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juICE & Noorgrin

After 1,5 years of work, I have finally made it.
It hasnt been 1,5 years of exzessive work... i just didnt have time for it any more... many things changed in my life so time was running and running and i couldnt finish it. (dont get me wrong plz)
This is my first bigger project, presenting frags of 2 nice german players from Stofftiere Online e.V.
They both have already quit ET and are now playing ETQW.
But they ve had a great time in Enemy Territory and here are some highlights.
You ll hopefully enjoy it!

Codecs used: x264 / faac
Frames per second: 30
length: 9:51
resolution: 720p

Thank you for watching!

stream or gtfo
its stream, gtfo
there was no stream when i wrote that so gtfo
I hope you guys won't fight each other anymore, gtfo
no, u gtfo.

gtfo & downloading
nice typo on the Dreamed Pictures logo, rofl ;d

movie stopped @ 3.21 for me for some weird reason.
I don't like the fact that you left out muzzleflash, crosshair looks weird and the killtext isn't all too nice imo
ye i ve had an animation for it befor
but had to change something and finally took this... dont care too much bout it
next movie comes up with something better :D
i dont have crosshair and muzzleflash and i do have those bobrollbshits
downloading ...
dling,wtf @ ratio?

omg gr looked so goooood
-console,no need to be creative there
5 minutes of frag scenes for 10 mins movie...
-color correction(except gr)
the times of 30 mb/min LQ like shit are gone

face it 40mb/min is nothing special imho but its eyecandy :D
and worth it imo :))

colors: i wanted to have something new
i just cant stand to see another averagecolored movie like 1000s out there are...
i tryed something new, sry if you dont like it :<

console: another new thing... it has not been done with uvmoviemod... i ve had the idea at the same time that hannes had it :D
but they are done with ps and i think its quite nice
Great minds think alike they say, I came up with the same idea for the frag pop-ups after watching too many CS fragmovies. Guess I'll look like a copycat when (or if) I eventually start working on my project and implement the same idea :).

About the movie, it was enjoyable (too bad the PC I'm on can't handle more than the stream version :[ ), but too little actual content (if you exclude intro & outro)!
Download keeps dying before it's finished. :(

Some minor flaws (crosshair during rifle cam and glitch on frostbite) in the part I've seen and a bit dark at times, but otherwise pretty good looking.
QuoteDownload keeps dying before it's finished. :(

same here
Same here, I have to restart it with my dl manager after a couple of minutes every time, but it continuies at least.

too long outro :D
downloading - gwan Noorgrin !!! <3
Alot of the demo-material that juICE and me sended him is missing imo :( ... would have been material for 15mins at least, but in the end we are just happy he finished the movie after 1,5year :D

basically i wanna say that the editing and outro is really great, but it is way too long compared to the whole movie lengh...

anyways thx for it v1ech and hopefully ur doing a longer ETQW movie ;)

oh and alot of guys missing @ greetings cause that list was from like Winter2006... everyone i forgot sorry ! especially Saskia & Tobi !

thx @ viech
sry for the long time it took me
ty for the chance to make u a movie
i want an xvid version ;(
ok movie

+got fragged (very rare)
nice movie =) <3 viech
nice movie Vi3cH :)
and i really liked the outro! could be a bit shorter but finally something creative ;)
Next time try to sync frags with beats ;). Good movie, unique style, but, its a bit oversaturated, and yea it bothers me :(. Few nice cams, but, one of the players, totally lack of aim :(.
Good one after all :)
Shit music, but the rest was very cool. Nice movie.
ha finally its out, remember seeing the 3ds max logo quite long time ago :d
nice outro
ooohhh the good old times sfto noorgrin speedlink haha next time show pls his special teamkills :DDDD, and of course the tripple rife nade kill by juICE :))) very nice movie vi3ch !

