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All jumps are done in ETpro without any kinds of cheats(however pmove_fixed 1 and nofatigue was used)
The jumps are performed by following guys:

Editing by: reaper{


The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive
September - Until I Die

Super duper special thanks to MTM for helping me out in many problems <3
Also thanks to ag0n, superboy, moff, zero, arca, noodle, pale , MakkiS and HardyRah!
edit : Have to remember, its my first movie..
One of the best trickjump movies I've seen around.

A few insane jumps in adler and frostbite that I have never even could imagine of :o

Moreover the quality was pretty decent compared to other non-frag-movies.

7/10 because of some jumps!
you didn't imagine them cause the jumps aren't possible with a normal config :)
Ok, I gotta admit that my technical knowledge of ET sucks :p
define a normal config, there a no settings here which are fucked up making it so you can jump insane distances, nowhere did they state these are and can be done in a clanbase config so stop acting as if thats how everyone should do them unless you wanna watch LNA style movies.
i didnt say they tweaked the settings to jump insane distances, i said they tweaked physicsfps / msec, or it was already tweaked in the TJ config, which in turn can make them jump farther, since they gather speed and height more easily. example: you can jump over west alone with the tj config on hvks server. it's stupid, it makes jumping too easy, which in turn doesn't make it enjoyable to watch! come on, open your eyes!
maybe there's something wrong with the config on hvk's server then? but you clearly know next to nothing about trickjumping so im not gonna waste my time arguing with you.
theres nothing wrong with hvks config, just a "regular" trickjump config.. i guess you can ask hvk.
1 month reply!

My server has pretty much the same TJ config as noodles, with probably little if any changes
cant download right now. but i will check it out in some hours... it looked promissory 2 months ago...
thanks <3 :)

edit: nice jumps, quality is pretty good, music isnt annoying either like most tj vids.

bad point: several jumps start the same and only vary in 1 way, a little boring after a few, and some random combo type jumps arent interesting, but besides that very nice movie!
Ihanaa kun ei tarvi enää sietää sitä hurjaa spammia "teemappia"-spammii!;D + Intro oli hienompi näin :P
downloading, hope it's not another movie with a tj config where you can bunnyhop on level ground like in quake3

edit: rofl at this movie, this is the most obvious use of a tweaked config i've ever seen. it's blatantly apparant that either b_fixedphysicsfps 333, com_maxfps 333 & pmove_fixed 1, or other pmove_msec tweaks were used. yes, it's not a "cheat", but it's pointless cause it's all disallowed in any competition config.

anyway, i disliked motionblur, colors were cool, i presume they're ag0n's. effects were pretty lame, but you used vegas so you didn't have that many options. only watched half of it.
its how we roll.
It's not, best tjmovie so far.
Knew this comment would be here!
seen the movie yet?
i await your review!
after all, this is probably the only movie where the jumper touches a maps skybox with a few effortless strafejumps!
I got an idea, You'll come to the server and play with the exactly the same config, and test jumping and try doing those jumps yourself (Since you said the jumps are effortless mr. obviouslyjealous). Pmove_fixed 1 is the same as if you got a STABLE (By stable I mean stable which no1 can actually reach) 125 fps. Pmove_msec 3 on the other hand is obviously cheating, so is 333fps and they weren't used on the movie.

Makkis spent tens/hundreds of hours doing some of the hardest jumps, so they were obviously effortless strafejumps.
sure, i'll take your word for it, you seem like a trustable guy!
i guess you can make these jumps with cb config (nofatigue on) too, right? and i didnt say all the jumps were effortless, quit twisting my words
And what has cb config to do with anything? No cheating done in the movie, and as you can see I did say ":D It's actually done without cheats, luamod for infinite stamina is another thing. :D ".

