Codec x264 Filesize 759.00 MiB Length 1623
Video available for download only

Connectivus Interruptus

I would like to present you my first Fragmovie:

Connectivus Interruptus

All frags were performed in 2006 - 2009.

This movie is something like a final stroke of my active Enemy Territory time.

I will in future no longer be able to play as active, because I will soon be the father of a little girl (April 2010). My last step is to perhaps attend image: cic7kopie Crossfire LAN in Enschede with aGu, but unfortunately this is difficult to foretell due to my current situation.

I would be happy if you post some constructive comments about what you do or don't like. But please hold back a little with your criticism.

But enough has been said now. I’m pleased to present you my movie Connectivus Interruptus starring Germany lagg3r

I hope you'll enjoy this movie.

Please download the movie to enjoy the full quality.

PS: You can change the audio track if you don't like movies with hitsounds.

Track 1 : Music + Hitsounds
Track 2 : Music

Length: 16:23
Size: 759 Mb
Resolution: 1280x720
Video Codecs: HuffyUV and x264
Framerate: 45fps
Project Size: 235 Gb[/hide]

Adobe After Effects CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS4
AviSynth 2.5
Magic Bullet Suite 2
MeGUI Modern Media Encoder
Smireboule Camtrace 3D
Sony Vegas Pro 8
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory[/hide]

Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent

The Legion of Doom - At Your Funeral for a Friend

Celldweller - So Long Sentiment (Toksin's Anhedonia mix)

Paramore - Misery Business[/hide]

Special Thanks:

Germany phate - Germany hellkn1ght - Germany w0nd3r - Italy MYSTIFY
downloading now looks good
phatus downloadus interruptus
+ well made professional fragmovie
+ very nice colours
+ some really nice frags
+ intro & outro

- some frags
- soundtrack
- popoups (ugly and too small)
- quality (was too good!), it looked like some HD TV promo clip
- too long
- no sync

To sum up, it's really nice fragmovie. Looks like you put a lot of effort to make it. I also didn't know that you're such a good player. Some frags were sick but some of them weren't fm worthy, you could cut them out and the fragmovie wouldn't be so long and a bit boring. As I said it's a good fragmovie but I guess I won't watch it again, somethin special was missing there.

The file-size is okay with a length from 16 minutes. If you check the file-size from Requiem, that had with 7 minutes a size from 576 Mb . So i think it is okay ;)
I'm not complaining mate, but it will take me some time to download it using my Poland inet! I hope it's worth it! :D
Of course its worth ;)
You better do your job.
popups could be a bit bigger & the music was bit weird.

overall it's a great movie !
liked the config, the intro & outro, also liked the popups and the eye-candy stuff. I liked all the songs except the first one. but at some frags i thought you could reload twice, jump three times and the enemy still wouldnt shoot at you or if he shoots then against the floor.

it made me wanna play ET so i guess its nice :)
fantastic quality :P
super duper - downloading ... - steve i expect large and prominent greetings :P

lovely as expected - nothing to add :) well done <3
after all the ET movies you've watched I expect this to be something good.

- reserved! -
looked it but will write my comment tomorrow my girlfriend is waiting for me ( bed XD )

I really like the color and frags ! Not so much editing but nice try to sync a bit. Nice headshot also and i was not borring to watch it :p

(congratulation for you little girl :D)
Thank you ;)
- popups are too small
- music was shit imo
- gun position was ugly

+ Liked colours
+ config was nice
+ different skin for axis
+ frags were cool
+ intro and outro

config was nice so as final quality, but mp40/thompson look rly unnatural for me, too much contrast and too shiny, it was disturbing me a bit.
Popups looked nice eventhought that ET styled popups > CS styled, but thats about personal preference.

Here comes first "disappointment" (not like i was expecting some uber edited movie but still...), intro and outro are acceptable and short (so in way i like them to be) but between them there is almost no editing whatsoever. There were some attempts to do some basic sync, but it was rly occasionally and it got lost because of the length of movie. About the effects, there is almost nothing to say because there werent many effects but I catched one lens flare at supply and it looked horrible and laggy.

ok-ish, not disturbing and whats the most important, with a lot of potential. But u were able somehow to just miss almost every opportunity to sync fragz with music.

some of them good (fast, hs), some rly boring (like that spree against eSuba around 6:40).

In general its rly nice looking movie with nice cfg and quality but it just couldnt keep me focused due to lack of sync (after 6 minutes I started to check timer how long it will take to finish it....) and not awesome fragz all the time, besides AE work in intro/outro its just HQ demo+mp3. It would be better and entertaining if u would have made it 8-9 mins, throw out the boring fragz and focus more on sync.
youre such an hater, seriously
kill me then...
1 question, how would u rate ur movies then?
depends which one, but the last two 6/10, its hard to rate ur own movies, i am using my movies to just keep my fragz for future in some more enjoyable way than just demo, dont expect them to be some masterpiece of art, thats why they will always be a mediocore shit
there are many movies which i can watch every second day and still enjoy them, this movie i have seen twice and even for first watch i got bored after few minutes, no sync = no win
Thanks for your criticism.

