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khamoshi trailer

Ladies and Gentlemen
its rly pleasure to announce you my first project,I am not afraid from critism !
Hope it will be pleasure for you to watch my movie njoy <3 hf
tech. infos.:
directed by:Flash
bitrate 5000
720x400 =400p
music:i john beal-last samurai (immediate music)
release : november/2008
13 or gtfo 8<
First to rate :D
I did like it!
link aint working :X
wtf 5000 bitrate for 720X400 movie :X
woah great
Nice intro tho
Do you have sponsors for the movie or what is it in the beginning? Try to improve the quality, it's not even average. The rest seems to be fine, especially the crosshair.
quality should be improved tho i like those "oldsql styles" :p
Didnt like the oldschool quality, the frags actually sucked, we need sumting cool! and 90% of the time used to text's just sucked lamas bottom!
quality should be better, but overall intro was rather good
kewlll or not
I got owned in this trailer :D, woooohooooooo
very nice :D
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