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fuzzfrags 2 A

Fuzzfrags! 2 A *.

Made by me.

Some quick facts about it:

- lenght around 18 minutes
- size approximately 800mb
- demos starting from around last years summer
- only 6on6 and 5on5 wars
- low aim
- backrapes
- funnies included

Mostly includes scenes from my time playing in TAG.ET against high variety of teams starting from low- polish mixes, ending with real med+ teams.

Some quick thanks to ag0n (helping me out with compression), Merlinator & klejf (for providing hosting), slaw (for keeping his criticism on low), IMAGE-ET team (for making awesome moviemaking tool), everyone from magnificent #lat.et and glorious #tag.et

Although stream quality is decent enough, yet for some reason it is much darker than source, I strongly recommend to download .mp4

* - 2long;didn't watch
horrid music stopped watching sry - was looking forward to this one as well
2long;didn't watch
omg fuzz omg!

will watch later!
Nice movie, great job.
Lol at the ending :DDDDDDDD And great satchel-block by Zerender as well
when 3 and a half mins passed and no suvi fragged yet I was worried, but then he got fragged and I thought to myself: "yes, it's a proper fragmovie now"
I wanted to add random fact "times suvi killed: 31" but as it's only half of movie here, it would be pointless.
sad is that the flamethrower kill is the only good frag u got against me :(

didn't expect anything better though :]
whats the songname of the happiness song ? :D
Pearl Kyoudai ft Shishido Rumi - Happiness ni Youkoso!
u know what anime that's from ? :U
Welcome to the N.H.K
Best movie ever,
killed me 3 times !

turn off sound -> play ur favourite song because u wont miss basicly anything -> profit
I felt like 3rd song and last song were quite nicely done :(
tbh, it was just insanely long, after like 10 minutes of awfull music and not so awesome fragz I was just unable to focus. I got bored and finished movie with a feeling that u put there every 3+ frag u found. I caught some attempts to sync fragz with music, some cuts, but thats not the way I like it because it feel a bit unnatural. There were 2 more things which were annoying me, DoF (I was watching HD stream tho, but it was just too much blur in it) and the expectation of hitsounds, since first minute I was looking forward for some nice actions with hitsounds, but it just didnt come :(
I am sorry, but I just couldnt find anything which I could say I fully enjoyed (starting with music and fragz, ending with overall look and editing), and I was trying hard because its u :( If u used hitsounds at least for some part I would prolly like it much more :)
EDIT: i was wrong, there was some part i rly enjoyed, that funny part, my bad :)
The depth of field is quite nice if you would bother to download..
"I got bored and finished movie with a feeling that u put there every 3+ frag u found"

can't wait for 2B!!:D
lol why is everybody complaining about the music? -_-
cuz its bad :D? only the 1st one/2nd or whatever that metal shit
wow nice 1 minute intro , and the main point is the flag of siwa_oasis
Quotehahahah that was one of the best movies i've seen... despite shitloads of fragcutting after 10th minute i enjoyed it till the end...

Config was very nice, music was kinda lame
10/10 for that first in flames song!!!
why did I imagine zerender shouting everytime he got teamkilled ?

on a side note, very entertaining movie
fra tu veut que jte coupe aussi ?
FAUT QU'ON SE REVOYE UN DE C 4 !! sheitan de merde
kan tu veut hihi :) en mm temps si ya moyen de choper le quake sa sera pas male :D
bad music

edit: not all of the music was bad I guess, and lol @ the ending
couldnt bear too watch 18 minutes of 3man frags.. Could've kept it to 3 minutes with only the good frags with a bit more uptempo music :)
ebosher :D
lol u played with perfo and got perforated ... ha ha ha
hahaha funny :D
the funny stuff was awesome :D
lol shit ass anime music ruined it :(

good frags, good inflames song
Liked it!

Especially the music, though I think they didn't fit a frag-movie I do like some of the songs quite a lot. :)

thx fuzzzzz
Echte muziek voor ninja's ;)

have to agree with the music part.
everybody sucking his dick because hes known. this movie is micheal jackson bad.
it would be better if it was hsonly backrapes like mAus movie? :0
peremudril oO
Nice movie dude!
Enjoyed the Nujabes thrown in there, some quality features thrown in, gratz :)
metal/anime music pretty much ruined it.
dno but i love u fuzz gonna give u all 10's :)
10 just for the musics
old in flames ftw :-p
nice funny things :> but i have better epic stuff ^^
lol i like the end its was so funny.. :DDDDDDD
really liked it !
after 2mins watching I knew frag on will come :D
haha the frag against turbpt and i thought WOW u killed squall ure a hero, next thought wait its better when u kill maus > next frag > you killed ovr.maus :]]]]]]]]]]]]] x]
awesome movie, one of the first i've enjoyed from start to finish this year
same i think it only needed hit sounds :D
nice movie! ;>

closed own3d stream after 5 min...
soundtrack liked the songs :D
1st song is awesome :D
Movie was 'enjoyable' but there wasn't one stand out frag in 18 minutes and that's pretty shitty going for a med+ fragmovie

Also muzzleflash is ridiculous in this movie :x
fuzz frags one was awesome, i hope this will be the same :(

e: i knifed you, so its awesome : )
Good fragmovie, no outstanding frags but they were okay.
I also realized throughout the movie that you have the same positions as me (smg) on almost every stage in every map (O:
didnt like most of the music, others dont fit in a fragmovie
no effects at all
frags are far from being special
=>stopped watching after 4.5minutes
The shit musik ruin the full Movie :(
loved it, good job :D
way too fucking long & boring
Loved the first one, so couldn't wait for this one.

