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Nothing Special by ZeD

Big portion of old demos were lost. Was able to find some and put together a small fragmovie. Nothing special and no epic editing. Just simple.

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teKoa 'The Leftovers' Part 1

This project was almost finished in 2017 but I stayed offline after that summer. However, since the Covid-19 lock down in the UK I've had time to finish it up and finally get around to posting it! This is all of teKoa's leftover content, his best frags were planned for another movie and to be more edited than this one! :)

Featuring: teKoa

RTCW but it's The Simpsons

Just some pointless fun :).

Best of Hide and Seek


Enemy Territory 2009: Hide and Seek

I had so much fun in the hide and seek servers :).

Hopefully it’s a bit of nostalgia to see some names.

There’s literally no editing on this so don’t expect a frag movie xD.
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