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Suspension of Disbelief

It's here, my last Call of duty 4 movie, after sitting on my pc for almost a year, revamping a whole fragpart 3 times due to songs getting overused (this is what you get for letting it sit for so long).
I'm glad I found the time to finish it as I would hate to let it go to waste, and it gives sort of closure.

Visuals by me, audio editing by REDROSID


katha [ www.youtube.com/BYTECUT | www.bytecut.com ]
REDROSID [ www.youtube.com/theREDROSID | www.soundcloud.com/REDROSID ]
kalaboKK [ www.youtube.com/kalaboKKz ]

Thank you, to so many people I can't even name.

by katha

1. The Glitch Mob - A Dream Within A Dream

2. The Birthday Massacre - Control

Defrag 2011

Well, after lots of problems with tjmod which has no freecam function and some other issues, its finally here. I wanted to create a movie with very good quality, some syncing and a bit creativity, but nothing too overedited. It's totally not my style and I dont really like it, still I dont want to disappoint the people that have been waiting for the movie, so I still hope you can enjoy it..

Single Gaming streL

Probably one of the best Movies ever made.
Editing by Evgeny "mix(eP)" Petuhov, frags by Vladislav "streL Ishkov.

Releasing Date: Summer 2009

My Army by 3n19ma

New CSS fragmovie by 3n19ma.


A trickjump movie made by quaky, starring xeoxis.
It was released in summer 2009 and somehow got lost on this site, so I decided to add this great movie again :)


oh and btw,

Quotequaky March 7th, 2011 at 7:50 am

No plans to make New Enemy territory movie. ^^;;

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