Quotei am using my movies to just keep my fragz for future in some more enjoyable way than just demo

Like me.

By the way, when will be "nOu way! published?
well, my plan is to release it on cic7 and it seems i can make in time, but i am struggling with megui settings right now and cant find acceptable quality (ur quality was outstanding)
btw, if i sounded too harsh in reviewing ur movie, my apologies, i would rate it like by 2 more points if it was 10mins max, but i guess u used this movie as i am using my movies, to save some fragz u find memorable.
Okay. Looking forward for your movie.
wouldnt do that if i was u, if u r looking forward to smth it can izily disappoint u :)
something like this
well steve nice movie, nice to see you owning like always ;D

i wish you all the best in rl - we will miss you <3
great movie, i thought ill waste that 16 minutes but it was a realy nice movie

liked the quality and the hitsound, eventhought the hitsounds wasnt synced well, maybe its problem in my PC.. happened already

sometimes i missed the creative part of the moviemaking, and disapointed when u tried to do it like that TEST TEST TEST screen, but afterall it was realy good
i like it! great colors and quality and ofc nice frags!

gj lagg3r !:)))

e: olol! totally skiped the part with ur family :/ i wish u all the best for u and ur family!
Great frags!
I also liked the choice of music, because it really fit the movie cfg.
Enjoyed watching this alot (:
Steve really nice movie <3333
missing the old rY times tbh : (
-no shoutout to me

+ everything else :)

<3 stevie
downloading =)

gz btw =)
Excuse me but wh some more....
nice movie, gl ; )
Well gl to you and your "mini lagg3r"
"mini lagg3r"

Hehe :P Thank you!
amazing frags!
Best movie in a long time! Frags sucked first but started to get decent towards the end. Smooth and beatiful as Sweden AlexL's ass cheek, 10/10 for quality. Music was bearable, some songs even created an atmosphere or some sort, which is rare in fragmovies today
- soundtrack

+ quality
+ frags (raping team-echo in gr with luger!)
+ intro/outro
+ colors

Didn't get bored while watching so I think thats a good thing. :)
boring frags at the start, not very entertaining. Quality was nice.
what pk3 file you used?
I used only a pk3 for Axis Skin and a realistic mod for weapons.
Never seen such great quality :)

Also congratulates to the soon-to-be father!
:oooooo its out!!!! :DDDD
its freaking awesome for your first fragmovie. just cut out some frags and better color correction at some point

and +1 for nazi-models
First off all, sri that i didnt have time for the cams...

+Much peson which get fragged was whiskey :DD
Cams are ok, quali is good like the colors of the panza and the grey Colors on Supply (walls) and delivery... the uniforms of the Axis are gay..
all in all i'll give you 5/5 at own3d and 38 of 40 here ;D
Good Job
this movie is carried by the frags, but its really good, lets say awesome.
Never got bored in all the 16 minutes.
Good camms
Great frags
Good editing; plain, simple, but good!
Hope you can make more movies, its really good:)
nice movie lagg0r
kanker nice frags
not that bad actually, some frags were mega backrape tho<:
Great frags, great editing. :)
i want a tutorial for that qualy and colours, goddamn nice x]
Quality was awesome.
Textures: the sky in supply, the walls in adlernest and bremen looked great, as did the panzer and the swastikas, of course.
Frags: Many were great, but some not worth showing in a frag movie.
The colours are a bit too saturated imo (especially the thompson), contrast was good!
Music fitted really well (except the first song), but could have been synced more. Hit sounds were a little bit out of sync, too.
Effects: Not too many, I liked that!
What I really didn't like was that it looked sometimes as if you're watching a low-sens player on timescale 0.5. Sometimes it looked slooooow and heavy. I think with faster cuts and transitions that show movement the movie would have felt faster, with more compressed action. For example at 7:39 the transition from grush to your supply jump looked really dynamic.
However, the most important thing are the frags and I surely enjoyed them! So I'd give you a 7.5/10.

Congratulations on becoming a father! :D
well done steve, good quality and n1 frags, only the music isn't my flavor

10 - 10 - 10 - 10 ;-)
I expected much, much more after reading the comments tbh. Very solid, but it didn't gave me anything special. The music was horrible, but that's up to my personal taste. Furthermore, didn't recognise any special editing nor effects.

Was too much contrast in some maps
Ugly gunmodel
Didn't like the songs
Cams seemed laggy and not alot of thought put into
Only a small bit of sync

I liked the frags although some frags could've been cut into smaller pieces
Good to see a long movie again
good job :-) I liked the frag vs hässlon Cokeser, really deserved :DD
hater :DDDDDDD
deserved opinion is deserved
im ur meinung :)
The only thing I'm asking me right now about this comment is whether it's more pathetic because of the fact that you try to flame me every time my nickname just appears to your eyes - and the more often the more ridiculous it gets - or if it's even more pathetic that you unnecessarily flame in general in the movie thread of a friend of yours.

