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Winghaven : second nature


Winghaven: Second Nature

Starring: Winghaven
Director: quaky


· Music :
"Tri-state" - Above & beyond (used trailer song)
"Boost me" - Trevor Rabin
"Infinity" - Yves deruyter
"skillalude" - basement jaxx
"to be loved" - papa roach (wwe raw theme song)
"Prelude" - Immediate Music
"alone tonight" - above & beyond

· Lengh: 11:13
· Size: 321mb
· Codec : x264 with AVS, FAAC

Special Thanks :
GaaRa, polass, pzyqo, dude, JeFaZo, Redifz?, Gengis, RaMm, dr3am, laray, a1rs, zeros, fanter, jauhis, aCoZz, CrozZ, dAv1d, Clown, marv, russ, jola, Atarax, Addict, trixi, killa, unisol, Loekino, nonix
Great movie!
great movie!

very nice editing!

frags were also very nice :D

good work quaky and Winghaven
yea, next time, please use better public (and open-source) container formats like OGG or Matroska (MKV)... Death to proprietary formats like Microsoft's AVI, MPEG's MP4 and Apple's MOV...
ogg is idd really nice :D
Superb, btw
definatly in my top 5 fragmovies!
Great movie! 10/10 !
How did you remove snow on ice?
that's a map skin x'D
mail quaky @
SW_fueldump_te - less snow

convert Supplydepot - download maps move to etpro folder and change of .pk4 to .pk3
that song @ 2:50 rly ruined movie for me :/

Edit 7.5/10 (was good, but would be better with some interesting cut, and the map-change on supply was weak)
Content 9.2/10 (hard to make better frags in et lately)
Quality 8.3/10 (could be better but not bad)
Music 3.0/10 (not accaptable style, only at support frags)
Sync 6.5/10 (for a panzer movie it's not enough)
Cameras 9.7 (almost perfect, this saved the movie)
Overall: 7,36/10
great movie ! i love every second ! 11/10 !
Very nice movie
Edit 4/10 (overused Cams)

Light colors and graphics 9/10
(U almost got that WOW ingame feeling but the cames screw it up)

Quality 8/10 ( Nothing to whine about)

Sync 3/10 ( Just some in the begining)

Music 3/10 ( Just 1 track thats fit in a fragmovie)

Frags 9/10 ( Awsome frag but i missed the smg frags)

Cameras 9/10 ( The cameras it self was very well scripted)

Overall 5/10 (Good frags but it was way to slow and to much cames)
Nice movie
Overall a very nice movie with some really creative scenes. :)

Cameras would have been even better with less rolling motions imho (everyone seems to overdo that with camtrace).
nice movie ! (L) underscore (L)
First. thanks for watching ^^;
i think i did the best that was in him. but i feel not enough to something and i released a hasty ^^;;
ok. but take time :)
Finally a movie again that could give me the feeling "I want to play ET !" :)

Back to my books now... :x
thought the same, make a promotional movie for ET pls =)

PS: A Co-Production between -Max-, the wolfshorst guys and you would be great to promote ET. Every body likes to play after watching that movie, I swear!
i show some nice movies to my brothers who don't play ET and he said to me , "what is interesting in your movie ?"

I like the frags, camera movements , the movie cfg and the last music track! And of course, that underscore game! :)

Well done Winghaven and quaky, keep it up!
gogo und.

i liked all the songs. great

above and beyond <3
That's just awesome!
awesome movie. gj Korea, Republic of Quaky =)
Wicked movie. Loved every second of it. GJ Guys.
good movie

nice quality, nice fonts, nice sounds, gay frags <3 wing.


great job Quaky. <3 cams ;)
n1 work!

Great frags, kewl Editing, and lovely music (I specially like "To be loved" by Papa Roach as I am a huge Wrestling-Fan :D)

Only thing I don't like is the codec :<

best movie for a long time
gr8 movie.
Good movie.
very nice movie 9/10
Nice movie
totally gets rid of the "always the same" et movie image that nearly every etmovie has...
i really enjoy it and i totally disagree with those guys that say the music doesnt fit into a fragmovie...
Especially the last song this trancetrack was very nice.
It would not fit into a movie if there would be just standard fragscenes.. but quaky showed us how to make those tracks fit!
absolutly well done man...
After watching fragarea 1 and 2 i knew that you can do something impressive... carry on...
gg n1 movie
finally some good music in a fragmovie
better than all the fucking metal etc..

Probably THE BEST FRAGMOVIE ever! It wasn't just another mambo-jambo, but with stylish panzerfaust kills and camera movement + great choice of music. This was something DIFFERENT after a long time waiting. Great job u guys!
nice one
Very nice movie Wingy :)

frags nice
other boring
nice movie 10/10!
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