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After over a year in the making, Ultraviolet Productions are proud to present their fifth movie - Requiem. This is a community frag highlights movie by Scotland-Max-, initially started in October 2008 after a long break from moviemaking since mAx Chapter 3.

Australia chevron
Australia serp
Australia trac1d
Belgium Fex
Belgium Jere
Belgium mAus
Belgium mAx
Canada Anim
Canada Axe
England tyyrd
Finland ceesam
Finland decem
Finland mystic
Finland Sanctity
Germany butchji
Germany drago
Germany lagg3r
Germany RamiN
Germany TimeN
Germany t0mmy
Germany urtier
Netherlands JOSHUA
Poland wiaderko
Slovakia filuS
Sweden feruS
United States of America SpeciaL
United States of America MadnesS

Movie Information[/b]]
Type: Community Frag Highlights
Length: 7:00
50FPS: 576 Mb
25FPS: 341 Mb
Codecs: x264/FAAC
Resolution: 1280x720
Release Date: January 19 2010

Software Used[/b]]
Adobe After Effects CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3
AviSynth 2.5
Magic Bullet Suite 2
MeGUI Modern Media Encoder
MKV Merge
Smireboule Camtrace 3D
Sony Vegas Pro 8
The Foundry's Keylight 1.2
Ultraviolet Movie Maker
Ultraviolet Movie Mod
Ultraviolet Media Manager
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (2.60b Patch)
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Extended Demo Viewer
Wolfenstein: Wolfcam Mod

Requiem Movie File
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Credits Document
Readme Document
Requiem Commentary Transcript
Thanks Document
How to Decode Tutorial v2
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Camtrace Camera Files
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Music Files

*The .rar file has a torrent file located within it. Once you have downloaded, I would be grateful to those of you who could seed for a while in order to alleviate stress on the servers, which seem to crash every time I release a movie*
Off to the pub. Enjoy!
Quality was amazing. Frags were good by the people in it, but movie was too short, wanted it to be longer.
Cam was good, should add more sync's!
+ Quality is top notch, one of the best ive seen, colour was real high quality
+ Frags were good enjoyed the multies
+ Loved the cams whowing the airstrike/artillery kills
+ Special effects used were good again
+ Music fitted really well to the mood, good choice

- Way too short, could of been one of the greatest movies if it was at least 10 minutes
- Not enough syncs, would of liked more
- Some frags were cut too fast e.g. tyyrd's kill was shown too quick imo
- At least 3 frags there have been used in other movies, would of liked to have seen new ones

Overall would give it 8.7/10
Any weaker versions? 720p is no good.
WMM will help you. ;)
Too bad you won't be doing movies anymore. I enjoyed the movie, eventhough i've seen most of the frags before, but hey they are just awesome!

The commentary idea was great, i agree with the colors "idea", thats the way i try to create them (ex: if a map is a night map, we need to use "dark" colors... if a map is a sun map we need some yellow/orange colors...).

The quality is perfectly fine as expected, nice slowmotions, good sync. Seen the movie with my big speakers (2.1 :<<<) and it was ok, but became alot better and intensive when i saw using my headphones (5.1). Nice work with the sound channels.

lold @ "uauuu" at 5.14mins :D
Didn't like the popups position (you could align at left _top_ corner)
Nice playing with fov, looks great.

I have to admit i expected something better :(((( but it's fine, like i said before i enjoyed. Guess i had my hopes too high, like you said. A must save-on-hdd!

Thanks for sharing everything (written documentary, pics, cams!!!!), thanks for doing this work for us, community!

Watched the movie. Everything made very well. I miss something speciel in the movie tho. Too solid. Is there any innovation ? i give it a 9/10 anyway
all ultraviolet projects released before are in my top10 of et movies, expecting this one to be there as well
downloading atm...

Cant wait for this one
70 kb/s lmfao. get a better mirror.

