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Payback time

It's my first movie, so don't expect some kind of masterpiece. I made few mistakes, mostly because of lack of time/skills. I hope you will enjoy watching it, cause I was trying to do my best...

Both mirror's are working now :- )
nice movie :)
Working link will be available in few minutes ...
Give me a link where you uploaded it on my FTP and I'll provide you with a working link.
not so bad. music is from demigodz?
I have no idea :D
well it is I think. how come you don't know? :D
Well, I was thinking about movie (fragmovie), just realised you were talking about band. At the end you can see titles of songs I used. :P!
nice first song, gj
first song really got me pumped up :D
rly nice movie, not too much editing and musics ok first sucked tho (imo :D u know why) and nice frags =)
Good movie , liked to watch it :-)

Good job! :-) 8/10
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dmx <3

10/10/10/10 just for that
yay nice ! 1st song <3 :)
rozumiem ze jedynka to najwyzsza ocena?

-Song combos :<
-spree jumps
for your first movie i think this was pretty good =) just the (wrong) sync destroyed the flow of the movie too much.

there were some other things that werent alright too, but i cant be arsed to write a review now. :(

ps: didnt expect demigodz and dmx in that =D that gets you two extra points :DD
Not perfect editing but enjoyable movie, and that what is important. Well after the 2nd song I closed but it's personal (really hate punk music).
I didnt check your profile how old are you but my guess is 16-19. Why? Because i think you are still a teenager and havent found your style yet. It's no problem, you will grow and everything will be ok :)
Well, I think I know what sounds good for me. That's why I've got a bit different music taste than my friends, they prefer one style, I prefer something I like, doesn't matter if it is electro/punk/rock (<3 AC/DC)/hiphop. Perhaps for you, it will only prove your point, but I hope I will not grow up enough to listen to only one music style, then judge someones work (like most people do, no offense intended).
I didnt check your profile how old are you but my guess is 16-19. Why? Because i think you are still a teenager and havent found your style yet. It's no problem, you will grow and everything will be ok :)

Is it poitive or negative lol ?
it's a negative LOL. if we put the irony aside for a second [your latest movie], the statement itself is wrong. you will grow and develop your own style? that is just so pretentious. hopefully, when someone grows, they will develop and open their mind to many different styles. the fact that you relate punk and rap music with teenagers is so incredibly close-minded i'm afraid you yourself haven't gotten out of the teenage-hate-music-genres phase. days where i enjoy a classical piece by Liszt and right after some hip-hop track aren't rare. dismissing entire genres without going deeper into it is what you're doing. there's something good in every genre, you gotta dwelve further than the mainstream is all. all in all, hating entire genres is an activity i assosciate with.. yes, you guessed it, the teenagers you are talking about. sorry.
You did not get me right. The movie would have been much better if he would stick to the first or the second song but no he used both what was so obvious for me he just took some random song that he likes (what usually teenagers do). AND THEY NOT FIT TOGETHER. In 2 different movie its ok, but here it was absurd.

What you started talk about is a totally different topic, and all what you said is true.
And please try to dissociate and try to understand what I wanted to say. all right?

edit: you edited gonna read now
Yeah you just contnued and even if I agree with that you said its not the case.
but you never even implied that's what you meant, so how would i get you right?

edit: what I mean is, all you said was that you closed the movie after the 2nd song cause you hate punk music and that he's a teenager for using it. you didn't mention the songs not fitting together anywhere.
Because I cant be arsed to analyze a random movie. Just wanted to say how I feel about that. If he reads my comment and he take it as a good criticism maybe he can change next time. And no I am not talking about facts I am talking as Nonix, and I dont force anyone to listen to me.
Too bad :'<
awesome movie
Really nice movie, a bit outsynced but enjoyable as fuck!

a te revivy to z czasow sfr jak gralem engiem i pizdzialem ze nikt mnie nie podnosi? :D

luv ya <3
i liked it :)
Your headshots don't seem sync'd to me had to turn it off got annoying :(
really ncie movie, except this earcancer shit hiphop rap shit cancer music!

the 2nd track was really nice and good for the frags, but the other songs were just shit!
Nice movie, hitsounds are way out of sync though, but really nice for your first movie.
unexpectedly good movie =)

edit : thanks for using sum41 !!! it's been like a decade since I've listened to this song .. :D
wow, viCu, swietne movie, nie spodziewalem sie ze ktos moze miec taki dobry debiut. bardzo proste ale ladne i pomyslowe intro, fajne fragi, wszystko cacy, az nie ma sie do czego przyczepic. gratuluje i czekam na wiecej pracek : )
Dzieki wielkie :-D, zrobilem pare bledow, ale to przez przypadek i brak czasu, niestety dla wielu osob te pare bledow wystarczy zeby wylaczyc fm w polowie :p
dla mnie po 6 latach gry sam napis 'enemy territory fragmovie' zazwyczaj wystarczy zeby wylaczyc, ale nie w tym przypadku : )
A to dodalem, bo zawsze chcialem ujrzec viC Productions :DDDDDD
BMG frags! pretty good movie.
I really liked it! :) good choices with the music imo

Omg frags against cornucopia! xD

gay punk music at some points and sometimes a bit dark.

but good movie man!
was ok but the not synced hitsounds annoyed me so hard that I had to close it..
ignore my earlier comments :P watched it and it was pretty ok, though the switch between 1st and 2nd song doesn't sound very good :P

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