<3 u guys, let's rock again @ oktoberfest 08?:)))
1on1 @ teufelsrad!
kassierste doch^^
hi juice <o/
nice one, liked it :)

<3 sfto :D
At one point, the clip on grush he killed like 4 guys and you showed him shooting for like 15 extra seconds getting body shots but no frags then he dies....dont find why that was nessecery to put in the movie : /

cool ending.
frags - most of frags really not worth of movie, too many backrapes, too many pointless bodyshooting, hitsounds doesnt really have good synch
image - nice, not on every map, but at least its something different, nice quality
intro was fcuking nice, the best part of movie for me
outro was too long, expected more frags for that movie length
overall: 5/10 from me
I lold at part when he shot PF @ frostbite. wtf, he killed only one person or what? and if he did, why you put it in teh movie?(or am I suppose just to KNOW how many enemies he killed?) and the outro is tooooo long. rest is ok, but I expected way more from 1,5 year of working
dont get that wrong with 1,5 years

i m glad that i could already make it in that time... i started the movie with pritty much freetime, but after 1 month of work or sth things changed a little bit... and since that i wasnt able to do anything...

i had a job in a foreign city, finished school, now university... etc... girlfriend too...
you know, it's the number which you wrote.. 1,5 year, everyone thinks "wow, a lot of time, must be pwnage" and what we get is 5 mins long clip with no good sync at all. I'm not saying that I didnt like it, but just expected more ;) anyway, gj and looking forward to your next projects
what i can definitly say, is that i wont start a new project like this again in near future...

what i gonna do is starting to produce an awesome soundtrack useful for a movie and if it fits for me i m gonna look for demos and stuff to make a new movie (not specified what game its gonna be atm)

but finally i could improve my moviemaking skills a little more and i ve learned a lot...
what i wanted was showing u some ideas and bring it down to an avi
i think i ve reached that goal and i m happy its over :>

ty for u comment
liked everyting , but next time use pop-up console plz :<
enjoyed it alot!
nice frags & cfg (a bit dark, but i like that)
<3 Noor ^^
well frags are not rly nice... alot missing :/

i remember i sended him some better frags... but well who cares... at least the movie is finished after all that time :D
still nice to watch^^
You is know that porblem right? ;<
what?! XD

edit: np! <3
Too short fragpart but at least quite entertaining. And the outro is ace :D
nice movie
cfg is very dark :x
intro was great, the song was just pwnage. the music at all was just great for a fragmovie.
frags were ok, some really nice shots like the air rifle.
quality is ok 2, what i didnt like is the amount of saturation (less would be more nice) and the font..
i liked the cams, maybe a bit fast sometimes but it was ok imo.
all in one a really good work, had some doubts after i saw viechs contest movie (dunno which contest it was) but he improved alot and the result is really watchable.
i`ll keep it!
edit: ratio could have been better
rly liked the intro, rest wassnt good, bad frags and ugly config + a bit dark :)

stick to intros!
great intro. xhair fucked up. fragpart was boring. too long outro (idea was nice). it was watchable.
yep yep, nice
great quality/colors, bad frags, nice intro
I always get uppset when I at first see the movie length in the description but the frags actually only last for 50 % of the movie :s
smooth movie, fragtext at the top was not to my tastes, I liked the music choices they went well together. credits were nice, but I never have liked the endless stream of 'thanks/greetz'

nice movie though, but why did it take so long! :P
that guy @ outro got even better bot than naga lolz
hes walking + aiming+shooting +reviving + wtf with not even moving his mouse + with other hand out of his keyboard

hax omfg ban kkthx
killerboy = fail

omg even later hes fragging with both hands not on mouse/keyboard, drinking a beer

edit 2
omg after hes even sleeping + later totally afk
failed so bad
really ? :D
you're from poland aren't you? ;)
does it matter?

im from singapore btw, as you may see @ flag
so loekino is from loekino's love island too because his flag says so?
kleijf doesnt have a polish flag man :D
but i know he's polish
but gj on the movie :)
watch @ 4.08 need opinion :D
so fucking obvious imo ;d
thought the same when i saw it the first time :D
high sens mouse rotate skill
ye :{
it was Enlarged LAN 2006
sure ya rly busted

nice one!
Overall - 5.69

Retards voting again.
Gj Vi3cH.
ty :>
dont care too much bout the voting
and if it is rly what people are thinking, i do know what to improve :>
naiz one!
around 9.0[/u]
very well done viech!
I liked it, bit dark tho :) good job
really nice! love you both guys ;D
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