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Frag Highlight Short

Frag Highlight Short

This frag clip was made by the Australian ET player Volta for me, big shoutout too him!

Event: Australian CyberGamer draft cup #2
Player: I'm constructing! aka hammerkrook

elysium ~ end of an era W:ET Fragmovie

We proudly present the Elysium W:ET movie. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Length: 16:16
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K)
Size: 73,2 GB


The third and final chapter from the most anticipated rtcw movie series ever.


All footage from rtcwpro.
Thanks to rtcwpro team, kimi for rtcwpro demo scanner.
Original movie is longer, youtube music copyright shit destroying original plans.
Pretty basic movie with limited tools to use for rtcwpro demos atm so no cam traces/clean looking frag messages etc.
Still, hope its an enjoyable watch with fast frags and keen to hear thoughts as interest seems low these days for rtcw movies so might stop makin this kind of shiz.

ET Spring Cup 2021 movie Group stage highlights [4K|60FPS]

Crobot - "Low Life"
grandson - Stigmata

Spring Cup playoffs upcoming schelude:

ET Spring Cup 2021 Schedule
UB - 1/8 Finals: Tuesday, 13th of April - Monday, 19th of April
UB - Quarter Finals + LB: Round 1: Tuesday, 20th of April - Monday, 26th of April
LB - Round 2: Tuesday, 27th of April - Monday, 3rd of May
UB - Semi Finals: Tuesday, 27th of April - Monday, 10th of May
LB - Round 3: Tuesday, 4th of May - Monday, 10th of May
LB - Round 4: Tuesday, 11th of May - Monday, 17th of May
UB - Final: Tuesday, 11th of May - Monday, 24th of May
LB - Semi Finals: Tuesday, 18th of May - Monday, 24th of May
LB - Final: Tuesday, 25th of May - Monday, 31st of May
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