Frags: Good frags but you could have kept lots out like frags against low skillers which really didn't need to be in it. Such as in7, e0h and pottys team. (no offence guys)

Music: Not bad, suited the movie

Config: Really, really bad config

Not as good as the first and far to long but a mediocre movie

music sucks dicks
du suckst dicks auch immer un keiner beschwert sich!
Intro was very nice, 1st song killed it was absolutely shit, ruined the flow of the movie. Frags are good but with absolutely NO hitsounds makes it too quiet cos there are no ET sounds. Hate the death animations would prefer the normal ones. Quality is okay but too dark imo and expected more than loads of 3mans tbh. Would of liked more syncs in the movie, end was funny. Expected more.
I just hate when people just chop /cut frag scenes like fuckin salami to make it sync... If a frag doesn't fit a fast pace song, for a fast pace movie, then maybe something is wrong with the frag. I mean when you take a 1min long spress with 5 frags, the only way to make those frags actually good is to squeeze it in a 7 second sequence and show the final cut with the 5 frags in the top left, givin the impression that u did a quick 5 kill. I just find that wrong, before considering doing it, i'd see if its really worth it. (and i'd do so with the 4 and 3 frag scenes also). I think a 8-9 min movie could have been really nice. And I found it a bit dark.
Otherwise, the LoL scenes were pretty good :D!
I don't think it looks like I wanted to make very fast paced movie, a choice of music clearly shows that. Or does it not? As for chopping frags, there was no intention in making it appear somehow done fast, you could clearly see how much time has passed in sequence and how they were acquired. I felt like the way I chopped em fit very well into songs I picked, and clearly sync with was primary reason for that excessive cutting, which I like very much.

In part B there are less chopping. Prepare yourself.
higher fov in part b please!
too late unfortunately
: - (

If you plan to use hitsounds in part b then here's the easiest way to have perfectly synchronized sounds: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=tutorial&mode=item&id=89
What I said doesn't imply it was like that the whole movie.
But, by chopping the fragscenes like that, thank god u managed to sync it :D! But I mean, the electroacoustic song that goes at around 9mins tell me your choice there, was fast pace, and by chopping those frag scenes like that, its is really excessive and it gives clearly a fast pace.
You can chop scenes but i mean there is one frag scene, 5 different places/angles where a frag happens and you just show like the last 2 bullets you shoot before the frag. So for me not only I feel fast pace, but also chaos as in I don't really understood what really happend (but sometimes I do, don't worry). And ofc you like it "very much" cause you actually know what happend and yes ofc its better to have it cut a bit, especially if you don't like fast forwarding (it seems), but the real prob for me was the choice of frags, especially when at the end, I see a 18 min long movie. And by this I am not trying to teach you anything, I am just trying to let you see my opinion.
There is that one scene on supply vs glitz with "slow music" that I don't like myself, which I made when I just started to toy around with vegas, but I couldn't be arsed later to re-edit it.

Then theres for example scene vs 141 also from supply, I guess the one you mentioned, where I feel even tho it spreads out from main gate till crane controls it gives you a clear picture of what happened, I left in scenes of what happens in between the frags to guide viewer through, like a short story of huge distruction at axis depot. :P

But yes, I see why it might be hard to understand for a viewer especially when everything happens so fast.
Personally I prefer when long frag runs are cut, so I don't waste my time and see action only. There are some exceptions though.
fuckin hell that music is shit had to mute
good movie but hitsounds..
boring shit is boring
Juris approves!!!
15:15 is awezum
too long ;(
too long ;(
ill take this music over your shitty metalcore-that-seems-to-be-in-every-movie any day
I'd insta-ragequit if I was the covert @ 15:15. :D

Nice movie, don't really like the different death-animation though.
It's a part of IMAGE-ET that you can't turn off :(
Use Image-ET v. 0.7.0, not 0.8.4, which is a bit slower, can't filter pop ups, but doesn't have the new death animations.
slower? no way, it's the same version but without popups filter and animation... can't be slower...
seems like someone bullshited me some days ago, as I thought that v. 0.7.0 is just as fast as 0.8.4 and the person (vagi) told me that 0.8.4 is faster : o )
I'm using 0.7.0 and I have no problem with that shit :-).
it's a teammate, i'd flame :D
different config would have been nice
higher fov no gunshaking and brighter colors

other than that good movie
It's way too dark on stream for me and my pc can't handle it's awesomeness when I try to play it for some reason :/
wat a boring load of bullshit
what the fuck, closed it after 3 mins because of music
was about to watch, but i don't really like you
9 - 11:30 min song name please (:
Le best movii, I had seen ever my live, monsieur Fuzz!
dont know wtf the first song was about
frags were nice, the selection of fails was nice
but a movie of that length seriously needs hitsounds
I see no point in adding hitsounds when my aim is bodyshot only :(
it was a nice movie but hitsounds just seems a big part of fragmovies imo
i still saw alot of headshots :) + alot of bodyshots shows accuracy!
dont rape me anymore!

preu player btw
What's the name of the second song?
Stopped it halfway,

Frags are far from impressive.
Music sux.
Quality is poor

tnx for wasting 8 minutes of my life
1st song is good
2nd start to be less good
3rd i had to skip because it was un listenable

quality awerage frags great
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