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Enigma Decrypted

Enigma Decrypted

It's time for the second chapter in my post 2020 RTCW panzermovie series.

Enigma Decrypted

A Return to Castle Wolfenstein fragmovie starring the man of a thousand gather matches, Enigma.
Frags from 2020 and 2021.

Kursed - Perfect Mean
Farkus - Uninvited to Life
Reminiscence of THE NERDEST (nsd & cae)

Reminiscence of THE NERDEST (nsd & cae)

TEASER (2021):
TRAILER (2014):

This is our "too long to watch" type of movie including footage from 2004-2015.

Footage in this fragmovie is chosen with the idea of being able to remember different eras and players that we spent time with in the game.
While missing most demo files compared to the amount of matches played, we still wanted to try to include different memories from older times as well, whether the material is impressive or not.


The movie was left undone for 5-6 years, but during these years we figured how strong our ties are with W:ET, so we wanted to have a somewhat proper way to reminiscence the time spent with the game, together.
It led to the inspiration of being able to finish this project after all.
GMPOmovie (aka Grown Man Panzering Online)

GMPOmovie (aka Grown Man Panzering Online)

Uh... so things happened and I found myself playing RTCW again last autumn. And what's even better, they asked me to play PF. Here are some frags from pracs, officials, gathers and random mixed games between August 2020 and June 2021.
Frag Highlight Short

Frag Highlight Short

This frag clip was made by the Australian ET player Volta for me, big shoutout too him!

Event: Australian CyberGamer draft cup #2
Player: I'm constructing! aka hammerkrook

elysium ~ end of an era W:ET Fragmovie

We proudly present the Elysium W:ET movie. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Length: 16:16
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K)
Size: 73,2 GB
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