I can't answer that, but I guess you won't understand it anyway.
hässlon has spoken, woo.
"...but I guess you won't understand it anyway. "

Point proven. Last comment to you.
ändert trotzdem nichts daran, dass du ne hässliche kackbratze bist :x
amazing movie!
great movie, nice frags !
enjoyed the movie, good job :)
good frags
Really enjoyed it, some frags were a bit wank but mainly they were good. Music was hit and miss. Good quality though.
nice movie steve :>
hard work=really nice movie

great movie by a great player

gl in future with your family, greetz
I don't really wanna say what's a "plus or minus". Anyway, it was kinda enjoyable, nice quality, some nice frags, decent music... I am kinda surprised. Good work mate!

Liked it alot :) Very nice mate!
And also congratulation to your baby :)
I wish you GL irl mate!
Very nice movie, Stevie. I liked the cfg very much and the music. Maybe not every frag was movie worthy, but that doesn't make the movie worse. Very enjoyable... :)
+ Awesome looking, how on earth did you make those map-textures look so good, feels like a 2009 game.

+ You didn´t over-edit it with useless slowmo and cams

- Didn´t like the music though, but that´s only a matter of opinion.

realy nice movie. nothing more i can say.
This is just an awesome story lagg3r, this is an EXCELLENT way to finish your carreer :D
The movie came totally unexpected and didnt know that you were able to do a fragmovie (although every moron on ET can make an ET movie :P)
And I gonna do this on the lagg3r style.. I gonna download the movie and put it on the top of my fragmovie folder ;)
Im glad you're gonna be father soon and I can tell you.. you'll have hard work for the future hehe :) Mini lagg3r will deliver maybe hehe

Thanks for this movie, 10/10 definetly!
Thank you very much.
Really nice work. Allthough you could have chosen better music :) this really wasnt my taste :D
first half 6/10 last 9/10 :P
noticable is also that his best frags are the one vs the most skilled teams. asd/northern darkness & invitium
I hope you never play any fps-games in versus-mode with your son/girl or he will have some serious complexes in his later life. :D
I think she have already my gaming genes. :)
Your aiming was really enjoyable to watch. Hard to tell if you can maintain it that solid all the time though. :)
Thank you. I like your aim also. The Slarto movies are nice :)
wow nice frags lagger ;)
i miss the old times !
Yes, me too :(
very nice movie lagg3r!
downloaded it an hour ago and already wachted it twice - i enjoyed it ;)
most of the frags are against medskilled teams and thats basicly the only thing I can "whine" about...

Really well done and if it's ur first movie, don't stop! =)

And good luck with the kid :)
i lold
enjoyed. all i want to say :D
Really enjoyed watching :)
There was no/not much of editing, just demo + mp3, but the frags were great in general.

The quality's also good and I am suprised you made the maps so good-looking without working on contrast or colors that much. Still, personally, I would've liked to see some cool colors and more contrast on some maps.

Personally I didn't like the gun models and the high frame rate (just looks so artificial in my eyes :| ).

The soundtrack wasn't really my taste, but you get a big + for "Smashing The Opponent" because I am a big Infected Mushroom fan.

Overall it's a good movie, which is nothing for fans of much editing, but people who want to watch a fragmovie with good quality and good frags.

Good job.
I enjoyed the movie as much as playing with you. Nice frags - good entertainment. I wish you all the best with your daughter!
downloading, hope i'll get a shoutout :D

no shoutout, nevertheless a great movie by a great guy!
gl/hf with ur little daughter!
closed on 6min
could have used abit more editing and more free cams on some nade frags.
Some frags were really good, but you could have cut atleast a third of them to make a shorter and more impressive movie imo. (eg a 3 man nade kill but they still get the obj = useless imo)

everything else was great :)

and i guess congratulations are in order!
One of the nicest fragmovies ive seen lately. Good job!
+ music: nice tracks
+ quality: almost good
+ frags: nice frags
+ Intro

- too fucking long
- colors on supply (I personally didnt like that over saturation)
- mp40 skin (better default ones)
- popups (at least in streaming) are so small that u cant watch them that good
Nice lugeraim Steve :P.
I think this is one hell of an ET player history, eventhough i dont know you :P
I also want to finish my "career" that way :P was very enjoyable if it comes to this point, minus is that it's a little bit too long, no sync at all and some actions were kinda boring when the other ones were pretty nice. u could just make it shorter and with more sync, then i would say great movie :P

anyway, gj
alter viel zu viel zulesen....am downloaden...werd wohl n paar gb's für et frei räumen...is das eingentl n engl sprachiges forum only?! XD
looks really nice, cya at saturday to ur relocation
Yes its English only.
very nice movie, nice quality, nice frags, but the missing shoutouts just killed it for me ; )

all in all, i can't say it any better than fov did, so i just wish you all the best for the future of your little family
<3 steve
Sorry for the missing shoutout. Thanks for the comment.
Echt ma, du Penner ;)
9:56 aimbot?
looks like, bot can't move to dead hitboxes :)
nice east rock jumpscript -_-
n1 movie, alles Gute Steve!
Really nice movie greath job steve :)
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