It's pretty obvious it's done with infinite stamina + pmove_fixed 1. What you're saying that the jumps are effortless, I would like to see you succeeding in a single one of them.
i didnt say that the jumps are effortless, are you blind?
Since I might've misunderstood what you said try telling me what you're meaning with this:

"i await your review!
after all, this is probably the only movie where the jumper touches a maps skybox with a few effortless strafejumps! "

Anyway, like noodle said It's pretty obvious that you know nothing about trickjumping I, like noodle, don't bother arguing with you. :)
he's saying they are able to jump amazingly far+fast with little effort. Nothing about any actual specific jumps. He's simply talking about how they are strafing
Ya well, I might've misunderstood that, but the strafejumps I'm seeing in that movie ain't that impressive, with lots of practise you can easily jump far with a normal strafejump. Having jumped for over 3 years (Especially the custommade jumpmaps which do require much better strafejump than most of these jumps) I can say that there's nothing wierd (By that I mean like gravity being lowered/pmove_msec 3 being used/maxfps 333 being used) in those jumps.

Oh and fusen, about the interview, those jumps can be done on most public etpro servers, if they had perma-adre. Can't be done with cb config due to fixedphysics being 1 & fixedphysicsfps 125, which removes the effect of pmove_fixed 1.
referring to your last paragraph, this for me takes some of the [+] factor from the movie as sure you can do awesome jumps if all the settings are exactly as you like but I'd prefer to see jumps that are possible in normal games.
Well as long as server has b_fixedphysics 0 and perma-adrenaline those jumps are possible.
[promote] walking in the air 2 then [/promote] ;)
exactly. there's a clear diffrence between realistic and nice to watch jumps on walking in the air and this movie, the players just float in this one, looks gay. :o)
i was in this movie too =D dunno bout makkis(they said that he was using pmove and nofati aswell), i never talked to him.. but i was using pmove_fixed 1 and nofati for my jumps in this mov.. i also tried some of (makkis) his 'werd' jumps and managed to do some after while.
None of the et jumps are realistic, try doing them in real life.

Like I said A FEW times before already, all the jumps are possible (Obviously not without nofatigue but it was used in WITA too) If you start practising trickjumping 5hours a day for 3 years, and then try to do those jumps for over 20 hours and still fail I believe you those jumps are not possible.
sorry i have more important stuff to do, but obviously under realistic I meant the correct game physics.
Yeh, cbconfig has changed physics. (b_fixedphysics 1 & b_fixedphysicsfps 125)That's why they didn't use it. :) The server those jumps were done have default settings (with the exception of lua saveload mod (which doesn't affect jumping in any way and perma-adre, which could also be adrenaline)

I know you won't prac for years, that's why I think you're wrong.

E: Dno what has luamods to do with the settings tho :D

my comment to this Video:

+ Music/ i wreally like the two Trax in you movie;)

+ Effects/Grafic/ the Effects and the Graffic is okay^^

+Jumps/ in my opinion your Jumps are crazy :D:P

-Ego Perspective/ You use only the Ego Perspective in your Movie, but i find it looks good when U used a other perpectie in this movie, too

-MusicMix/ Ähmmmmm yeah the Music stop and in the next second the new track begin. It is better wehen U make a transfer between the two tracks

Yeah that is my comment to this Movie.

I hope U make more Jump Movies :)


PS: I know my english is shity :D
Ego perspective?? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD - thanks for the comment.. :)
nice jumps and enjoyable to watch
nice movie thx
awesome, but the movement is weird, so that "no hax" text is a lie imo
what's not allowed by cb = h4x in my interpretation :)
Some nice jumps but as fredd said, clearly not with normal config settings.

The blur and overlapping of two scenes into one was totally overdone and simply not needed.

A lot of the first couple of scenes were far too dark tbh, also the one sky used didn't actually suit every map... should have done each map individually to what suited it best.

