Codec jewspower Filesize 470.00 MiB Length 1142
Video available for download only


movie made by EVA
frags by TOMOYO


programs :


virtual dub


gtk radiant

sony vegas


thanks to everyone who helped me making this movie and everyone i love


the guys from #spalshdamage


gtfo tomoyo.
fun movie
I'm glad you found someone else to make the movie for you Tomoyo. And sorry that I couldn't find the time and motivation to make it myself. :)

Good movie. That Avatar part was a bit weird though.
Very good movie

image: Tomoyo3
not spalsh :>
Cool movie!
Nice movie <3 :).
i don't like you tomoyo but i try to be objective

+- frags (some nice frags vs good teams but a lot frags against random mix)
+editing (nice sync gg Eva)
- scene 3D

great movie! I especially liked the part at 1.48. I guess the success of this movie lies in the sync
font name?
songs name?
You can find these infos at the end of the movie.
Lold at avatar-skins :D
not bad, pretty nice actually, but I think it contains too many cams and they aren't really smooth. furthermore I think that the image overall was too sharp.

some cams which really suck : /

corners weren't really smooth also (I think that comes from your issue with anti-aliasing, what a pity)

gun position really bad

The last minutes of the movie with that guy which looks like he came from avatar were srsly so weird ...

but the sync was indeed very nice, prefer xylos the movie though
Great player , great music , great animenerd <3
well tnx for saying your opinion guys its important to me good or bad

anyway about the avatar scene , i tried to do smth special and new , smth that didnt used before (at least i know) and i tougth it will be nice to do it if u like it or not its your opinion (at least ill get some 8+ at creativity muahha)

and another thing...why people still comparing xylos movie to any movie that i do...not only tomoyo's movie fragon's movie also had "nice but not xylos" comments. try to judge it and not to compare it damm this movie hunting me
Ppl always tend to compare videos. For example if someone uses Venetian Snare-ish music then there is always someone who says you are fredds copycat or something.

It just something moviemakers have to get used to.

If you're going to make another movie someday, please remove clock and get better gun settings. :)

overall the movie was nice and you were definately a better moviemaker to do Tomoyos movie.
No, they don't. These comparing thing goes only to ET fucked up community.
Well yea, I was thinking of ET community since I'm not that familiar with CoD/CS/QL communities.
You could reply to me directly, but whatever : D

Harry Potter books > Harry Potter movies and games

People tend to do comparisons and there is nothing wrong with that ; x
did you send this one to sapphire movie contest?
image: bmlwulp66q3zwxlzd
i have no words to express how retarded this is
EVA, you amazed me. This movie is perhaps one of the top contenders among the very few amazing ET movies.

The way it's edited, the way its made, the way it glows is simply amazing. You ended up setting a totally new standard for movie-making in ET. This movie is perhaps one of the only fragmovies that actually gave me some sort of special sensual reflection. I absolutely loved the songs, especially the the last one is really emotional.

However there are some stuff that could be fixed, for example your popups, your quality and some of the cams aren't as fluently as they may be, however they would be the best I've seen if they were just a bit fluent.

This movie can be described in one word, art.
Congratulations EVA.
Smoke weed much?
QuoteThis movie can be described in one word, art.
Congratulations EVA.

nothing more to say
rly proud of you mate
bien les frags l'éditing aussi , mais le skin avatar PLZZZZZZZZZ MORE HORRIBLE XD
too much cam :!(
Pretty nice idea with the Avatar thingy ^^
all in all nice movie but very much cams (but they are pretty good ..)
I like it
E: the end is ugly ..
`show them how to do it better:P
yea kind of unmotivated to record the hitsounds will do it tomorrow i guess :DDD
some great ideas in the movie - the sun disappearing, the credits, etc.

yet it just didnt make it for me because the movie was too slow and the frags not spectacular enough. too much slowmotion and the songs were too 'steady' (no highlights)
+ some frags
+ cams
+ sync
+ music

- editing
- config
- colors (default?)
- avatar skins
- some frags (from mix)

well eva, it feels good to see you back in action.

as always, you got some nice ideas over there, thats what i always liked about your fragmovies.

what should i say...this movie wasnt your best, but it wasnt the worst either.
some things could have done better...color correction-wise...gunsetting-wise...but overall i didnt care much about those things.

a fact for me is, that you're still one of the greates moviemakers out there et has ever seen and has ever had.

you got a big plus point with something in that movie...something that (at least for me) is way more important than superduper-frags and superhigh quality, and that is: atmosphere.

on some points i got disappointed with the editing a bit, but in the next moment some nice editing gave me goosebumps...it sounds weird, but its true. :D

like i said, its good to see you back, and i hope you'll stay so we can see another movie from you which will also be a masterpiece...like the xylos fragmovie back in the days.

also, i really hope you'll comment to the release of my next fragmovie aswell...its not even near the finishing, but its getting closer and closer.

keep it up mate. =) <3
nice to see comment from one of my favorite et friends and moviemakers i just watched lilium some days ago

and ofc i will comment your next movie , your movies always got great soundtracks and great atmosphere (like the oldschool movies)

thank you very much mate =)
nice work EVA, good frags tomoyo :P
eva up for a new project or not?
if yes were can i contact you?

fuck off with your anime shit.
i like how ur playing with cams, really nice
1st part was nice, loved the rnade cams
2nd part was "watchable"
3rd part was really really gay
didnt like it

+/- editing, u did your best but cause of music and frags it was boring most of the time
+/- frags mixed, some are good but too much mixed frags and too much boring actions/unknown oppo

- music heard twice, or gay or boring
- Quality, was blurry during slowmo and HUD was terribly HORRIBLE ( popups + ugly gun )
- Anime and avatar shit
- rly boring

I hope your next movie will not be boring =)
blue stahli next celdweller?
good one weedi !
awesome.. I killed you in the first frag of this movie!
-low frags
-every single popup
-avatar & anime faggotry
liked that tbh, very nicely done
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