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ScaTmaN_ The Movie 2

Movie made by Poland cymky.
Frags by Germany ScaTmaN_.

This is a second fragmovie made by cymky fot the German rifler - ScaTmaN_ (first one - ScaTmaN_ The Movie). Endzoj!

Song: Talking Heads - Mt Eden Dubstep 2009

I suggest you to download the movie to watch in HD.

4 minutes and 11 fucking seconds aint a movie


I'm disappointed and you know why mr :(!
closed after i saw the "sync" on the first cam

but i'm in a bad mood anyway
at least i am not the only one.
I agree, the music has got a lot of potential and the sync is just fucked up.

btw, how long did it take for you to close MY movie? :D
liked it
this movie seems like you synced it with another soundtrack before and you just switched it
I had the same feeling :p
I watched the whole movie and I like it, but then I saw your comment and I don't like it anymore :(.
lol i destroyed it. wtf. :o
Hehe I always like all those wnb hollywood directors' comments.
yeee, like they will receive an Oscar for the "best et movie" X)
It's a nice move, with a nice player and decent frags. But the Soundtrack is horrible.
i failed its my fault i wasted frags and music so you can blame me :/
You fragged turbot there but luckily the moviemaker absolutely ruined that scene with some nigger-piece-of-shit effect.
decent movie
rofl this music almost made me fall asleep on my keyboard
Nice quality, soundtrack was okay, the rewind bit was quite long and pointless because the frag was nothing special. Intro was nic but outro was a bit random the way it just ended, should of been longer.
Was okay

I remember that sublime game where I pooned your team riflin'
I liked keep goin scat :)



I felt you rewinded and slowed down small sections waaaaayy to many times and it wasnt even synced with the music..
The cams were to 'bouncy' and not smooth and again nothing was really synced..
Also that rewind effect on radar took too long and i got bored half way through it.

gl with ur next project ;)
Everything was very fine, but the sync. Still promising.
yes greet yes win!

good old times :(
Overall 6.66

You're movie is evil !

I liked it :

+ colours
+ frags
+ quality
- music
+/- - sync
nice underscore maaaaaaaaan ^,^
closed after 2 min
Awesome movie, actually seems like its the best one so far this year editing wise. Really awesome job cymky<3
Actually no, at least not for me. So please keep your little wnb joke away from my comment.
Actually I love you :D!
Hat mir gefallen!

+music :XD & quality
Closed after 4:11
wow this is bad
imo to much SD frags
nice one scatman!~:)
Hat mir nicht gefallen,overrated player.
nice movie scatti :)
song name?
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