Although obviously a personal choice, the songs that were used weren't exactly stellar, I also didn't see much syncing but would probably have to watch again and actually look for it as there might be some in :P but then really if it was well synced I wouldn't have to look out specifically for it ;D

Nice jumps though, want to see some examples of them being used in officials ;D
- ugly sky (seriously - you altered the way e.g. supply looked in such a way that i didn't really like the colours any more)
- good gun settings etc, that looked okay
- weird jumps as always
"The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive"

oh god no no not again :(

tho a good song:p
np best tj movie ever warsow skill imo :D
nice move, waiting for hupo's comment !
nice jumps tbh. :]
Go go reaper, sup mate? :D


best trickjump movie i've seen so far, nice work !
nice movie but im pretty sure that "All jumps are done in ETpro without any kinds of cheats." is bullshit. Since you cant keep so insane speed for so long time without stamina :=)
:D It's actually done without cheats, luamod for infinite stamina is another thing. :D
hoi ts*** !

mitä kuuluu ?! :D

sup :<
Eipä tässä mitään, mitäs ite?:D
sää oot ruvennu pelaa 2.55... ainaki toine jussi sano @_@

miksi miksi miksi 2.55? :|

eihän tässä kummempia :D
Kunhan oon vaan huvikseen hybbiny, muuten pitäis aina katella samoja naamoja hyppyservuilla.:<
jussi ei puhunu hyppimisest mitään, vaa et jyystäisit siellä iha kunnolla :l

tuu pelaa joku vkl, pownator :D
Nääh, hyppiny mä vaan oon. :P Kerran taisin huviksee koittaa pubittaa ja failasin pahasti niin painuin takasi hyppimään. :D
Jep jep :D

2.55 melkein osuu mihkään *-*
Eipä niin. ;D Hyppimisessä on sielä hyvä puoli ettei o kaikki idiootit xiittaamas save/load modilla. :D
luuserit :D vieläkö arca hyppii muute, nähny aikoihi ku enno ees hyppiny.. vois kyä taas alottaa ku ei voi frägätä tääl :S
Kylhä se, ja alota ihmees. :D
Ainut huono vaan on että täältä ei voi tulla mihkään servuille / venttiin...
pitäs yksin hyppiä jossain omalla servulla :| viikolloppusi voi kyl pelaa sitte jos ei oo kittaamassa :D
Kyä mie vielä hypin :O)
nice ! vieläkö veät sillä 200pingillä :D?
En oikeestaan :D broidi vähä rajottanu
jeeah :D mielummi sellasel pingil ku ei voi pelaa olleka :E
There's no curse word in tsero, why do you block it? =(
i'd show u some irc logs that "fishyy" sended to me.. so i kinda did what he told me to do = to not say hes "real" nick in here.. busted
You are too kind person.
But the secret has already been published !
This was a bit of disappointment. I know Makkis has lot better jumps, and I was expecting seeing them on the movie, but for some reason they are left out. Like every movie, this one has shitty filler jumps aswell, but I haven't seen yet in any other movie that best edit/effect is wasted on filler jumps. Most of the jumps are pretty sick though, but they are presented in bad way by the editor.

Now to the editing itself. Blur - there's way too much it. I think there was only one jump without blur spoiling the whole jump. Also that some sort of blurry 2 scenes going on same time doesn't really look good. Supply sky was awful. Music wasn't bad choice, but that kind of music would need some sort of flashing lights even in one scene, or anything synched to the bass boom. Also there were no highlights or whatsoever in the movie at all. The music was dull, no solos or anything that you could sync into the very best jump of the movie. It also lacked the pattern of jumps difficulty, it looks like everything has been put up randomly without thinking of any pattern, which actually is not good thing.

I did not like seeing that 333 fps jump in oasis by ///PALE on the movie. It doesn't fit the movie, and it was poorly edited. Some outro would have been nice to see. In a nutcase: Great jumps mixed with bad editing and superb video quality. Someone make this review if you can (i do not know how).
you basically stole my comment! ;P
Mine is longer explained and more insulting, so according to crossfire's unwritten rules my comment deserves review spot more than yours! ;D
we can share the spot!
Yes! Sharing is caring!
Kiitoksia, kerroit koko leffan huonot puolet :) oli kyl aika mahtava kommentti. kiitoksia vielä vaan.
I told every good point also. There really isn't anything more to it.

I saw a testclip a while ago and the jumps on those didn't look "normal". Comment in 7 min.
They ain't normal, they're the best jumps ever found in ET, mostly by makkis. What a leet jumper he is! :D
dling! can't wait to see this one!
nice movie :P some amazing jumps
some of the supply & frostbite jumps seemed impossible to be done without nofatigue.. but as they say, never say never.
Of course used nofatigue....
All of them are done with infinite stamina.
amazing jumps, a very good movie, enjoyed <3
Intro was kind of boring, just a cam.

