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The third and final chapter from the most anticipated rtcw movie series ever.


All footage from rtcwpro.
Thanks to rtcwpro team, kimi for rtcwpro demo scanner.
Original movie is longer, youtube music copyright shit destroying original plans.
Pretty basic movie with limited tools to use for rtcwpro demos atm so no cam traces/clean looking frag messages etc.
Still, hope its an enjoyable watch with fast frags and keen to hear thoughts as interest seems low these days for rtcw movies so might stop makin this kind of shiz.

ET Spring Cup 2021 movie Group stage highlights [4K|60FPS]

Crobot - "Low Life"
grandson - Stigmata

Spring Cup playoffs upcoming schelude:

ET Spring Cup 2021 Schedule
UB - 1/8 Finals: Tuesday, 13th of April - Monday, 19th of April
UB - Quarter Finals + LB: Round 1: Tuesday, 20th of April - Monday, 26th of April
LB - Round 2: Tuesday, 27th of April - Monday, 3rd of May
UB - Semi Finals: Tuesday, 27th of April - Monday, 10th of May
LB - Round 3: Tuesday, 4th of May - Monday, 10th of May
LB - Round 4: Tuesday, 11th of May - Monday, 17th of May
UB - Final: Tuesday, 11th of May - Monday, 24th of May
LB - Semi Finals: Tuesday, 18th of May - Monday, 24th of May
LB - Final: Tuesday, 25th of May - Monday, 31st of May
I’m constructing! - Frag video

I’m constructing! - Frag video

Australian frag video

Player: I’m constructing! aka hAMRkRUKZ!

A BIG SHOUTOUT TO BIGGZ! for giving me a legit version of Vegas 16, much love man!
Biggz twitch channel so him some love:
SHOUTOUT TO STOMPY! He helped me heaps with how to use Vegas and recording aspects

All frags are from official Nation cups (3o3, 5o5, 6o6), CyberGamer ladder, CyberGamer money cup and one stolen clip from the GameArena ladder, season 10 grandfinal. Shhh! Don't tell muad'dib!

My first try at a proper frag video but I realized after using Vegas, during this time I learnt more things I could do with Vegas and I knew I could make a much better video.
Maybe in the future I'll create a 3-5min video with better editing/new frags, specially if I can get my hands on my old GameArena demos!

ET Spring CUP 2021 [4K|60FPS]

ET Spring Cup 2021 Teams Schedule

Sunday, 14th of March - Groups published
Monday, 15th of March - Start of the first matchweek
Monday, 22nd of March - Start of the second matchweek
Monday, 29th of March - Start of the third matchweek
Monday, 5th of April - Additional matchweek
Monday, 12th of April - Play Offs published
Tuesday, 13th of April - Start of the double elimination play offs for both 3on3 & 6on6
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