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First and Last LAWLAWL

A peice of crap. Loud hitsounds and blinding glow and colours

shoutouts: rockstAr, anim,Tranix, sHAUN, Night, dialer, wiaderko ect..........
Man, that music was old five years ago. :-(
I know! :))). made it rly quick <3. gtg though going to toronto

edit: i even rated it all ones, thats what i think about it...
no download link? : <
Nice frags ;)
sound isnt balanced, hits are way too loud, gunsounds are a bit louder than they should be and maybe u should release this movie without any background music at all with note "listen to ur favourite song during watching". Fragz are okish, fast smg scene, thats what i like. Colors would be prolly better if u didnt use that shity glow, it doesnt look that nice.
I dont rly like that excuse "mad viruses fucked up my pc", if u rly wanted to put some effort into movie u surely would succeed (laziness = bad biatch :D ).
I cant rly judge the quality just by watching stream, but i suppose it would be good enough.
All in all, decent but also weird looking demo+mp3 with somehow nicely done intro (simple but it worked for me) and nice smg actions
Come on dude no viruses :P you just were lazy to edit, i really dont think that you had the headache of editing and rendering on an ancient pc that took forever do everything. Im with FiluS about the sound balancing the hitsounds volume should be equal or at least normal as ET, the overglowing you used totally killed the movie look, the content was good and also i got fragged there lol. Good intro though overall it was good, good luck in further projects.
I couldn't render it uncompressed... My comp would just shut down after a certain point. So I did it quick. Even when I kept editing it my comp would shut down as well. So yeah motivation was very low after that :). Thanks and I won't make any "further projects" too stressful. Had to reformat after uploadin xD.
exactly what i thought
rossko voted 1/1/1/1
ok compensation 10/10/10/10


-config in same location is dark
Was okay.. but my eyes are still hurting.. leave out the glowing stuff next time :)

+ try some new music next time!
Whats the name of this song?
doesn't compare to the rossko + rockstAr 2 in 1! :DD <3

nice frags ++
2 nubs in 1 vid
hey look here jew. don't be giving us sass
ouch, i think i m in need of glasses now
helps you to fit in with all these 4-eye-monster crossies...
This glow hurts my eyes. You think people like your 'glow effects'? Make your new videos by putting no glow to them. This glow prevents us to see anything. 1/10 because of the glow.
pretty sure i knew that. i have made past clips without it. but i really don't care. look at the description.
+nice frags
Turned off after few seconds with this glow.
<3 rossko, take care bud.
glow destroyed it
and demo + mp3
nice edit faggot
well it's true :)
didn't wanted to hate but well you started
hehe not bad mate
i liked it , sometimes it could be to bright or "glowy", else it was ok
happy new year buddy ;)
frags were good and who cares about the quali..
id say, remove the glow and rerender dear kyle?
worst movie ever
A peice of crap. Loud hitsounds and blinding glow and colours
nice movie mate :)

well done numb nuts ! (Y)
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