Name could've been more "original".

Jumps were good but I don't think this was just done by normal config + nofatigue and pmove.

Some nice cams.

A few maps didn't have good colors (supply and oasis for instance). It looked kind of grey.

The editing was weird. You used 1 effect about 5/6 times, even when it wasn't synced with the music.. It also blocked the view of the movie so I couldn't really see where they were jumping or in the end landing (1:09).
i expected better from you :(
Sorry to let you down noodle x'[
Exactly the same config you used when playing on my server. Reaper/Makkis can't change the config because they don't have rcon, and I won't.
Ah well, I still think it looks weird :x
What's so wierd about it?
I saw a testclip from this a few months ago. I tried them out on your server by launching with noclip but even then it didn't work. I tried it for a long time on several jumps (from supply and the one from radar) and even with noclip I couldn't make it.
You do realise it's possible to get more speed without noclip ;P? Also maybe you just didn't hit the right spot.
Yes I get that but I don't think they can get the same speed of noclip (which is 70 km/h) in 2 jumps. SO CONFUSING!!!
just need to hit right spot.. u need to try harder =)
Try even harder... :X
Nonii demot jakoon ja äkkiä
+ Music

THe best video Trick Jump omfg <3 reaper

its very amazing

Speed Limits fail !!
low blow :(
You should ban him from 999 for punishment.
Overall, I liked the jumps, but as huPo already stated, you left out most of MakkiS' jumps, and replaced them with nowhere near as good fillers.

As for the music, hell, awful. Could just be the fact that I don't like either of those songs/neither of them are synced with the movie/feel out of place.

The editing was pretty basic stuff, the overlapping parts were just trippy and you couldn't make a crap out of what was really happening there.

The jumps, like said, were good, some of them even exceptional. Having searched for those jumps with Makkis, some were performed with just pure luck.

And to everyone who's saying 333 fps/other cheats of the like were used, bullshit. I've done most of them, and even found some of them and had Makkis perform them.
The only cheat used in the movie is nofatigue.

Overall, I'd say 7/10. More time into planning + editing and it'd be far better.

Hi2fishyy, huPo, noedel, foolish & reaper

ps. aimoi olBaa
thanks 4 comment :) hi2u 2 :-DD
no moi arca:( :D
really nice content, expected the editing n stuff to be better tho.
really nice jumps liked it overall x)

but u couldve had some more different jumps :P

(really liked the temple jumps xDDDDD)
WTF. Nice settings... This IS IMPOSSIBLE. jumps like: 4.22 and some others. U cant just touch the floor and jump like that.
Would be nice if you could upload some demos (or all of them). because this is impossible.
there was small edge there where you can get bounce from.. but about settings.. pmove_fixed 1 and nofatigue.
Simply amazing jumps and quality but that laggy thing in editing sucks :[
pretty nice.

Disliked motion blur.
this is so confusing.. gj tho! =)
Great quality, great jumps, great music! :)
I couldnt care less if any special settings were used.
It just looks awesome.
Good Job.
not a great fan of TJ movies, but this could have been done a lot better.

bad motion blur, obviously non normal cvar/server cfg jumps (ie pointless - may aswell of used some noclip and flew around the map)

some draw issues on some maps, the little things are more simple to fix, and more obvious when you watch :(

poor overall :/
I'm getting tired of saying this over and over again. Just because you suck in jumping doesn't mean everyone else does. All the jumps are possible, if you don't believe it then just don't. How about proving that they ain't possible instead of dissing the movie without proofs.
no fatigue, always adren, server side cvar changes?

if any of these are done to do these jumps, then what I said is correct.
if you dont know anything about trickjumping would be better just shut the fuck up
I do, so fuck off prick.
Being able to do the supply east wall rockjump doesn't mean you know anything about trickjumping tho. :)

You saying you know anything bout trickjumping is like me saying I know something about playing in EC:D
No server side cvars has been changed, neither did they use nofatigue (HAHA IT WAS PERMA-ADRE.LUA -_-) and pmove_fixed 1 were obviously used. All those jumps are possible on most pubs where you can get level 4 medic. Like Chmpp said you know nothing about tj. 99% of trickjumpmaps are build to be done with pmove. Anyway, pmove isn't a cheat-protected cvar.

