
Nice, I enjoyed it.
all fragarea movies have been awesome, this one is no exception. masterpiece. :)
Rlly Nice Movie :)
qcki's clan = instinct, not masterk squad x[
Hahah, liked 3:25, field of revives. ;o
Haxor's movie! :D More fragarea movies plz... :) P.S. ATB rulzzz... xDD
still waiting xvid
this was SICK
great job quaky, especially the music and the flow
butchji start nice kills :D
nice movie :-)
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