Winning movie of my schools national short movie contest.

Well my school had it's every-year Short movie contest.
Where all John Bauer schools through out the country participates, about 10 schools.
This year's theme was Joy and Venture.
About 19 different videos was sent in for the contest.

Here's me and my class movie, which was representing our school this year.
It's also the movie which won the contest :)

Hope you enjoy it and the message reaches to you and maybe creates a difference in your daily life.

Have a nice day :)

p.s yea im the emo guy
The Little rascal

The Little rascal

A movie made by me The Little rascal knas invicti.

Have worked on it for about a week or two, my goal was to keep it simple and not drift away from the ingame feeling that most movies released these days does. Also mix different music genres and still make it enjoyable.

Programs used was Adobe CS3 Photoshop,After Effects and Premier Pro, Camtrace3D (stoped working after 4 days tho) and ofc ET.

The only experience i had before this project was with Photoshop and a lill bit of Premier, but damn it was fun learning and creating!

music used was
Jedi Mind Tricks - Temples of Ice
Ken Ring - Wharrup
Infinite Mass - Bullet