I guess that's -max- download speed

fuckin sick, really well done pal
taing 34 mins and 50fps one goes fucked when i play it :(
many guys downloading sim. give it some time. we are currently trying to set up .us .au servers
dling full speed, no need to worry :)
downloading the 50 fps version : o )

e: disliked just because of the music : / other than that it was very good, although I liked how xeoxis showed drago's panzerfaust kill more and I saw most of the frags already.
stream or gtfo
720p :) kinda nice but nothing special at all :/ and to short
Reserved space!
stream will be added by tomorrow...

if you have problems watching, try the 25 FPS version... 50 FPS uses quite a lot of cpu time
i had a problem with both 25 was better though but still glitchy :<
nice...will wait for stream though =)
Watched it last night, just watched it again and can only say, top notch work again Max :)

++ Quality, seriously i dont know how you do it but quality was one of the best if not the best in an ET movie ever.
++ Colors were amazing, just how it should be for an ET movie.
++ Cams were really nice and added nicely to the movie, not being overused but more getting the frags stand out more.
++ Effects were nice, no annoying flashes or stupid effects, just effects that added to the feel of the movie which isnt easy to do when youre making an ET movie.
+ Music was nice even though it isnt really my style, but thats pretty personal and with music you cant pleasure everyone!
+ Frags were nice eventhough some were already used before in other movies but hey, some frags deserve to be displayed again in a great movie like this but i still think you could have fitted in some more sick multikills or spree's that people havent seen before, even if theyre against the lower teams in the game.

- Only one negative point really, it was too short! I really wish it was gonna be a tad longer like around the 9-10 mins cause it was over before i knew it which was kind of disappointing.

Overall : One of the best movies ever in the ET community, stunning quality, top notch editing, great effects and some of the best frags. If the movie wouldve been longer it would get 10 out of 10 from me but now you`ll have to do with a 9,5/10.

My compliments to you Max for another top notch movie ;)
high hopes, downloading.

e: Will edit comment next year, 9kb/s. :D
downloaded 50fps version and its fucking nice, wp!

just one bad thing, 7 mins was toooooo short, didnt saw passed time D:
dloaded 1,8 mb/s.
dont understand the whine.
downloaded hd 50fps and Im really lold very good job, awesome quality :O) gr8 frags
Great Movie
The first thing that came to my mind was "not expected".

All 1st person view are used when there is action and not to show the player rushing/waiting. The amazing part is the freecams, you put a lot of effort on it and used the timescale perfectly to slow down at key moment.
You used a lot of elements to sync, at 4:47 is the perfect example (nade throw, explosion, cutting the scene, door opening..).

I expected you to play even more with the sounds, you recreated something close to the in game ambience and i bet lot of people will not even notice the amount of work you provided. All shoutcast were really short, maybe a bit longer could have bring even more the action intensity (maybe not so easy to include due to the average actions duration).

Nothing weird during the whole movie, everything got a pro look and that's really pleasant. Colors, quality, multiple audio tracks, we can't ask more.
The movie was really quiet, compared to chap 3 but not boring at all.
You changed your style for something based on the beauty of the game and it worked, it just miss the little thing that make you say : "woaw :o"

Great job -max, overall : 8.8/10

Thanks for all this little things around the movie, I guess it will help lot of moviemakers to understand your way of work.
50fps version lags for me,.,.
uninstall your codec packs.

http://www.free-codecs.com/download_soft.php?d=5575&s=775 (k-lite full version)

Install 1st link (coreavc), then install 2nd link. Select "Profile 7: Lots of stuff" , then at H.264 division select [use system default]. Then at "3rd menu called Select traditional tasks", select Video Render: Haali and play at fullscreen after install.
well... now it gives me pixel stuff
you sure you selected Haali video render?

if yes, try to open media player classic, go to View menu, options, play -> output, and select EVR Custom Pres.
dunno what i did but it works now
Glad it works :)
or not. now the movie works properly only if i dont do fullscreen! or not. still lags
i dont have that evr stuff wtf
Must be a windows 7/vista feature then. Try using Haali one, worked perfectly for me for ages!
that one was more laggy than the another one!
even at fullscreen? :OOOO that's impossible
shit movie shit configs omfg
????? does it means you can watch now?
No. IT is too hard for me
Get 25 fps version then!
I rly should. anyway i watched the movie with that lag.
well its work when i downloaded the most new mpc
For some reason Media Player Classic is bugging with this movie.


Anyone got same problem?

