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Just wiesiek 2

Edited by ashkan
Frags by wiesiek

majority of frags performed with these clans:

Warriors of Wolfenstein
Fear Factory X-Fi
Team Poland

Other Movie Info

resolution: 1280x720 (16:9)
ration: ~37mb/min
video bitrate: 5000
framerate: 25fps

thx to own\Mario for Mirror 1 <3
thx to dONTHAX for miror 2 ;*
This is ET!

This is ET!

Most downloaded movie, most voted movie and most viewed movie. Thanks guys!

Starring ••••

Res •••• 1280x720
FPS •••• 31.25
Size •••• 577mb
Length •••• 11:37 (Long Live ET!)

Music Used:
Brand X Music - Bring The Pain
Kevin Rudolf ft. Jay Sean, Birdman & Lil Wayne - I Made It (Remix)
Toby Mac - ShowStopper
Filter & Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do

TosspoT - owzo - Splodge - sokl - FlyingDJ

Extra Mirrors:
Can be found on

Thanks to Ironic, Qyz, IceQ, teKoa, IceQ, Seanza, Edgar and Marcus for helping with mirrors!

And also thanks to synoptek for his continuous graphic work for all my movies.
Pick 'N' Roll

Pick 'N' Roll

Winghaven was feeling alone after 4 movies and nobody on his side so lets add Clown for more fun, and pick 'n' roll was born !

This movie is a mix of many different frags, you can find frags from CPC2, CC6, ET Allstars etc... enough said... enjoy !

Pick 'N' Roll ?
The pick and roll (also called screen and roll or shortened to screen-roll, any of which may be hyphenated) in basketball is an offensive play in which a player sets a screen (pick) for a teammate handling the ball and then slips behind the defender (rolls) to accept a pass.

The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
The Qemists - S.W.A.G
Blue Stahli - Mystique
Blue Stahli - Doublequick
X-Ray Dog - Into The Fire

Thx for host :
mAx Chapter 3

mAx Chapter 3

Almost two years since the release of the previous mAx movie comes the latest installment. With November 2004's mAx Chapter 1 and July 2005's mAx Chapter 2 being made by mAx himself, the responsibility of making the third chapter to complete the trilogy belongs to Ultraviolet Productions Founder -Max-.

Work began on a soundtrack in the closing months of 2006, one track of which would reflect some of the style of the previous movies, with mAx's love for hip-hop. When editing began around February, one ambition of -Max-'s was to bridge the gap between the content-orientated movies and editing-orientated movies. The comparisons between the likes of one4one Decimated and Souvenirs by Ganon, motivated -Max- to find a middle ground.

Since the frags were to remain important, it was decided to include in-game sounds, to give a better representation of the quality of the frags themselves, and to add some extra tension. However, with the level of editing that was required being so high, this was not possible. So instead -Max- has spent a lot of time adding sounds manually from the pak0.pk3 file. While a much more efficient solution, it required the sacrifices of several elements of what would be present otherwise. For example, the sound of opponents shooting back would simply be impossible to do to a high standard, though we've tried to make its absence as unnoticeable as possible.With the inclusion of multiple streams, the gamesounds are optional - not included in the second stream.

Movie Information

Starring: mAx
Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 8:00
File Size: 329 megs
Editing: -Max-
Text: eTerNal
Codecs: x264/FAAC | XviD/LAME MP3
Frame Rate: 25 FPS/50 FPS
TWK unmasks

TWK unmasks

After 2 years since the release of my first Enemy Territory movie - superboyy puran - I've finally finished my second big project.

This movie is about our 3on3 fun clan called The Wolfenstein Killers. Since we played under other aliases, and I had just finished my first movie, which got a great response, I've decided that presenting TWK with a movie would be a nice introduction to those who dont know who we are yet (yawn ruined the surprise a bit tho:P ). Frags used in the movie are from 3on3 practice matches, many are from official wars. The whole idea of creating a new movie, was too give something fresh to the community, a movie that wouldnt get lost in the sea of movies we're getting today. I came up with many new effect and sync ideas that were never seen in an Enemy Territory fragmovie before. Hope you enjoy.

Movie info:
Length: 14:23
Size: 422MB
Codecs: xvid/Lame MP3
Dimensions: 800x600
Frames/second: 30

Frags by:

KeKc - illy-ya
Imb3ciL/DooM - JaKaZc
CUJO/Gr!nG - superboyy

Miha "superboyy" Kokalj


Edo majka - Prziiiii
Siddharta - Keltvek
D-Fact - Cas
ameriske dekadence
Siddharta - Domine
Siddharta - Disco deluxe
D-Fact - Jaz nisem ta
Siddharta - Tria


gg67 - #smireboule
(managed to handle
my whining about ct3d)


UPDATE: new mirror thanks to dundy
UPDATE2: new mirror thanks to def
UPDATE3: new mirror thanks to vizZ
UPDATE4: new mirror thanks to bacilis
UPDATE5: link
UPDATE6: Config and tutorials available in tutorials section.
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