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mAus EC XVI Grand final

This movie shows mAus frags in EC XVI Grand final matches against MPG

I have used czech shoutcast by sm0ke (www.teamplay.doupe.cz)

Created by wizard

Length: 3:32
Size: 126 MB
Video Codecs: HuffyUV and x264 / XviD
Audio Codec: LAME MP3
Resolution: 1280x720 / 720x400
Framerate: 25fps
Project Size: 30+ Gb

Music used:

Bim Bam Smash - John Powell
Cold Stone Rise - X-Ray Dog

Download links:

HQ + stream = primary
maus.wmv > this one
hvent seen it yet, but why the fuck dont you use TosspoT shoutcast ffs?
Good clip.
nice wnb videocopilot @ some parts
the facewarp didnt look too good :D

not a bad movie, but i saw loooots of better :<
c00me oN try t0 m@ke it bett0rr!!!111
Quality wasn't bad 6.5/10
The podcasts were terrible 0/10
Those weren't the best frags of mAus.
rest was okay.
You realise it's from the final only, do you?
ah i know already. thx <3
Ye he was fkin insane those games. :X

Nice job.
crazy aim

english shoutcast would have been better
He can make a long fragmovie from almost every match he played.
more hype about mouse
i can almost hear his ego growing

expected a lot more after all that hype
It's hilarious read this now in 2013 and see some of your bullshits a few months ago :D
looks like we are noobs^^

*edit* u could have made subtitles for the cast imo
noobs ? :)
i don't think so, you' ve won EC ;))))

I have made this movie for testing capturing and improving vegas and AE skill :)
This is my first ET movie so by peaceful... (i think it's last too)
It's a nice movie, it's just a shame you didn't use an English shoutcast. :)
czech sc. :/
omg wtf sm0ke
very nice
your a talented moviemaker

only try to rais to 30 fps
tbh it looked a little laggy when watching maus`s quick actions

but very nice animations and nice config
try to improve colors
<3 One day movie rox !
Damnit, czech is really one of the ugliest languages i ever heared.

nice frags though
mAus <3, he's just amazing

gg wp n1 fraggs
are u fucking retarded to make an movie with a CZ SHOUTCAST? DONT YOU THINK MOST OF PEOPLE HERE AREN'T CZ? omfg
hhh yea Czech Republic CZECH is world language :D
The language of the shoutcast is even worser than polish
Nadat ik die comment had gezet zag ik het zelf eigenlijk ook al. Maar om de buizers wat plezier te geven...

edit: buyser
cool aftereffects work
the only good frag was when he lugered butchji with the key card on bremen imo
was thinking the same
Without me shooting at him as well he wouldn't have got it , i shot like 6 bullets in his back BUT OK MAUS DID IT.
lol? it was mAus kill....
+nice Aftereffects work
+mAus aka frags

-gunmoddel xd (cg_gunz 0)
-cz shoutcast
-colours (some HSL,Adjust and contrasts?;))

7/10 imoooooo
just saw it @ own3d.at looked pretty good there :p
even you would look good @ own3d.at
ohhh someone try's to be funny:)?

mhm u didnt failed laughed irl ^.^
worst english i have seen today
is that something like an award? so i can put it in my Achievements?
actually it was meant to be more like an insult but whatever floats your boat..
i think u hate me since i made a bad comment about your (KKP?! KRP?!) minimovie,np.
i dont even remember your comment
i love your sarcasmish flame 3>
i love it too
KRP minimovie > *
now. shut up and enjoy the troll.
nice movie,
the nade on Grush was nice :),
you were sitting there for like 20 sec's or something..
I remember how amazed I was after seeing that nade on a public server in 2004.
Well I was just impressed that he was sure that he would kill someone
You're a prick. Seriously.
mAus omg mAus !

rape requires skill
and define word "rape" :D
rape 2 (r&#257;p)
n. A European plant (Brassica napus) of the mustard family, cultivated as fodder and for its seed that yields a valuable oil. Also called colza, oil-seed rape.

great movie
lol that was sick :D
Agree with the one above me
btw need a long, decent mAus movie
Agree.This movie was a nice start,but a "real" movie would be great.
mAus = mAus

Nice outro :D
well that's some serious math skill
:) nice
I want a movie with 20 min... :(

Nice Movie :)
interesting, but effect liquife is often used in retushing photos in PS and i am an amateur PS noob :) here i get an idea
1st of all: it's aftereffects
2nd of all: it's the exact same effect as in the tutorial ;)
you have more stuff like that for beginners, but also for sony vegas, Goliath asking for them :>
Use an english shoutcast :D

