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plAin trailer

plAin - la disco movie trailer by plAin

Size : 11mb
Duration : 1:25
Codec : mpeg 4 >:D
PLEASE read a tutorial or something. Having second thoughts about whether this should stay here.
better then ur movies tbh
The pic looks pro..
rly nice trailer ...

NOT, horrible
decent movie.. at least it was a lot more entertaining than the machima part of decimated
are you the famous test clip moron?
That's a kickass killing spree there!
oh damn my eyes i just woke up - im awake now
bestestest movie ever

+ quality
+ frags
+ music
+ editing
Best quality ever imo.
the best trailer ever !11111111111

plAin you are my hero !!!!111111111111
agree cant wait till full movie! it will be the best et movie 4 sure!

and 8mb/min ratio owns! gr8 job
I was just testing vegas and that's what went out of my test. Was not my idea to post it on xfire. thanks to ght :P
PS. maybe ill make real movie soon :S
ps. plAin = cyber_bear(old profile)
nice timescale
Otherwise pro clip but the 11fps is way too annoying :------D
And that song is good 8D
Frags - 8/10
Music - 10/10
Editing - 10/10

This film has everything, multikills, "teamplay" actions, very well synced music, bullet time effect scenes, a must-watch for everyone.
it'/s 1337 movie!
One of best movie i've seen so far

Sweet frags and nice music
only frags are good
give me this song !!!!!11oneoneeleven
pay 10 euro and idle #ahead then , kuloch
i accept paypal
rly nice movie, I enjoy it! love this, best movie I've ever seen. plain shaolin productions ;D?
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