E: VLC works tho.
YE I GOT THAT SHIT. dunno what to help read what agon wrote to me
Just noticed it was some old version of MPC. Downloaded the new one and it works fine. Thanks anyway.
same , fixed yet?
update your MPC to newer version.
Great frags, great quality, good cams, but terribly boring music which doesn't really bring any feeling to it >:( Instead of 1 1 1 1 or 10 10 10 10 I give it a honest 1 1 9 9
visually really nice, but didnt really make me want to play some ET.
Still a keeper though obviously.
nice movie :)

liked the commentary also, one of the things that can mess up my motivation is if the wrong music is selected - so agree selecting a song is very important.. and sometimes a fragmovie can happen just by listening to your mp3 player ;)
KKC in a fragmovie lolwut?

e: mAx scene was 10x better in chapter2
ee swa, let op je woorde e man!
- not much syncing
- generic music

+/-- some nice content but lots of before seen frags
++/- nice cams, but many could use more work

+ quality
+ no story line
+ no "viewer discretion is advised" message
Really liked it as a movie, I thought it that editing added to the movie rather than were put in randomly like they are in most fragmovies. Nice camtraces made some of the support fires interesting (usually I find them dull in movies).

I much prefer watching a 5 man by mAx on supply than a 5 man airstrike I felt the movie could have had more kills like that considering you could have chosen any.

Major cons :

No Owzo shoutcast
No Owzo 4 man rifle
Perfo didn't die enough

Overall was pretty good I would say.
Editing/quality & content is obviously a 10... but it just didn't have the mood of a truly great movie, still pretty good though.
bigbeats, bigbeast.
You're just bummed that you aren't featured in it.
he got killed in it
I was too good to be killed.

(and probably was lolling around in spawn)
Yea I lol'd at that! bigbeats frag put in with 141, idle & allstar games... I guess we're just that fucking sound :D
We are clearly up there both skillwise, and in soundness. Just fuckin sound n that.
great quality.
Best quality/config i've seen in ET movies. Some very nice cameras. That's about it.
i remember checking ettv while listening to tosspot when urtier made that 7 man artillery, didn't the match get paused after that because everyone was just laughing? :D
ROFL verry nice movie i like the style hwo you guys dit the arty + airstrikes at the start.
Also the shoutcasting was great to lisent to and the hitsounds were good to. i think you can concider this as one off the best movies in et ever:D
10*/10* rly nice video
stream :<
stream or gtfo seriously

edit: found the stream guys do not worry!!

It captures the spirit and excitement of good ET games like almost no other frag movies have done. 7 minutes felt like 3, great job!
nice quali but thats about it.
Didn't really get into it.
any movie with jere's frags in it must get a 1
someone is jealous <3
please, even i have made better rifle kills than that. No im not jealous - i dont want any frags done by me or ppl will copy my aim.
why should he be jealous, your frags weren't impressive
plz they were amazing..
the 5 man kill versus estonia was "ok", but the other one on grush was not movie-worthy
you really dont get my sense of humour I guess

was just joking with Ross and with you, sorry you didnt notice

too bad he didnt used my frag vs mamut on goldrush, but I guess he only used frags not used in other fragmovies

anyway I dont care, was just joking around
half of the content is in other fragmovies ;d die frags van jou ware maar matig :p
nou die laatste vond ik best ok, die andere viel wel mee idd

had die gast veel betere demo's gegeven, zoals die vs mamut, maar heeft ie blijkbaar niet gebruikt
ur 'guess' is wrong, lol. saw 3/4 of those frags @ other fmovies.
then I dont understand why he used these =P
Can you tell me all the ones you've seen before in movies?
0:32 by filus
0:38 by lagg3r
1:29 by fex
1:50 by anim (not sure)
5:03 by decem (not in any movie but saw it in some clips)
5:05 by special
5:22 by drago
5:35 by timen
5:51 by mystic
5:59 by joshua

Might've missed some.
In what movie have you seen Timen's frags?
That's no movie, that's a clip tbh.
Doesn't matter, it's been shown to the public.
Considering he asked for movies, I think it matters. But w/e, the more clips/movies KKC is in, the better!
like xeoxis said &
1:18 has been used already @ mAx chapter 2,
2:48 saw that already @ some youtube clip or so (4:57 too)
6:22 aswell
3:00 butchji, random test clip by agon
6:40 jere, saw it in one of his/fif movies or testclip, or smth
I should care about frags that have been used in random testclips? :-s
jeres was in his movie, the one vs estonia.
and agon made a really big topic about his ''new'' 50 FPS... test with this frag
Test clip is just a test clip, nothing more. For example I made 20 kill spree on idlee. Some fag saw it, wank few days and do test clip. And what now? Nobody else can use it for real fragmovie?
I _NEVER_ did any clip about butchji, eventhough i already knew this frag.. someone sended to me months ago :X
That clip was not a test clip, it was a frag-showoff and moreover it was created by jeffk (the creator of mesq & lio) instead of ag0n.
What a let down.