Also, i would like to see someone make a really good full length movie of mAus.
1st/ 25 fps = laggy shit = gtfo

2nd/ looking good, especially as for 1st fm

3rd/ n1 arsing yourself 2 learn 2 do sth @ after effects

4th/ LOLED @ "pepickowy" shoutcast
4th/ LOLED @ "pepickowy" shoutcast

can you explain it to me? :)
"pepik" = how most ppl in Poland call CZ person :D (it Joseph afaik)
sometimes you are called "knedle" ofc from teh best CZ KNEDLIK's (<3 them)

+ guys plz learn english :X (was @ kind of school exchange but we were spending time in CZ, then knedliki visited us, and out of 32 CZ ppl there, 1 girl could speak a bit, 2 guys could introduce themselves only o_0 )

+1 guy got lost in his own town market in turnov - we were all astonished by this action xD

k im finished with my story xD
actually cz > pl

sry >B
Hi mr. "Stfu I have never hacked".
i've never said i haven't hacked so..... :D
+ guys plz learn english :X (was @ kind of school exchange but we were spending time in CZ, then knedliki visited us, and out of 32 CZ ppl there, 1 girl could speak a bit, 2 guys could introduce themselves only o_0 )

HAHAHAHHAHAH, same goes to you. and i know only one polish guy who speaks proper english (Ducky).
Do you happen to know, what does it mean to act like a moron @ internetz ? Maybe i'm making some minor mistakes sometimes, but i hope you don't think that all this "engrish-bullshiet style" is serious........
lool:D:D:D:D:D:D was he drunken?:D
not @ all ... he was just a retard....
HAHA! I think my english is good enough to smash most polaks! :)) So you lolled only thats czech cast? You are still young boy, arent you? :)

Normalne u nas cesi rikaj polakum "zasrany lageri" ale me staci samotny slovo polak abych se zasmal :P Nic proti polsku samo, mam vas rad <3
That shoutcast sounds nice, wish u could do it in english!
Thx, I am follower of Tosspot and Mashed school if I can call that style of casting like this. And yes I know that casting in czech doesnt bring be fame such as english but I want to dominate first our small country and maybe later rule the whole world! :) Its nice to hear from foreign players that my work and time spent in casting is not useless.
I'm 100% sure that some of popular Polish words have some funny meaning in CZ language (ie. dziewka = whore in CZ, in PL = old fashioned 'girl' word.....And, in other way, dziwka = whore in PL and "girl" in CZ [atleast those guys from Turnov claimed so ....]
just an example......

I think you got the point of CZ language being funny for pl ppl (hope you also have fun while listening to pr0lish talks)

+ i don't want to give any comment about your shoutcasting skills, as i know i'd be shit @ it
Yea man, I am friendly guy and like all people around the world :) So dont be afraid I got your point :) CZE and PL should cooperate...almost same language! =)
but very different inet connections :D
the idea is nice, that bremen key luger frag was briliant

just needs better cfg and its fine and less random kills
Thank you for all nice comments about my cast! :P

QuoteThe language of the shoutcast is even worser than polish

well done
smoke sounds like a rly entertaining shoutcaster
damn i need to learn czech
Nice to see him in a movie good job
if you want more frags of maus watch fragarea 3
Nice... I from czech so <3 CZ shoutcast :P
lold at contact @ #BFU.cz :))) it seems like you are a member of bfu, what you are not imo...
carepolice! :P
hmm not bad more headshots :)
Lold @shoutcast
ownage ownage ownage
n1 frags <3 mAus
liked how he secured the key lol
I can translate it to you "bla bla bla mAus oh my god and mAus mAus mAus oh my god they can kill them on mAus mAus aaaa mAus is he really god in aim? mAus mAus oh my god" :)))
i have forgotten "bla bla bla omg mAus is really hungry bla bla bla" :D
you have forgotten? wow nice english exam m8 :P
ohh, i just saw "I can translate it to..." and then I wasnt thinking too much who wrote that :D after 3 hours of studying Maths analysis I was not able to think too much about banalities :D
they way u call it; mOiz
more bad fanboy movies -.-
more ugly flags and nicknames -.-
uuh uber bad reply
the cz shoutcast sounds nice makes the game a bit more aggressive as it is!! maybe i should listen to cz much more even if i dont understand it!! :D
without the musix in background it wont sound that aggressive anymore..
dunno its the intonation of the language imho!
david u suck weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
>.> Nice tracking the medic with keycard on bremen, instant target switchz gg
wow these 2 matches are the best from mAus i think! he is just more then amazing here!

fanboy :P <3 mAus
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