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KAptenski - Killed by Death trailer

My first movie's trailer from somewhere around 2004/2005.
Magico Fagico Lagico

Magico Fagico Lagico

Magico's minimove made by TUKIS

nugis&tukis - niggers behind the triggers

Frags mostly from 2on2-matches so no ..

tukis' xmas-holiday minimovie

I decided to play some mixed-wars with my IRL-friends in our xmas-holiday before going to army. We played maybe 1-2weeks some 3on3s etc and I collected the frags and made this minimovie so..

nugis&tukis teh (selfbust) movie

Made by: tukis/KAptenski (MAKER OF KAPUNPASU)
Starring: Nugis & tukis

Presumably you like only the sniper actions and
dislike the rest but I understood that too late to
make only snipermovie..And since Vista sucks I
couldn't make it with mEGUi and make it mp4 so
now you will get the lol xvid -> .avi combination!
Its as worse as nugis&tukis teh combination.
So here is the movie like it or not..
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