Read my comment http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=movie&mode=item&id=707#comment23634 and do the jumps. Then I might even consider what you're saying is true.

Actually the competition settings (cbconfig etc.) have changed server side cvars, like b_fixedphysics 1. It wasn't in the game in the beginning so stop crying about those jumps not being done with it.

E: Dno if you edited that "always adre" thing there, if not I failed :D
indeed, no doubt its still an achievement but on a personal level (and it seems not just to be me, but a lot of people) standard settings for competition and jumps would have been considered much more skilled.
I don't even bother arguing with you when you know nothing about trickjumping. :>
If reaper said those jumps were done on competition settings everyone would call him a liar and that the jumps were done with cheats, because the jumps are amazing, even with settings you call "cheating" even tho the settings are exactly like on any unmodified server. By unmodified I mean cbconfig (especially b_fixedphysics)
if it makes you feel better to think that I dont, feel free to think that way.
Well, just do the "Piyo-funjumps"-map, record the demos and send me. Then I will believe you know something about trickjumping.
imo you cant consider this 'trick-jumping' its more like freejumping, just doing jumps wherever, which mean nothing in a real game situation where 'trickjumps' are highly effective. I do jumps etc in scrims and officials I dont spend hours on maps learn how to jump onto a part of the map that would give me no benefit ingame.

I understand your view that these are skilled jumps, and can agree to a certain level, but seems you are too close minded to see my view.
Actually the benefit those jumpmaps give is that you learn how to strafejump properly. "Doing jumps on scrims" will never make you good enough to succeed in jumps makkis & guys performed in the movie. (It does make you better in jumps that can be done on scrims too.)

Its exactly what should be called trickjumping. What you do is just wnbtrickjumping!:P

To me you're the close minded (not the only one), thinking none of the jumps are impossible because you can't do them.

So what's your view of "skilled jumps"? Oasis walljump on a match? :x
think you have missread, or not translated something properly.

The jumps are obviously not impossible, they are shown in the movie - we agree on this (I assume)

The jumps are not done with competition settings - we agree on this (you've admitted it)

I think these jumps would be more skilled if it would be on competition settings - we agree on this (I assume you would agree, purely because these are not done with competition settings, and you say they are already skilled jumps)

I acknowledge some of the jumps are interesting and nice, you say I cant trickjump (yet youve never seen me try) and that I know nothing about trickjumping (yet Ive outlined some things about styles of jumping).

Seems it is me being close minded, my bad ;s
I'm not saying you can't trickjump, I'm just saying you don't know anything about the, should I say, "EC" skill trickjumping (lold) aka the highly skilled trickjumping. To me when one can do most trickjumpmaps they know something about trickjumping, but that's just me. Also what you said before is why I believed you know nothing about trickjumping, even about the "lowskilled" trickjumping.
Quote(ie pointless - may aswell of used some noclip and flew around the map)
thats referring to permanent adrenaline and that seems to be a view 95% of people replying to this movie has. ;)
Nofatigue were used in WITAs too, yet nobody whined about that, atleast not that I know of. :) Anyway, all those jumps can be done on any public server with default physics & xp-system.
(Well there might be some that take over 12 - 14 seconds to perform but most of them can be done. :)

E: Can be done in theory, in reality it's not really possible because someone will most likely shoot you/the jumps are so hard that they will take ages to succeed. :P
nice movie !
motion blur...

to bad none of you can make those jumps with comp config
the only difference a trickjump config makes is convenience, as unlimited sprint (pretty obvious for trickjumping i would of thought) can be used and a lua mod for saving and loading position so its not needed to walk back to the start as in an unedited cb cfg
"pmove_fixed 1" simulates 125fps, and since fps is unstable (your meter may not show it, but it is) jumps can be "harder" in clanbase config where pmove_fixed 1 is disabled, but if you can get 125fps rock stable, then all these jumps are possible in clanbase config (with /nofatigue, obviously) :o)
It's well known that b_fixedphysics 1 makes some jumps harder.
well n1 but its hard to follow with this much of blur.. hurts
Music was used in my movie already ;( fu!
Mostly crazy jumps (I think I've seen a couple in other movies though).

