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Estaloth the movie

my first fmovie (repost from 2k5 due to some requests).

dont bother watching if you weren't one of those persons.

software :

gtk radiant
photoshop 8
vegas 6
virtual dub

soundtrack :

alan silvestri - transylvania 1887
celldweller - one good reason
nightwish - the kinslayer
within temptation - memories
ja pierdole
no offense but whats the point in the intro ?:P
erm... i fly through vbase, then into door so title can appear :D?
that looks horrible!
tego wlasnie szukalem !:D
Farmerboy2k5>Estaloth the movie
not so hard, Bull is a great player.
Chyba jedno z pierwszych fragmovie jakie ogladalem gdy zaczynalem grac wlasnie pod koniec 2005 :D Faajnie sie znow to ogladalo. Jeszcze na et.pl to dawales chyba :d.
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