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team VagrantS - tHe Movie

Produced and Directed by bLiz

Italy SuPrEmO
Italy bLiz
Italy cl0ne
Italy H4nS
Germany b4ttle
Italy f3n!x
Italy 100p


team VagrantS won Clanbase OC Spring Cup 2005 third league.
This movie dedicated to all my teammates for this wonderful season 2004/05.


Music :

Dust Brothers - Finding The Bomb
Grip Inc. - The Answer
Rammstein - Feur Frei
H-Blockx - Risin' High
Powerman 5000 - Drop the Bombshell
Hans Zimmer - Rain Man

Framerate: 30 fps
Video Codec: XviD MPEG-4
wtf link is dead :x
omg :x

thx swertcw!
so upload it :>
Link isn't working :%
a nice pease of history
fix link now please! :<
This is gold, my puttanas <3
WoW Really like the new section <3
Can enyone upload it?
dsasd grande bliz !1
enjoyed it :) not that nice effects but it is a nice movie :) overall: 7/10 for me :)
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