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Connection Interrupted

A short Enemy Territory movie my first one by the way. Most frags were performed on Euro/USA servers playing around 150-250 ping. i tried to pick demos from known teams only but seems like i missed a lot, anyways not all of them were official matches so please save the senseless arguments. there's nothing special though. lack of time plus the bad PC where i had to work on due several reasons.

some things to remark slow motion sucked cause i recorded everything @ 30 FPS and i hadn't enough frames to use slow motion, outro was a failure also i know, anyways judge it by yourself all criticism are welcome.

Thanks to ag0n, fredd, -Max- , FiluS, Brisk<3 and madscientist for the support.
1st!!! YEAH
Thanks for stealing the name for my movie. Ásshole :<
rename to interrupted connection ;D!
eigentlich sollte es ja aber "Connectivus Interruptus" heißen oder was hatte ich mir da ausgedacht? :D
Ja genau das. Aber der hats mit seinen Name versaut.
:XD @ 1.48
1:48 playing uQ i see haha

good movie blazer
always glad too see nice sync in the movie
Loved the Red Alert song in the start :D
Even though you made a nice effort to sync the movie the sony vegas effects made it look really cheap. Also the cuts and glows kinda gave me eyecancer.
I think your comments tell the story, some of the frags seemed quite nice, but I didnt really like the way were presented. I don't really like CS style frame jumps between frags, I prefer the movie to be smooth. The intro wasnt amazing, but good compared to most ET movies.

5 or 6/10 (on the ET scale)
it's decent, you used to much effects somehow, but nice sync :)

gl in next project
Sup with ping ? 150 is farely decent.
first when i started watching i was liek "GOOD FRAGS, GONNA KEEP WATCHING" then i heard the techno song which almost gave me headache, then when the song changed and it was bfmv, i just couldnt keep watching, frags seemed nice
didnt like it, no smg sound and too many effects so 3/10 MAXXXXX
a shit load of campy, useless frags (no offense - like the frag vs uk and FF) - also the frag against uQ was most likely from americans tagging up as uQ cuz thats like da c00l thing to do, also noticed you were sporting 141 tags high faive... btw the frag vs excel was that a scrim? You didn't play in the match vs us on radar (I just checked the demo) I don't recall ever playing crossfire with excel at all except for that match and 90 percent of the time dator played in scrims he didn't tag up or even name up so just curious; anyway besides all that nonsense, was decent
uh oh sounds like someone was editting names in vegas.

Best bits where bits with shrap tags.
nice to watch
blazer - facebook: not putting pictures on random internet profiles kthx

hahahaha nice movie though
how did you make the intro effect? i liked it

But i didnt like this "extreme Sync" with cuts, i prefer less sync but not 10000 cuts in one frag
Colors are OK, nothing special and nothing bad.
Frags are pretty nice
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