tornis - vol.2

Quote by tornistornis - vol.2

Information: This is my second movie and this time made by myself so dont expect a uber quality monster, I hope u will enjoy the frags and my work.

Starring: tornis

Guest Starring: nordaN NuggaN jonas & newbje

codec: huffyuv (from virtual dub to vegas) x264 for the movie

fps: 60 (from et to virtualdub to vegas) 25 for the movie

size: 1.08 gb

length: 24 min & 30sec

Programs and things used:

Adobe Photoshop CS3
Vegas 7.0
Enemy Terrtory
Wolfcam (for some old frags)
wav files

Music used:
The Knife - Silent Shout (not the whole song)
King_of_Fighters_96_Psycho_Rave_OC_ReMix (not the whole song)
T.A.T.U - Not gonna get us
The white stripes - Seven nation army
Rise against - Give it all
The Offspring - The meaning of life
The Sounds - Rock'n roll (not the whole song)
The Sounds - Song with a mission
Gentleman - Leave us alone
Nightwish - Nemo (not the whole song)
Killradio - Scavenger
Bruce Springsteen - The ghost of tom joad (not the whole song)