Codec dunno Filesize 37.00 MiB Length 42
Video available for download only

kartez - the one and only - intro

This is the intro made by jONTE of "kartez - the one and only".

He stopped to work on my movie due to some problems

Primary : own3d.at streaming

Mirror 1 : 30 fps version 36.92 MB (my fault, used high bitrate, sorry for the size :P)

Mirror 2 : 50 fps version 36.29 MB

Song : DJ Toxic - It's Killing Me
got the mirrors the wrong way round, filesize seems to similair for such an fps difference :P we shall see!
i was waiting for the end of upload @ own3d.at
and did myself the 30fps version, failed with bitrate xd (high bitrate)
why post a intro?

kind of pointless
omg kartez omg
frogs eater will have movie:-D
Toujours des titres de merde pour tes movies :D
gl kartez hope you find someone! <3
I can try to help you with basic moviemaking things if you want =].
nie robiles jakiegos movie przypadkiem?:>
Co ma jedno do drugiego :P
pytam z ciekawosci :P
SI t'utilises ce genre de musique pour la movie finale, je la regarderai meme pas :<
Sinon GL pour ton projet :)
Qui prend soin?
Toi vu que tu reply vieux retard -_- =)
sounds like jumpstyle music : (
got epilepsy attack cause of this music x(
the screen is jumping soo much it took me 3 seconds to see you killed callisto :>
omg kartez omg

I liked it though music sucks
omg menjah omg !!
DJ Toxic - It's Killing Me
wat een ongelooflijke kutmuziek!
yeah ok, music is just awful but otherwise I guess it's ok since there's not much to watch.
Ou comment avoir une crise d'épilepsie en regardant une movie! L'image saccadée ça tue les yeux et tu comprends rien, musique de tecktonikiller, mais bon les frags ont l'air cool.
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