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RTCW but it's The Simpsons

Just some pointless fun :).

Best of Hide and Seek


Enemy Territory 2009: Hide and Seek

I had so much fun in the hide and seek servers :).

Hopefully it’s a bit of nostalgia to see some names.

There’s literally no editing on this so don’t expect a frag movie xD.

Testi Movie

After gathering demos for the last 12 years to make a serious movie, but never really be arsed to publish one, I made a lot of shit in the meantime. I had some demos left and decided to record them using Geforce Experience at 60fps. It is basically frags + mp3. So another shitmovie, with overused music and 3 man kills.

Don't watch them if you enjoy intelligent plays or gibbing. This is just rambo aiming to the max. I'll release it for the sake of it.

Total time making was about 4 hours. 1.5 hour recording, 2.5 hours of editing. All hate can be established under this line:

3v3 World Championship '15『wings』

Fragmovie with some highlights from the 3v3 World Championship 2015

Frags by NuggaN, jonas & alexL.

Nothing too crazy, thanks for watching. ✌️
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