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Crod fragmovie

Crod fragmovie:

starring: Crod
fragmovie created by: ska

I am proud to present you my first fragmovie project. I have been working on it for the last few weeks, so I hope you will enjoy it.

Before you ask for song: Gms Vs Wrecked Machines - Rounders (Astrix Remix)

I would like to say big thanks to everyone who helped me. Without you guys I would not probably make this movie.

Big thanks to:

Crod's shoutouts:
Crod himself

cool story, ska
preu selfbust @ 2:51
pretty nice how he's aiming at worm before it blows huh :-D he's awful anyway
I am looking forward his excuse... only thing he could say is that He was aiming to a tipical place, there usually many opponent players.

he's playing every day braundorf for a couple of times. Almost every time there is 1 at that place, I'm also sitting there most of the time I'm playing b4 and we planted. So wow very hard to predict :/
sAntje defending a cheater...?
who? :D

maybe read the mztik article ;) it is that most of the etplayers having a lack of brain. When you play that map everyday and most of the time there is 1 at that position, you can already point ur crosshair on that position right? Not that hard to think about that after many many wars.
i know im sexeh, I'd defend myself too !
I've played that crap map way too many times and I've seen someone standing there in like less than 5% of matches
hmm can't judge on ur wars! against me they always do it:( but I only play b4 once a month or smth and everytime they are on that position. can't help it!
he isnt defending me for my personality, just my looks!
nice movie!
no damage feedback tutorial
Best fragmovie for a while.
poor music
very nice
Shit delivery-movie.
nice editing etc!

so really nice the movie itself!

but when i watched it, i got the feeling of deli only? deli must be nice map...but then....
if you weren't a cheater it'd be a nice movie I guess :)
referring to ska?
Nice frags.. too much delivery :(
cant turn much with ballmouse
if u have a ballmouse and ure already that good u would be the best player with a normal mouse .. im always askin myself why u dont play in any good known teams like dignitas or smth
3on3 is the hideout for the bad players :P
stop ragequiting against me
Wakizashi disconnected
shit movie, shit player
Hehe cool frags!
nice delivery promo
1st Shit player is shit
2nd n1 selfbust :D
3rd same like 1st
ei vittu onko tolle kinuskille joku menny tekeen leffan :DDDDDDD!xD
have been obvious for long time ago lol
enjoyed it :)
-1 koska kinuski
-1 koska delivery
-1 koska ska
-1 koska braundorf

thought crod and krp were big friends
shit colors, quality ok... music suxxxx .. nice frags!
ok movie
would be ok if u'd do this by urself..
i loved this movie! especially i admire how much time you must have spent on watching demos and picking those frags that weren't 100% obvious. music/quality were a little flaw in your genuine production. but the overall outcme of this brilliant delivery-show-movie does aspire me to think that you are one hell of a dog! especially that on frag on delivery man! just awesome!

please keep up the very very _very_ excellent work!
no shoutout for Kazuki ? :)
Crod: mara ska crod edgar
ska: no kazuki?
Crod: no kazuki

cheater movie

hahahah nice egoquit by waki :DDDDDDDDD
+ Frags
+ Hitsounds

- Popups ( too small )
- Colors
The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.
disable muzzle flash next time

and 3on3 delivery frags are never movie worthy
thats how u call hacks nowadays, interesting :O
You definitely were too much focused on config and colors because I didn't noticed a sync except some 'crazy cams'. As I said - colors were really bad I mean to much glow I prefer blue sky instead of white glowing shit. Hitsounds were too loud and the music too quiet.

But movie was kinda enjoyable because of many headshots - I don't care if he is cheating or not.
I agree with loud hitsounds part, but that was Crod's wish. :)
kk now waiting for your movie projects ;)
Give me at least 2 weeks - I'm just waiting for my new gfx and I'll finish my current project if my power supply is not fucked up too :/.

And get the fuck out from my comments lol - I didn't see anywhere that I have to be really good moviemaker to write comments like that.
So nothing changed since last year - You are still retarded and you even changed to guy with a down syndrome. I won't reply anymore for your comments - it's just pointless.
wedeus, who?
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boNg Weird Headshot

says enough about this movie
I'm sorry but I turned it off after 1 min 20 because of the boring slow paced delivery back rape frags.
truly nice frags,most of the movies have really faggy frags.
- you should let the "by ska"-thing blur in

- popups are too small
- too much glowing effects on some grounds, walls, allied persons, @ supply (heaven) and especially on adler in the doc room
- deactivate your own blood splatters
- the dynamic light seem to be like three times brighter
- didn't like the colors on some maps

- nice frags
- good quality
- editing is good
- music was ok

waiting for your next project ;)
think it was his 1st and last

6.5/10 is pretty good for a beginner
Indeed, since I'm asked to make hisPoland movie :D
stupid cheater
well, movie was pretty decent... like it more then sample's crap.
*late feedback coz since of retarded useless comments:P*

Movie was enjoyable.. it missed some impact.. (Although I found the secrets!!!:P*hint*) the glow was a bit too much and it could have been a bit more brighten up.. music was nice although the hitsounds caused a treat for my ears.. music was nice but once in the movie you made smth like a break with it..?? Was not too bad tho.
I know how much time/intensitiy etc. you pushed into this project but if mr.crod would've given you more time for this Im sure you could sync it better! the sniper part was well synced and the 90FPS was very decent in that action.. some cams were a bit overused. But NVM, let's focus on the one Im making for you now, hehe :D but np for the critism!
no shoutout to me
Not half of those matches, but at least 90%. ;D
wheres the difference between a random cheating polak and crod - beisdes the nationality?
IM GONNA GIVE 1 1 1 1 JUST BECAUSE OF: crod 10 10 10 10
no shoutout to me?:<

Frags weren't so awesome (cheatish ":D") but were nice. 6,5
Colours were very nice @ gold (enjoyed it) but rest was basic imho. 6
Quali is enough good for enjoy that movie. 6
I wont discuss about music because I prefer rock style in fragmovie. 5
Overall: Nice start for beginner :D keep it goin. 6
Edit: from now you're on thanks list too!
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <o/
i dunno but crod is awesome.
ow shit, why this fag isnt banned?

whole movie was liek "omg im low HP, time for turbo button" ... and after turbo it was ding ding ding mostly
cros is just some fucked cheater that plays with other newcommers every fkin day like susumu or some other fked hackers ... killerboy just dont care cuz hes some nolife 3on3 fag

EDIT: mara: yea crod is the biggest ego in this game ive ever seen, he became such a tard since everybody calls him a cheater
I don't get this "crod cheats" thing, imo there was no obvious part in this movie nor have I seen such things while spectating crod. (except that he shoots through those arty flashy's :()

- fast start
- music
- editing

- medskill frags
- muzzle flash
- not really compelling
expected more tbh. one map only with shitloads of spamkills.
crod on paras
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