A bit too much motion blur, a bit too saturated, and the 'multiple exposure' effect was overused. Not a movie to remember for the editing, but a keeper because of the content and a nice first effort. :)
hardy on paska
nofatigue is definitely a cheat, besides you didn't mention the pmove_msec used in combination width pmove_fixed =P
they probably assumed people knowing they used /nofatigue is a no brainer, but hey, welcome to crossfire.
They didn't use pmove_msec 3. And nofatigue weren't used, just perma-adre:D
One of the best trickjump movies I've seen around.
Since there's lots of tards who happen to believe the jumps in the movie ain't possible I'd like to see you trying one not-so-hard (quite new also) trickjump map. If you manage to do all the jumps with default TRICKJUMPSERVER settings (pmove_fixed 1 + nofatigue/adrenaline) I might even consider your "Not possible" -shit to be true. After trying to do the jumps in the movie for atleast 6 hours that is.


Go try and record some demos, that ain't the hardest trickjumpmap around.
You're starting to miss the point. I know what you mean by all this, but now you're starting to just boost your ego. You don't need to be skilled strafer to know shit. I can't jump that map but I still know these jumps are possible.
Looking at the posts here I'd say you do need to be a skilled strafer to know anything :x You indeed are a skilled one so obviously you know about jumping :P
Which of the jumps @ supply are possible with a CB config?

the movie was nice all round btw - colours and config @ oasis looked quite nice.
jos vedän tuon mapin läpi niin nää leffahypyt on fakeja?
Ei, vaan sitte voin jopa miettiä, että onko sun puheet totta. :D
+nice jumps

-music from fragarea 3 (wnb??)
-too much blur
-bad colours
-bad aspect ratio
"All jumps are done in ETpro without any kinds of cheats(however pmove_fixed 1 and nofatigue was used)"


its still nice but well the lie wasn't needed :D its awesome anyways :D
It wasn't a lie, nofatigue isn't considered a cheat when it comes to trickjumping.

Oh and by the way, they didn't use nofatigue, it was perma-adrenaline with luamod.
i dont cared and never said the jumps are bad , i would't even do them with anykind of whatever cheat :D but still you didnt needed to say "this jumps are made without anykind of cheats"
By cheats he's meaning what trickjumpers consider cheats, like 333 fps, pmove_msec 3, changed gravity/speed, noclipping etc. All those jumps can be done without any cheats, like nofatigue. Just get level 4 medic and use adrenaline.

Just read what hupo said.
ok sir if you "trickjumpers" dont count those things as cheats i accept the sentence :D
They could've recorded it with adrenaline, but like hupo said it looks fucking stupid. So why not just use nofatigue/perma-adre/whatsoever to make the movie look better?
thought rly cool jumps are without anything =)
Actually the most boring ones are done without adrenaline/nofatigue
Now people take your heads out of your asses. Trickjumping isn't something like 3on3 or 6on6 where you have to use certain config to play properly. Mostly trickjumping is used with default public server settings, which have adrenalines allowed. Now people use nofatigue in the movie, that has exactly same effect as adrenaline except it wont end until you take it off, to make it look better. As a trickjumper myself I'm bored of seeing adrenalines when I jump, it just looks awful and reminds me of some jaymod or shit, that's why the use of nofatigue comes up.

The jumps are 100% possible with default server settings that you find in the etmain folder when you install ET. If you wanna fuck a dot about it, you need to get lvl 4 medic first to get adrenaline, but who cares about that? The jumps aren't impossible, some of them are even easy. Pmove_fixed 1 is used, but that's not any different than you modifying your config to your own liking when you're fragging - it helps you to perform with your best ability.

