Codec x264 Length 16:41


Length: 10:00
Size: 278Mb
Ratio: 27.8Mb/min
Resolution: 1024x576
Release Date: Friday July 20th 2007

Produced by: Finland MTM-Studios
Directed and Edited by: Switzerland DabSter
Content by: Switzerland DabSter

Software used[/b]:]Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b
ETpro 3.2.6
Virtual Dub 1.7.0
Sony Vegas 7.0
Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0
Adobe After Effects 7.0
Ulead Cool 3D Studio
AD Sound Recorder
Smireboule Camtrace 3D

Additonnal Information:
The project was started in 2006 (so the quality and the cfg might be "soo 2006") and regroups a highlight of my frags during 2006 and 2007 with my clans; logic, sFx muse, dFIANCE, beaver.

Special thanks to:
arni and for hosting the movie.
nice vid, <3 dab
very nice dabster.
ps: tu as bien évolué depuis l'époque HdA. gl ;)
nice movie dabster i enjoyed it.. nice guy and very underrated player :)
Some more or less worthless frags and the first fragpart song sucked big time, but.. the overall was amazing, great editing and cams and, most importantly, you sure didn't forgot soundsync.
1 84.217.88.* Mettle.rar 6:57min
2 213.216.199.* Mettle.rar 5:10min
3 You Mettle.rar 4:02min
4 24.132.164.* Mettle.rar 3:37min
5 90.38.135.* Mettle.rar 1:31min
6 82.166.109.* Mettle.rar 0:06min
7 90.5.77.* Mettle.rar 0:02min
nice, it's been a while since the last good movie
Mulla on molemmat koneella :/ Mutta ei oo ftp:tä ;l
No toki ne mullaki on koneella..
Mihin mä voisin? Hommaa semmonen ftp, mihin voin uppia kaikki tulevat videot/leffat - teen sen.
Vois :p Kiitos
great movie
mtmstudios > universal <3
good and decent but not rly special
Very nice movie <3 all
arni's mirror sox
liked it, liked ur transitions as well
arni has best mirror ever
About the edit:
good= good intro
very cool outro
nice musics and very efficent sound synch

bad= Overused effects.
poor graphic
Too much motion blur

some frags are the bomb, nr1
other are really annoying like the 1 man kills with colt.

vote 8
nice, I like
great movie

It was nice watching it :)
Nice movie, but your config is not good, improve it.
wow good movie
n1, j'ai pas encore trouver de défauts :p
just nice...not bombastic because of the style of the config imo, but very nice
never saw a green ice yet :)
overall this movie was not my taste, dont like rock and the frameblend wasnt just there.

some noticeable sync.

But the thing that made me turn it of was the leak of encoding. dno but this is the first movie in ages my laptop can not play fluently. or the hitsounds are totally out of sync. The first minute was ok, but then it starts lagging.

PS: add the program u edited the font with :)

anyways gl and hf with your next project :)

EDIT: nvm the lags :) had my nb running on 800 mhz :(
hi2u my lovely fanboy <3
another movie better than yours but u criticise it to fuck
once a fanboy said to me:
its the truth (at least for me / him)
bitter because ur movie sucked big time me thinks
I never thought I would actually reply to a movie out here, but here I go (c) hannes teh uberleetor!
i like it except the colours , they looks strange :Y
nice editing
yeah, more beaver ownage plz!
own3d link!!!???
Ye go and whine at them to post my vid, they are afk since yesterday! :D
Well u can upload him urself to :P
if i do that it wont be downloadable, just for watching in even shitier quality.
thats what i want !!! :P
dling but if altrnt says it's good then it's good!
pls don't put the own-age link to mirrors, give the direct links >:\

edit: nice, looked like picmip 1 but the quality was good enough, enjoyed it
rly nice vid, gj D4rR3/\/
n1 guy n1 movie m8 <3 xD
n1 rly n1
rly rly rlyyyy nice

- impressed by editing
- nice transitions
- frags were decent 8/10
- popups were cool and readable
- quality/color was cool (maybe should have tried higher res)
- nice music choice
- loved the intro + outro
- like the wallhack effect, don't really see this that much in movies, but i'm curious how u made it look like this because it's not r_shownormals 1, maybe real wallhack?! BUSTED


- cams going through walls are not nice like @ start on ice and on gr once
- there is a such thing as too many scripted kamz and this was it :p
- console font disappears for some frags (murso, etc) and shows for others?
- no ice, on et_ice? although it looked ok
- the flares on goldrush are a little too bright
- all old effects
- loud music + loud hitsounds = ouch:<

I liked it overall, 8.5/10

It's nice to see more and more people are putting effort into their movies :D
ice looks better without ice!
well imo maybe yes, but that's because it looks way too bright in most movies, if you look at some stuff like vib saphire trailer or decimated then ice with ice > ice with no ice !
r_shownormals 1?
I remember just seeing wallhack.. dunno :P
btw it wasn't overcammed imo, just the right amount and made it look better
hype, it's not a wallhack. It's some kind of effect you can get while entering some commands in ET and putting 2 .avis on top of eachother or something in vegas, they did it with my .avis
r_drawworld 0 I suppose
lol nice wallhack nuggan!
good movie dab ;)
how can i dl it? =o mirror not working :<
get mirror thx
was nice movie, 2much backrape!
nice dabsterje :)
enjoyed it :]
nice mtm :P and ok dabster
nice movie....
Great Movie ;=)
Nice movie, good to watch! <33
wp i enjoyed the movie <33
i enjoyed a lot :]
ffs thats just the way i wanted to make the movie i'm working on :(

but anyway, i enjoyed it! :)
My shitty computer doesnt play it without lag :/
nice dabster mannnnnnn <3!
nice movie dab
nice editing :O
Captured at 4:3 and resized to 16:9?
Seems you are a NFS Player.^^ main songs are from Underground and Most Wanted ;)
nice edit but some deadused Effects.
loved the Malcom thing :D

pretty good movie - 8/10
good movie
one of the few that dont get me bored after 6 min
i loved the intro
nice movie ;)
nice not telling me nothing about it daB!!!11111111 ;<

anyway goodjob my mate =)
did u make the transitions mostly with ae?

frags were ok I assume, nothing too special though, the config was missing some contrast, which could've been added even though the project was started 2006, but the very nice editing covers it all up pretty well. I didnt like the intro as it was kinda slow just showing some freecams but yet again, it had nice transitions for example that truck transition which were enjoyable to watch.

nice movie, worth watching.
I did them with ae and photoshop (Photoshop CS would be better I guess but I don't have it). I added some contrast but not enough then. :p I'll do a trailer next time before starting a project.
ah, right, didnt think about it, you can make them with photoshop, I thought of learning the use of ae but since I'm so well used to vegas already, I didnt really want to learn using it. I'll just do the transitions with photoshop then.

btw I hated that resized look of the movie. I had to change aspect ratio to 4:3 manually.
haha, soz =P.
vry vry nice movie :)
wP DabSter <3
nice movie! ;-]
nice frags
everything.. 10/10 x]

ovrall 10/10

nice movie dab <3 keep working :)
- r_ignorehwgamma 1
- r_picmip 1

+ frags
+ sync
+ editing
+ cfg

9/10 for me good joob =)
r_ignorehwgamma 1 a minus? lol
nice movie! <3
I just watched.
I have to tell you it's a very good movie a really enjoyed !
Waiting for the next : )
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