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Used 2 be my Entry for the Movie Contest, but I dont like it and the intro is fucked (no outro at all), I decided to just release here..

Made that in ~10 days, so it isnt the best, still I hope you like the editing :)

Shoutouts to GermanyYoujizz,GermanycRz,FinlandMoff,FrancePapii :),Germanyk1kzzz :P,GermanyscoOf
Primary www.megaupload.com

too bad :( would be nicer with better mirrors but you could also upload it on stream :-D
not my taste.
but 1st time u get a decent quali + something almost synced
please accept my sincere condolences
Bad quality and aspect ratio still
QuoteCodec: Tosspot

image: Tom_Cruise_crazy_laugh
somehow liked it, but that aspect ratio was annoying
Gemb! why did you add the whole frag was like a 7man :(
Man this tuff was good :O why did u quit?!? for me the quality was great also:x rly nice done imo.. the only bad thing i can find about this movie is that i get fragged :<
sick m8, love the quality. hope you get your aspect right next time :D should make me a fragmovie :DDDD
weird quality : x

perhaps due to the colors?

well, the gun position was fucked up - the aspect ratio also

e: oh und der Deutsche Song am Anfang war einfach bleee
i like it except of the aspect ratio
- aspect ratio
- colors
- bad german raptrack for the intro
- gunposi
- how the enemies die (like in 1.6)

+/- editing
+ music
+/- quality


too bad, that you didn't finish it! but my entry for the contest wouldn't be done in time so i don't take part, too :D
good movie too bad it was so short
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