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Godverdomme Panzerfaust

This movie shows a collection of Panzerfaust frags done by different
well-known players like conker, seskapil, reznap, d0dy, merlinator,
silentdeath and some more. It took us (Bewohner & me) almost the time of a year to
fit 66 scenes together to this almost 25 minutes long movie. I hope it was the time worth.

With this RtCW-Collection, I would like to thank the RtCW-Community for
all the years in the past, positive but also negative, and ending my
time as an active gamer with one laughing and one crying eye.

Enjoy, and goodbye

Bruder Talon
too too too much editing. i didnt enjoy the movie at all.
Very nice m8 !! <3
fucking ace movie
dling :O

edit: best rtcw panzer movie ever :)

gj bruder ;)
Thx for giving me a migraine.
dling O.O

edit: After 5 hours of waiting, it was a very pleasant and enjoyable film :O) thank you!
nice movie!
Looking at the editing its your best movie up to date.

Unfortunately I've had the impression that it was more of a collection of clips then a whole movie at some parts, mostly cause of the switches between very small songs, kinda 'lost the flow'.

Overall really enjoyed it, the frags very awesome (thanks for using some of the demos i sent you), hope to see more movies from you some time :)
I think the movie is fine, but didn't like the repeating of _every_ frag and the synchronisation with _every_ beat. I like it when the music is synced, but this was too much in my opinion :)
Errr nice movie but why did you have to repeat every frag like 5 times? That really annoyed me and stopped me from watching after ~10 minutes.
one of the best movies i have ever seen
very naiz, gow much?
some times it got a little boring but i guess its really hard to edit movie that is so long and pf only (effects were great but it was too slow at times)
i would still rank it 9/10 overall
oh and insane pf in assault by merli =P
Basically nothing wrong in it.. great panzerstuff, always love it, and technically top class editing, but..

It was way, I mean WAY too slow paced. Nearly fell asleep while watching it (nothing to do with the time of the day!). With a movie as long as this, you should try to sustain a decent pace to make it really interesting for the viewers throughout the whole movie. Also applies to music used in the movie, there were some really slow songs with that same dull beat all the time.

On the other hand, you could've made the movie a lot shorter by just dropping out this extra timescale 0.2 freecam stuff and concentrating more on the frags. Showing every frag once should be enough, if it's just presented properly. Maybe replays or slow motions for some really special stuff. Just look at Lamattitude, it's still one of the greatest fragmovies ever.

It was a decent movie but with a potential of the frags it could've been (a lot) better.
nice artistic movie :)
Loved it!! Thx very much for your time and effort into making it :) Nice ending to my RTCW career aswell :) Pirates of the Burning Sea up next :)

Im in it so could be biased.

I think this movie is for Panzer Lovers of RTCW. I love the Slow action replays. I also Loved the way I start some of the scenes :) hehe

10/10, I'll convert it to DVD and keep it for my gran kids when there older :)
This movie shows video quality doesnt matter. Overused songs ? Who cares? 8.5/10

btw, dody nice frags :D

I never played rtcw but this panzerfaust looks really powerful. 3 times stronger than in et :o In et much harder to get 3-4 man kills against top clans.
lol true, the panzer is like the most annoying weapon in rtcw :[
Nah, mauser is. :p
Both are... but thats what makes RTCW so much better.
i really liked it and its nicely done but i think its just abit to long , oversynched =) was enough for me watching first 10min... i love movies which have a length of around 10min because these really take you into an adventure if they are nicely done... its never getting boring :)

eventhough very nice!
woohoo, I'm in the movie! though, I'm not the one killing :D
Blows almost every other movie away imo !
i lold about the name :D
<3 RTCW cheer sound! :D
yea they are the best :)!!!
kinda boring some times
but still one of the best movies i personally saw
well done
THE MOVIE of 2008
Well done :D
nice movie... but 24 mins of the same frags is 2 much ;)

got boring after abt 5 mins
++ creativity and composition
+ sync

- quality: 2003 style
- overedited: too much beat zooming, filter effects are used every 2 seconds

Nice panzer movie. Gets a bit stale at some times, but i think its mainly because of its length. Great job!
nice movie.. but maybe too much those repeats and slow motion things :d this movie wouldnt be so booring if this would be little bit shorter.. :-)
but over all.. atleast i liked :)
very nice movie, some frags are rly awesome...
Interview with BruderTalon (ger) -

great movie m8!
awsome one !!
well done Christian give a hug to ur twins
Surely the best game movie i have ever seen.. Great Job
Woah, great one again BruderTalon!
Really nice movie Brudertalon. Any more movies coming up or is this your last one?

Makes me want to play rtcw :).
nice, thanks!
Nice one BruderTalon & Bewohner, really enjoyed it <3

Makes me want to play RtCW again indeed :(
For the first 10 mins I'd give 10/10 because of creativity, editing, music and stuff but I have to drop it one point because the editing starts to annoy a bit after that.

So 9/10 for an awesome movie! Really enjoy(ed) it :) Will sure watch it plenty of times!
real nice :) but i had to watch it in 2 times, because it was very long :p but really nice :) 10/10
i actually enjoyed your movie!
great work there!
(was the first one i ever watched)
i'm gonna give you a little bit bigger feedback here.


Whole Style of the movie

No 1280x720


When I watched the movie for the first time, I didnt really enjoy it. Too much repeating, too much beat-syncing, bad colour editing and i didnt even know any player in there.
I talked about the movie with spree, and he told me that he thinks that it is a decent piece of art, what made me watch it again. While watching the movie for the second time, I noticed, that all that repeating makes the whole syncronizing possible, because else panzerfrags are impossible to sync with that kind of music. I also realized, that the colours actually were decent, because if they would have been changed more, the game would have been harder to "get" (if you know what i mean). That i dont know any player, is not your fault, its just because I have never been active in the RTCW community, what also is the reason why the movie didnt seem to be as good as it actually is in the beginning. Only with watching it again i realized how much work and ideas are behind the cams, effects, and all the rest of the movie.

This one is one of the best movies around RTCW and ET, the only three things that I personally would have prefered smg frags, other music (this one is decent too, but for fragmovies i prefer the soundtrack from zaigon, max chapter 3 or extreme temperature, maybe this also has connections to the first point) and 1280x720, but compared to the positive stuff in this movie, this are peanuts.

After all, my personal rating looks like this:

Creativity: 9.5/10
Editing: 10/10
Content: 9/10

Overall: 9.5

I didnt take the quality to my rating, because it doesnt really have connections to the core of movie. Its rather peripheric.
und sonst auch nix zutun?:D
nicht um die uhrzeit
trolls are trolls, just ignore them

however, it sounds like you are bashing competitive criticism. I'd rather people said "good movie, but I didnt like x feature", than just saying "good movie"
definitively the best pf movie i've ever seen!
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