Codec Penis in Vagina Filesize 178.00 MiB Length 301
Video available for download only

rNz the Minimovie

Minimovie starring rNz aka Arnar, made in ~1 month and finished quite fast, because I concentrate on my Movie Contest Entry now :) Anyways I hope you enjoy it =)

Shoutouts: Germanyyoujizz :P, Netherlands Musashiii, Finland Moff, Hungary Nonix, Portugal ag0n for Moviemaking help, GermanyTBoYT for uploading on own3d, Netherlands NoHead, for being great (sry that I disappointed you), and last but not least, Iceland rNz.

bb, Familly guy incoming! (Netherlands ati watching too :D)
actually pretty nice
actually pretty nice
don't like the colours(and supply sky seems too blue and out of contrast with the rest of the map), gun position is crap, too dark on everything except supply, meh intro, "enjoy" :D, weird glow sometimes
Rly nice. Some parts were lil too dark but basicaly I enjoyed it :)
sky on sd>all >:D
wtf at the helmets? ; /
nice one :)
fraggin' jmmpp, must be highskilled :D
would've been better if you left the music aside
good codec :D
Aspect motherfucking ratio. How hard can it be?
Aspect motherfucking ratio. How hard can it be?

Some nice frags there :)
Thx for for telling every1 ma fakenicks in bold
last gue didtn dye!
bad gun settings ( cg_guny,x,z )
Quality nice :]
omg arnarm8 omg

more like 1/1/10/1
nnoonno me no shit
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