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Get Quaked 3

Shaolin Productions presents Get Quaked 3

Director: Fei

Main Editors: Robo-K1ll and Fei
Audio: Fei and Etos
Twilight logo: JoKa
SP Logo-design: Jrb and mrks
Quake 3 Logo Modeled by: Jason "ValHallen" Brown
GQ3 Title text: Fu3l3d
Intro Editing: Robo-K1ll and Fei
Frag Section 1: Fei w/ major concepts by Wussie
Frag Section 2: Robo-K1ll
Credits: Fei
Quality and Compression: Fei w/ reflex, tox

Starring: 68 players of the Quake 3 Arena Community.

Winner of 3 GGL Golden Llama Awards for 2005

* Best Picture
* Best Fragmovie
* Best Quake

"There are double and triple rails (and combos of them); double, triple and 4 hit mid air rockets, 15 kill quad runs, amazing flick rails, and tons of unique shots. But those things should not impress you in 2005. Everything has been done and I realized that after the over 1000 demos I had to look at (not to mention the 600+ left over from bsx2, and our own personal shots) while looking for the special frag in the stack of excellent shots. If this was pre-2004 we could have made 6 full-length movies (You will see the left over content in other movies, it will not go to waste). I only hope that the content is shown in a way that is enjoyable and possibly exciting. We (Robo and I) both learned a huge amount and it was an enjoyable process. More movies to come that is for sure."

Cattuthaj Jhana

Shaolin Productions present Cattuthaj Jhana

Top-notch Quake 3 Arena Trickjump movie.

Video Editing: mrks and cristal

Starring: qs`buDDha and qs`umeKl

Duration: 11:46
Size: 376 Mb
Resolution: 1280x720
Codec: XviD MPEG-4
4Kings Revolution

4Kings Revolution

Shaolin Productions presents 4Kings Revolution

Video Editing: jrb

Starring: Zommy, Creamy, Hardnut, Explicit, Nataku, Ninjai, Yilider, Ogdoad and Zaf

Duration: 20:31
Size: 601 Mb
Resolution: 720x576
Codec: XviD MPEG-4

Winner of 3 GGL Golden Llama Awards for 2003
  • Best Wolfenstein
  • Best Presentation
  • Best Editing and Direction


Lamattitude (High Quality) by c-drik

- Length: 21:00 min
- Size: 546.1 MB
- Resolution: 640x480
- Framerate: 25 fps
- Video Codec: XviD
- Audio Codec: LAME MP3

This is an RTCW frags movie, the majority of frags are done at Panzerfaust because c-drik was soldier most of the time due to his (old) poor connexion. The scenes has been chosen in order to be synchronized with the music background and not necessary for the frags demonstration that it contains.

Here some screenshots:

Forever Rage

Duration: 5:00 (+ 2min bonus scene)
Size: 182 Mb
Resolution: 856x480
Codec: XviD MPEG-4
Audio: LAME MP3

Earlier this year you may remember a news post about one Marcus Welfare, shortly afterwards I decided to make a movie, with a lot of help, as a tribute to such a well liked player and one of the few public server characters-

Forever Rage

please note when watching that all frags are from limbo spectating and/or spectators on the server- none are from Rage's original POV
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