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Mortal Movie

Bryce sent me a movie of Mortal. I liked it.

Quote by BryceMovie made by reptile & bryce
Oldskool frags made before 2007
Quality / editing not the way it should be. This is a test version of the movie we wanted to publish, but it never got finished.
Hope you enjoy it anyways .. oldskooolz ftw!
is it that movie with the crappy quality and the red dot as crosshair?

edit: yes it is.
Test version, they never finished it. Anyway, I liked it
i liked it too!
shit mirror :<
liked it somehow
QuoteOldskool frags made before 2007
Mortal <3
miss my old clan :(
I'm in there ;o
Mirror 1: u have to rightclick and select save as
I was already wondering what happened to the movie I made years ago ! The pc I had it on kind of crashed.

Good to see some old time stuff :P, been 2 years since I quit ET now.

Mweh, I guess I could go buy a decent mouse and headset and give it another go :P
ierse! gij gingt mij u razer ooit is opsturen e :o kheb hem nooit gezien :DD
REPTILE !!!!!!!!
de manne! oldschoolers ftw :) waar is den tijd da we 6v6 tegen ulle speelde :p ik in dfs als Spiros of Zog dunno :)
good movie:) no blur shit $p3si4l eff3cts. most of them was good frags, few shit ones

I kind of have a more updated version of the movie somewhere, I also have the second reptilemovie! But this faildesktop won't start :(

oh hai spiroze ! ye well the razers I used all broke down...

I bought the euhm Habu microsoft/razer mouse thingamajing today though !
the habu is almost the same as the diamondback I got it. I got it for 3 years now and I am kinda sick of it:P but it's not a bad mouse:P

but upload the better version?
bad choice tbh unless you are high sens :(
Mweh, testing today it seemed "ok". About sensitivity ye i'm rather high
There is a reply button reptile ;)
good movie 8 / 10
oldschool frags before 2007. damn, I dont think I even played ET before ´07
good vid good clan =]
mk huh? :P from etl
you guys are good decent movie too

oh hey jinosta :D
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