Expected much better frags. ;_;

love the frags and shoutcasting (gives it more atmosphere)

just a shame its 7minutes but u know what they say about leaving us wanting more

nice to see a movie without too much motion blur or effects overdose, plus the camtraces were spot on in action scences
really nice
didnt like the colors, seriously.

maybe its just my own taste, but i think the colors could have been brighter + could have more expression.
I am so disappointed.

Since mAx 3 who was, for me, the best movie of all time, I was expecting something amazing. Maybe I was hoping too much that you could do something as good as your previous movie.

But honestly, I was bored. I know that the frags are difficult to do, but there's not a single moment I said to myself "so that was skilled".

I didn't like the music at all. I think it was a bad choice, even if I love Juno Reactor. You put a lot efforts on this movie and we can see it (14 hours for a sequence or something). Nevertheless, I had no feeling. I can't find the words but you have to understand that I was not "stunned", stucked on my chair.

It's a good movie. But it's not a good -Max- movie. As phaloid said, I couldn't say "wow, that ultraviolet video was great". I don't know, something was missing.

If it was another movie maker : 8/10
Since it's you : 6/10

I won't keep it in my computer.
well i think i have to agree with your opinion...

just couldnt find own words :D
updated the website with the stream link!
Dont understand commentars here (bad comments) neighter at hype movie(good comments). For me this movie is perfectly done everything good cant see a single one annoying thing and this is a big +1. I missed some new thing to came up but this is just a speculation.
Music is good for this kind of movie. I went with the flow enjoyed all the 7 minutes. I dont really watch twice fragmovies when i download and i just did.
Looks like It's really hard to please et community and experts (mostly video editors) in same time :-/
If somebody liked the max3 movie i dont really understand why would he doesnt like this one.
idd and there is no movie with rate of: 11/10 or more, so no one can do THE PERFECT movie.

i liked the movie, will watch again now :p
welcome to cf, community of retards flamers

The only point of critisism I can find is that you shouldn't have used the feathered black corners on the sides.
Way too short !
1st mirror was fine last night, had about 2.3 mb/s :)
Again you manage to make a mindblasting movie.

I <3 movie work.
+ loved the use of casts
+ quality
+ synching
+ fast pace

- too many used frags
- music didn't seem right to me

sick movie,

good job
this is simply sensational
Only bad thing about this movie is the short length, rest was perfect.
Need moarrrrrrrrr hs :D
Nice to see some nice movies coming. Hopefully there will be some more nice movies to come. That would be nice.
holy fuckin shit can't get over how you got the quality to be perfect...?
Some frags were kinda weak and didn't fit to this movie. Expected a lot better movie, can't even say "wow" :<.

best movie this year!
its january :D
im chinese, our new years eve is in a month
i thought you were mexican
And I thought you were half black, half race car driver.
hated the music, killed the movie for me :( wtf at this traditional arabic melody
I don't know why did you put that slowmotion after every single frag. It's just looks bad, like sudden slowmotions always do. It's like there's sudden lag after every kill. And since this was used in every frag the whole movie was ruined. gg
people saying there's not enough sync have no clue


motionblur could be better on the 25fps version, ghosting bothered me a bit. dling 50fps atm

edit: yep, 50fps is so much better.
unexpected rating!!! .. no really!
You like the movies of people you like and you hate the movies of people you do not like :)
damn, looks like you have me all figured out :)
what a bs, fredd knows what hes talking about..
energetic rock music

i think you mean generic rock music
great editing. most of the frags were good/great.

you are the best moviemaker in ET by far =)
hes quoting this to me now 24/7. gg :<
awesome t0MMy, RamiN, Timen, lagg3r & Co awesome ;)
nice editing and fragz
did u seriously use frags vs bigbeats a lowskilled mixteam? :D

made me laugh
omfg the whole movie is awesome and you complain about one frag vs bb
If he puts crap frags by crap players in a "superepichistoricaletmovie""

then yea..
wow 1 or maybe 2 frags... dont whine, this is one of the best movies in months.
we'd easily be med+ if deef stopped being so gay.
hey we are a legitamate try-hard team which has never lost with our amazing strats and teamplay

you of all people should know this
Amen, brah. Amen.
teams got no chance will the big cans going out
wow... really cant belive ppl actually like it

First of all, the most important in the fragmovie - frags... Way too much spam + how many times more moviemakers will use urtiers arty and drago panzerfaust?[and some more]... lack of good smg frags makes this movie one timer...

