Dreaming Illusion

Length: 13m13s
Size: 248 Megs
Resolution: 720x400
Codec: XviD


I started making this movie around November and now that it's finished, I'm deeply releaved. It was ofcourse fun to make such a thing, but close to the end it's inevitable that one begins to lose focus and inspiration. Atleast this was the case for me when I had to make the outro. I'm still really satisfied with the outcome.

The movie contains 13 minutes of free style tricking edited so that it would be enjoyable to watch these amazing trickers do their work. I tried to synch the movie as well as I could since it was the main goal for me.

The movie contains both first person and 3rd person views and I tried to add as much first person as I just could. It's just so damn boring to edit first person footage in a trick jumping movie.

All in all, you'll find incredible tricks made by talented trickers with a nice soundtrack (mixed by voxel).