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Inglorious Bastard

A movie made by Tedziu contains his own frags. You can find there a lot of arty and panzerfaust spam, but also a fast-paced smg frags. However this movie contains ~60 from his 300+ frags so you can expect his next movies. It's first movie he ever done.

Cams were made by daGGer
really liked it
surprisingly good
rly enjoyable
well done


I must say that I'm very surprised. I didn't know before that you are a nice player seriously the frags were really great but some of them weren't really worthy the movie. About the cams - not that good and not that bad - I think that they could have been better if you will put some effort into the sync. Popups were shit - use default ET font next time. Pretty nice quality. I really enjoyed and didn't get bored while watching.
quite decent movie, apart from unknown opponents
nicely done +1
rly nice frags :-)
nice frags :)
Enjoyed every second of it.
nice movie : )
Zajebiste movie luju :)
I'm a bit surprised that I've never heard about him. dno whether that's good or bad...
Nice frags, I got frags like that hopefully i can find a moviemaker that wants to make a team movie
Well first of all, as many people already said - it's surprisingly good movie. I really like the tempo and the music was awesome. Frags were nice BUT almost all of them were done versus low teams or even mixes! Oh and I really hate the popoups!
not liek ur ZPAMTAZTIK?
Ye, popoups were OK there.
But nothing special right?!
Only the main character.
Jakichs tam bejow z sfr zabil ;D
To tylko jakies falszywe plebsy na naszych tagach...
Kurwa wiedzialem... Niemozliwe, zeby mst byl tak slaby
Ej ale tam mojego nicka chyba nie bylo nawet! Mnie sie nikt nie odwazy fejkowac!
Ale sie czepiasz ;D
nice movie :)
nice movie, gj :)
Nice movie!
liked it :-)
really nice move nice fragz, wasnt a huge fan of the popups but they didnt ruin the movie well done
nice! :D
2many randoms but otherwise okay
wmv plz ...
nice frags + editing :D
rly enjoyable
4:01-special for movie?
hah)) DONT MOVE!
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