Quality also isnt so uber, if you spot that 7 minutes long movie is almost 400mb big :0

Music was kinda okey, but next time use something that european culture will accept...

Ow, and really good synchro
its not hate... fragmovies are about frags... and frags here were pretty shit...
nah not shit but most of them were already used =)
ok not shit, but also not so uber...

compare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKY33ENGAh4 and 90% of smg frags in this movie... spam is cool when you dont use it too much, otherwise its boOoOoring
actually most of the best frags are already used in fragarea 3 xD
Well it seems like he didn't want to use those frags since everybody already saw them.
yet he used very well known frag, as special and drago pf, urtiers arty :0
they arent as overused as the others. and drago his panzer should be featured in every movie :D
die fucking faggot
die fucking faggot
nice movie, but song :s:s:s:s
one word, very and a second, nice!
Very nice movie, only the frags could've been way better and don't use old content :<
zeg jij met je noob movie rain! pffff
dat is geen movie, dat is een clip
liked it alot, great movie. Too bad you lost my demo! :P

"141 are just left to watch as urtier PISSES on their graves"
omg TimeN omg
best intro i have ever seen

... just amazing ...
just an amazing piece of work! lovely <3

rating 11/10!!!
<3 anim's rage :D
very n1ce pf TimeN <3

The cams are amazing!

The audio commentary is nice
amazing cams,
nice music and nice quality
loved it :)

really nice, What work, incredible
i suppose i'm the only one that got annoyed by the slow motion in first person view?
Nice movie its allways a good sign when people want more ^^

image: --max-1337
i dled the 720p50fps file but i dont see any vid in it and it gives some errors when opening the rar
download it again, the one u get is corrupted
ye thx it worked now, and it was worth it :)
i fuckin liked it! awesome colors!!! great frags, even some of them have been used already, and sadly its way to short :/

still awesome movie! GJ
I liked it.
that was a great movie.
hope that, you will continue making movies.
very nice i enjoyed it :)
Best fragmovies I've seen.

I want more! :<
Alittle upset my 9 man spree in the ETL final wasnt used.

2 smg+4 man Arty+3smg = sadface from tranix :<

good video.
only american players like to see ETL frags.
to be honest, i didnt really like the frags from all the unknown american / canandian / other country then europe players.
maybe im to newschool, but these nonames come like low+ opponents
True beans, but ive been on Canada NC since 06 :<
I actully think that if you published this movie under a fake nick you would recive a lot more attention and positive comments than now where these guys expecting you to make the new Lord Of The Rings.
Now that's a surprise! But I also hate the people on crossfire because they get influenced by someone other's comments so easily.

For example, if Nonix, ag0n, fredd etc get to write one of the first comments - the rest of the comments will most likely be the same.
Didn't knew i had this kind of impact tbh :D

But as you can see up, i really liked the movie (although i was expecting something different). But i love community movies (lots of stars starring together!! yeahhhh), and -Max- know what he is able to do ^^
you dont! mtm just misstyped :>
bad boy, stop hurting my feelings :[
Implying LOTR was good. :XD
actully this was the first time I laughed over a comment "I" wrote :D
stream please? wont dl a shitpack which contains lots of shit
if you click at "Watch", you will be able to find a stream :P
great job mate!
awesome quality and imo original work altough frags werent.. ;)
very good movie
yours was better:)
bad music, too dark, good editing, bad/old frags, excellent lenght
Nice job , good movie :) nothing to say
was expecting some super nice frags! : ( anyway movie was good :p
really liked anim's fragscene, the music + the pistol frags = amazing
i think its over used. i've seen it 4 times before probably, just from diff clips and movies.
really enjoyed this movie apart from the overused frags

but well done.
great job, but better get some more maus frags or smth instead of some of the nonames in this list.