However, if you want to see movie filled with useful jumps, done with competition settings (no pmove1 no adrenaline), I could make a movie with useful jumps from official maps and have some pro editor edit it - but guess what? It would be rated 1/10, because there's nothing spectacular in useful jumps with limited config settings. It's just ugly and old, just like Counter-Strike trickjumping. Now look this movie and think yourself. Is oasis walljump or frostbite side jump more spectacular than this movie? No, I don't think so.

Stop whining about the content of this movie, it's not cheated. You should enjoy this movie and praise the jumpers, since this sure is first of it's kind to have such long jumps done and there will be more to come for sure!
Well said huPoo! and thx =]

make this part of the review! :D
Though, the movie included a couple of frostbite walljumps D: (The other frost ones were awesome though ;D)
found a way to crossfire? :O
Sadly so :(
Don't worry, you'll be probably lifetime banned in a week if you act like yourself =D
:( Didnt you have an older account?
This is mah first acc here
k welcome to the spam-only community O:
Just watched the movie. I was expecting some really awesome stuff from what i heard about makkis's jumps from hupo, to bad most of it was not in movie.

There were some issues with the blurring, sometimes two different scenes together and couldn't make out exactly what was going on. Though this might have been my computer not being able to play it at normal speed.

There seemed to be several times where the jumps started from same place and only changed one thing. There was also quite a few old jumps from what i saw, and some stuff that didn't really stand up with the rest. Despite this, there was some nice stuff and I enjoyed seeing a couple of ideas that i had :). All jumps are possible with normal settings so they didn't cheat.

Overall i enjoyed watching this. :P
Please do a movie with competition avi jumps! 8) Or convince Pale to make such a tj map!
I think it would be great!
This Movie is amaZing
nice jumps..nice colors:)
Liked the colors, jumps and music was ok too.

Really good movie and worth of watching! :>
Cool movie to bad this jumps are impossible to make on a normal serv..
Install ET -> Install ETPro -> Change to ETPro -> Host Game, Can be done like that. Nothing needs to be changed. (In theory that is) It's pretty obvious you won't succeed in them on pubs due to people shooting you n stuff.
wow rly nice :) loved the jumps, quality was superb!

<3 hardy
nice moves :-)
kick-ass movie:D

really enjoyed the jumps + (although most of the people here may disagree on that point) I really liked the editing and music:D
Great trickjump movie, quality was great, sound was fine, tj's where great, but as fredd said, they were "tweaked" a bit. so an 8/10 (for tweaking + an example of doing it during a war would have been nice)
Just perma-adre has been used. Without that, this movie would be rather boring.
And afaik these jumps aren't made for using them in wars :D
I want to jump like you !
I actually recognized a few of the jumps (mostly supply ones) that I've seen Makkis performing in our clan's matches. Go ahead and keep insisting there was config-trickery in this one, I don't mind, just saying most of the jumps are quite possible.
Really nice movie :D
nice movie m8s, really enjoyed watching it

at some point there's this african map with a big river between the two camps, what's it called again? used to play it a lot some years ago, those were the times
1. pmove_fixed 1 is f/upped and it NEVER worked, using it = fail
2. it's obvious it was inf stamina = fail
3. defrag > et tj
QuoteAll jumps are done in ETpro without any kinds of cheats(however pmove_fixed 1 and nofatigue was used)

are u stupid or just stupid?
Using something that is broken (physics) to give an adventage is lame and cheat (pmove_fixed 1). Nofatigue is also a cheat (since it's require sv_cheats 1) but for tj it necesary. Afaik a proporem lua or etpro mapscript would give same effect.

It's not stupidity, those are the facts.
oh well.. the jumps would be much more boring if it would have done with for example cb config.
So maybe this movie should be called "PhysicsBreakers" or "CheatBreakers".
Nice jumps, some are insane^^
nice movie

insane jumps
quality is superb
tip: more freecams :D
regardless of its settings its a really nice movie... enjoyed watching...

+ quality
+ jumps
+ battery looked pretty nice :D

- way too much blur
- too much supply (9 of the 12 jumps were only about getting into the depot)
awesome movie guys:)
ye that is why i use ID LOGO
Fucking insane nice =D
nice jumps really cool :>
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