But very enjoyable!!!
Quoteinstead of some of the nonames

Arrogant asshole!
Oh right, why weren't you in the movie? Apparently it features nonames. BuLL.
What? Where did I say I had to be in lol..? This comment wasnt about me :E

I think it's a great movie, but the differences between the names/players are too big in my opinion. Nonames might be a big word, ok I agree, but for me they are :)
dont fucking whine atleast he made something!
music sux but rest is ultra fucking ok !!!111
shit movie"maker" shit camera things, good smg frags, shit spam frags. thanks
+ shit music! lol
lol i'd like to see you make a movie better than this.
decent movie, not great but decent, dont know why many ppl think ur the best moviemaker, they just boost your ego so you and fredd can suck each other off
it was great!

+ fast-paced
+ frags
+ music
+ finally some not fucked up colours in a movie

- hitsounds
You can remove the hitsounds by using the alternative audio tracks.
i streamed it (sorry :(). It's not that i don't like hitsounds, just those put together by hand, they feel so unnatural and weird...
sorry Max, not only was text TOO BASIC but there was like NO SYNCING

in future im gonna watch only REAL frag movie like that Ganon Souvenirs :)
seriously though, solid work. fragmovie folder has only dwindled in size recently but this is a keeper.
Thanks a lot!
of the Forest.

Had to do it.
What's wrong with Ganon souvenirs?
finally some1 who sees the truth! piece of crap movie!
Usually I prefer 'artstyle movies' such as Fred's to movies which focus on frags like urs.

But I really enjoyed this one. Your best work by far. I do not understand why people complain about syncing. It's very smooth and nice. Obviously people prefer simple bass-explosion syncing.

Furthermore the movie contains the best cams and transitions I ever saw in an ET movie.

Great flow, great movie.

+ pretty cool cams.
+ ingame sounds.
+ good to see some frags from non-europeans(especially Australians).

many frags are already used but ok, except United States of America Special's one.
Why you are using used frags? This is just stupid.

Bad movie.
cazzo firestorm sempre cattivo :(
Cams are amazing.
Technically brilliant, but properly boring

Raulio 1 1 1 1

Kamz 2 7 7 8
well if that's ur last movie then my cf visits have come to an end

the quality was great, cams were fucking amazing(especially the airstrikes cams), music was average, map color was good as well.
content - i dont give a shit, fragmovies shouldnt be about the content.
but still, i enjoyed max chapter 3 much more, the atmosphere in max's movie was way better and this movie seems to have no qlimax in it.
how long did u work on it? seems like a tough project
Worked on and off (mostly off :p) since about October 2008.
ET is not dead yet? :o

good movie max u put lot of work (the only movie i dl for 2 years)


shewie & ganon 2 > all

<3 max
Excellent movie containing intensity as breathtaking, especially with the full audio, as We are Call of Duty 2 has. You made the game feel like something new which no other ET movie has done before. I've played CoD2 so little it's not worth to mention and therefore the movies are awesome but you made me feel the same way about an ET movie.
you truely are one of the best moviemakers in this game man. Your quality, your editing, your cams. it's just all spot on and perfectly clean.

But you all showed this already in Max chapter 3. What i don't understand is, why didnt you try pushing your own limits. If i watch those Jailbait cod4 movies, not only did he manage to capture ingame footage perfectly like you can, he also used tons of extra software to just make it look insane. maybe you'll say it's not your style, but i've always thought this was one of the weaknesses of your movies. Even the ultraviolet logo that used to come on in the beginning of the earlier movies was just poorly made. I had hoped you would excell on this level with this one, it's a shame it didn't happen.

Anyway, really good movie that shows off how much time and effort you put into it. 8,5/10 rather than 9/10 because it didnt give me that community movie' feeling its supposed to.
Thanks for the comment! :)

As far as I know, lots of the guys who make these uber vids are studying all this stuff at uni. I'm studying music so I don't get much time to work with the software. ;)
best movie this game ever had
Love this movie :D
EPIC MOVIE!!! 100/100/100/100
rly nice but the music ruined it. 8/10 anyway
very good movie, SENSATIONAL so to say
made me wanna play et rly bad but i only have this shitty umts wlan stick ;-(
Amazing movie, don't have much constructive feedback on it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit - it will have a prized position in my "Frag Videos" folder. :)
Tosspot: one4one are left to watch as urtier pisses on their grave.
Loved to watch this, good job Max! :)
Thx biqq! :D
No, Im serious. This is one of those movies which makes me missing the game. ;)
urtier's smg multikill looks like on wh :DDD
Prefect, excpet the music I dont like :) Cams were fantastic
Absolutely fantastic job. I just love movies with hitsounds and shoutcast.
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